Disclaimer : I do not own any characters used in this fic. This is just for fun guys. I couldn't wait for JKR to publish the new book. So here it is…

Summary : The fic starts where the fifth book left off. It will contain years six and seven. Year six will be brief – 7-8 chapters. For those who like Dumbledore, this fic is not for you. This will involve Harry getting free from manipulations. Will involve extra powers et all. Rated for language, sex and violence. This may seem a bit OOC chars but not so much. And oh yeah I will include one of my fave crossovers – Underworld. Enjoy…..

Chapter 1 : Sorrow, Nightmares and Strange Occurances.

Little Whining, Surrey

The life of Harry Potter was in shambles. He was going through motions like a zombie. He was in gloom. The weather seemed to reflect the fact and the sky was covered by dark clouds. This was surprising because it was summer. Summer – time where people get a reprieve from schooling and enjoy their time. The summer – which was the time the bespectacled 15 year old Harry Potter hated the most.

Why do you ask… Everybody knows Harry Potter as the Boy Who Lived. Lived through the killing curse by the most evil wizard of the century and according to some he was the embodiment of evil. He was Lord Voldemort, a person so feared that people were afraid to speak his name. He was always He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You Know who. He was the person who killed Harry Potter's parents when he was a mere toddler. He was the wizard who was banished from his body for 13 years because of the Boy Who Lived.

Watching from his window in the smallest bedroom of number 4, Privet drive, Harry Potter stared at everything and nothing, looking and not looking. The reason for this was he had lost all hope in life. The only person closest to a father, his godfather had been killed at the end of his school year. He was wallowing in guilt of his actions. He had no one to live for save for a few, very few people. His best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, the Weasleys who were his surrogate family and a group of people called the Order of the Phoenix.

He was acting as though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, which was true literally. You see he was the prophecised saviour. A prophecy was made even before he had been born which was revealed to him the night his godfather died by the esteemed Headmaster Albus Dumbledore of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The lines of the prophecy were etched into his mind since he had heard it …

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...Born to those who have thrice defied him, Born as the seventh month dies...And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...And either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives...The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...

He repeated it in his head day in and day out whenever he was not thinking of his godfather. Even the thought of a mere 15 year old barely healthy boy facing the monster was utter nonsense to him. But he would not and could not get relief thinking that his parents would be ashamed at that thought. Bloody Gryffindor. But he came to understand it now that even if he tried it was not possible because he could only be killed by Voldemort and no one else.

He had spent his first two weeks at Privet drive home of his only living relatives – the Dursleys. They paid no attention to him this summer which was a blessing compared to the previous ones. But he did not notice it. He hardly ate and sleep was a curse he did not wish to relive. He was deathly pale with black bags under his eyes from not being able to sleep and not eating.

His nights were filled with nightmares of his godfather falling into the veil in the department of mysteries… so graceful so slow his eyes wide with shock. Sirius Black a framed convict dueled with his insane cousin Bellatrix Lestrange playing around as was his attitude to life. The once happy go lucky Gryffindor .. this very thought caused anguish beyond anything to Harry. All his fault. He kept repeating it again and again. Occasionally he would get nightmares about Voldemort's resurrection and the death of Cedric Diggory.

He had not slept in 3 days. The whole time at the wretched place he had only slept when he couldn't open his eyes any longer which was only 5 times the entire two weeks. He was crying immersing himself in guilt. The fact he had not cried in over 10 years was attesting the fact. And this was the state he was found on July 16th by Nymphadora Tonks, a member of the Order.

She was so shaken to find him crumpled on the floor sobbing that she just stared shocked for a good 10 minutes. She had never seen him like this. Though she saw him last year sad this was heart wrenching to watch.

She came out of her reverie when he suddenly looked up to her. Those emerald eyes once brimming with life however bleak were now so dull that one might think his soul was not in him.

"Tonks…" He croaked his voice raspy at not being used all summer.

She couldn't stand it any longer. She hugged him and stroked his back trying desparately to comfort him "Its okay Harry… don't cry."

