-- Prologue --

Kestrel stood looking out over the balcony and pulled back her black hood as she stared down into the lush forest of Deralia.

She smiled bitterly, the New Jedi Order, Kestrel and Revan had founded was being created on her home planet.

It was also strange in a way, that Revan who the galaxy had come to hate and love would become the Master of the new Jedi Order, even though some Masters and other members from years before and after she had left still lived.

Kavar, Vrook, and Zae, and Vosh were all dead by Kreia… Atris was on Telos with the Echani Handmaidens and the one who was called Brianna.

Kestrel shook her head, she needed to talk to Revan, her sister. Maybe the two of them could practice sparring or something together. Kestrel picked up her lightsaber and clipped it to her belt as she left the room.

"There are so many to kill… so many to find…"

Revan who was standing on the east side of the building, shook her head and groaned out loud as she thought about her plans.

There was too much going on, and this time there was nothing to destroy, nothing to kill… It was all peaceful… for now, anyways.

Revan turned around at the light footsteps and looked at their owners. "Is it time?" she asked and received a nod in acknowledgement.

Revan grinned and straightened with an eager look on her face, "let's get this over with, then."

The vibrodagger plunged deep into Revan's chest and twisted as it carved a bloody hole near the still-beating heart as blood spurted everywhere. Revan collapsed to the ground and lay there shivering as the knife was wiped clean and placed back in its sheath.


Kestrel had been looking for Revan when she found her sister sprawled on the ground, bleeding heavily onto the already blood soaked floor.

"Revan!" Kestrel's face was concerned as she grasped Revan's shoulders, "what's wrong?"

Revan gave Kestrel an odd look in reply and tried to stand, speaking in pained tones. "Assassins... tried to get data files… poisoned me with… da…"

"Shush," Kestrel told Revan, "I'm going to call for some help and then you'll be fine."

"No! Revan grabbed Kestrel with a trembling hand and pulled on Kestrel's robes; bring her closer to her face. "They said something, you should know… in case I die…"

Kestrel shook her head, "you're not going to die, Rev, I won't let you die…"

Revan smiled as she looked at Kestrel and her eyes glinted red. "No Kestrel, I won't die, but you might…"

"Umm, Rev, what's wrong with you? You're delirious from the loss of blood, look stay here and I'll get the others." Kestrel asked as she tried to back away from her sister, but was forced to stay, an iron grip from behind pressing her down.

"Nothing's wrong with me," Revan hissed, a long tongue slithering out of her mouth, "this is who I really am…"

And so saying, the alien masquerading as revan began to morph into her true form of that of the Shade. Suddenly red eyes appeared blinking as the shade, surrounded Kestrel.

"No, you won't get away with this!" Kestrel screamed and was shot with some small sort of darts, multiple times but nothing happened.

Calling upon the Force, she jumped up and landed in a backwards twist onto her feet, her lightsaber flaring to life just as her feet touched the ground.

She twisted around to stare at the tight ring of no less than five, maybe ten people surrounding her, and her movements slowly turned sluggish as the poison started to take effect, even with all of Kestrel's training.

She tried to call out for help when she saw something fly out of the air at her, leaping directly into her face.

Without thinking, Kestrel shoved her lightsaber upwards, going down into a crouch. The mask that would have made contact fell served in half in front of her feet.

Thunk! The satisfying noises of the anarchic weapon fell apart; she smirked at the Shade standing in front of her.

"I'm going to take you…" She started to say when something sharp and painful dug into her back. She was pushed forward, sprawling onto the ground by the force of it. She tried to speak, but the burst of pain as the thing dug deeper into her back keep her from anything but gasping and moaning as she writhed on the ground.

"You are going to take me nowhere, little one."

The Shade who had masqueraded as Revan previously smiled and bent down besides the struggling exile. "What you are feeling right now, is the first stage of the Chivar's attack."

"First stage…?" Kestrel thought frantically for a moment before she felt the slimy sharp scales slither around her wrists, effectively forming a living rope that sent waves of pain into her body.

"Yes…" The Shade smiled and dimly for the first time, Kestrel noticed the half-moon scar adorning its forehead. "These Chivar can be quite useful, in restraining," and the Shade leaned in closer to whisper in Kestrel's ear, "anyone, even an exile… or Jedi…"

The Shade spoke to the Chivar as though it was spitting something out of what passed for its mouth, and blessedly the pain faded to a dull ache.

Kestrel could do nothing but whimper as she lay bleeding on the ground her head besides the half-moon scarred Shade as he turned around to address another Shade with a newly slashed face, the X like wound still bleeding black ochre.

"You were seen and caught!" Moon-scar shouted at X; whose face was tight with pain and lit with triumphant victory.

"I was able to stab the blue girl before she could raise the alarm, and I got what we were seeking!"

X waved a pack of data pads in front of Moon-scar's eyes, his eyes glowing yellow with pleasure.

Kestrel watched as the four Shades, Moon-scar and X looked eagerly at the files.

Now…" Kestrel thought dimly, "I've got to get out now!" She pushed herself up with a grunt of pain and started to run, dizzily weaving as she strained to put some distance between her and her would-be-kidnappers.

Several shouts from behind her and hissing tones in the slithering like tone sounded again, for the second time that night.

This time, Kestrel was faced with something she had not expected to encounter.

The Chivar increased the pain in her back, near enough that she almost immediately blacked out.

She desperately tried to draw upon the Force, so she could remove the Chivar from her back, when something bit into her stomach.

She arched her back, which only made the pain and ability of the Chivar increase, as she screamed; thrusting her head up just in time for her to see a mask of some sorts close down on her face.

Panic closed in on her as it sealed itself around the lower half of her face, covering her mouth and nostrils, feelers crawling down her throat and into her lungs.

Darkness started to close in on her as she heard the droning hum of a shuttle being landed.

She fell to the ground paralyzed by pain and fear as she was grabbed and hoisted into the shuttle, swiftly and brutally.

Shouts from far off in the distance echoed oddly in the night, as voices and commands where issued some concerning her, other commands for whatever purposes they were made for.

Moon-scar watched as X attached her hands to the mother Chivar, which encircled its snake like body around them three times, so she was held up by her arms pulling them backwards.

Another animal, this one called the Tahio was sealed across her mouth and nostrils effectively giving them control to cut off her breathing or to pump whatever they wished in or out of, she should try to become violent or escape later on.

And, Moon-scar mused, he was sure she would on a number of times. He took in the last few details, of the Sageuro running from the floor to her stomach, the creature that would allow them to pump whatever they choose to into her stomach, and turned to Sage.

Sage, he reflected, was named virtually for the sage gills she always displayed on the side of her neck, in memory of the Selkath which she was quite taken with.

"Take us out of here," he ordered briskly, "and no delaying, they still have the Ebon Hawk and we do not want to get into a dogfight with that ship."

Everyone shuddered at his words, remember who piloted the ship and had made them come alive to this state as they were now.

Only six Shades lived now and they were out for blood…

Jedi blood…

Namely the Lady Revan and General Kestrel's blood…

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