"No its not okay Tonks. I killed him. Killed him. My bloody people saving thing got him killed. I am a curse to all people around me. They all get killed .. my parents, Cedric and now Sir….". He had no longer the energy to say anything and he collapsed unconscious.

Tonks was at a loss what to do. She had no experience of this. In fact she was under direct violation of her order. She had only been told to watch not meet him. She had asked the people on guard duty and found that he never left the house. But everybody noticed flashes every other night from his room. Dumbledore told everyone to report any anamoly and he passed it off as accidental magic. Being curious she had snuck up to his room.

She let him sleep and watched over him. After half an hour he started whimpering and then screaming, sweat pouring of him. She tried to wake him up gently. Just then the door to his room burst open and a purple faced Vernon Dursley covered the entire door frame.


Harry shot up in his rickety bed not understanding. Then he saw his overly fat uncle Vernon charging at him. Tonks was shocked at how he was treated and immediately uttered Stupefy and Vernon fell flat on his stomach the ground shaking.

"You shouldn't have done that Tonks. He will be mad at me…" Before he could finish, his whale of a cousin and horse face aunt barged into his room.

"WHAT HAVE DONE FREAK? AND WHO IS THIS WITH YOU. AFTER ALL WE HAVE DONE FOR YOU THIS IS WHAT YOU DO?" His aunt rattled on. Dudley was red in his face with anger. Both of them immediately shut up seeing Tonks with her wand pointed at them.

"Get out. Take this .. this person with you." Tonks sent them away with a flick of her wand. She turned to Harry and slapped him across the face hard. "IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Get this though your head. Don't be so full of yourself…" She started sobbing with him hugging the life out of him.

Harry went completely limp with shock. She had just slapped him. She didn't understand. No one did. His temper flared. He pushed her away and shouted "DON'T TELL ME IT NOT MY FAULT. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. NOBODY DOES." As soon as he said that, he regretted it. A few objects in his room burst into pieces and there was a flash of something in his room. The hurt look on her face melted his anger. He replied quietly "I am sorry Tonks. This is too much for me to handle right now and I don't want anyone's pity."

For the first time this summer both of them noticed the state of his room. There were scorch marks everywhere and his things were still in his trunk packed. Both were alarmed at this. "What happened here Harry? The floor seems burnt. And there were flashes every night from here. Maybe you should talk to Dumbledore about this. He will…" This was as far as she got.

"DON'T TAKE HIS NAME IN FRONT OF ME. HE LEFT ME IN THIS HELLHOLE." Tonks was alarmed of his animosity towards Dumbledore. They were known to be close. She had no idea what happened to make Harry talk about him like this.

"Tonks, just don't mention this to anyone. I just want to be alone for now. Please…". Harry begged her.

She reluctantly agreed "Okay Harry but don't waste away like this. Sirius was my cousin. I miss him him too. What about Remus? He was his best friend. Think about it. He wouldn't want you to be like this. He would have wanted you to enjoy life like he did. Please just think about this Harry. If you want to talk about anything I am here for you. Remus is also in the same state. He is off his Order duties. Both of you were hit the hardest. I… we want to help you."

This hit Harry with the realization that he was not the only one suffering from Sirius's death. Remus Lupin had lost all his friends. He was the the only Marauder left. Peter was as good as dead.

I am so thick. Oh god. I didn't think of anyone else. What an ass I am. "Thanks Tonks. I will try. Maybe I can meet professor Lupin sometime? Can you tell him?"

"Sorry Harry. Professor Dumbledore has forbid anybody from meeting you. I am breaking the rules right now. You are not even supposed to see me." Tonks same lamely.

Harry seethed "Figures. He just wants to keep his weapon safe. Use it and throw away when not needed."

" I don't what you are talking about Harry. He cares for you. He…" She was cut off by Harry, "Don't Tonks. Just don't. Please don't tell anybody of this. I need to think. Thanks anyway Tonks." She felt there was something missing here but didn't question him and left.