OK, this is a strange story, and I mainly did it because I was bored. Tell me what you think. I may not even continue it, but just let me know what you think, by reviewing. Pwease?

Kirsten's uncle has just had a heart attack, so she seeks out his daughter.

Kirsten's voice echoed from the hall, "Sandy, Seth, Ryan, c'mon it's time to go to Helen's."

Helen was Kirsten's cousin. They hadn't ever met each other; Kirsten's mum and Helen's father had had some sort of falling out long before she was born. All she knew was that Helen was living with her husband and three children, in some place in Maryland, called Arcadia.

Kirsten was meeting up with Helen, because Helen's father had just recently passed away. Apparently she wanted to make amends. Kirsten had no idea why, they had lived without knowing each other all these years.

Kirsten ran through the facts she knew in her head. Husband: Will. Children: Joanne, Lucas and Ken, wait that isn't right, Joan, Luke and Kevin, yes that's better. One of them had been in a car accident, either Luke or Kevin, and Joan had been sick in hospital with Lyme disease. Yep, that was about it.

The Cohen's plus Ryan piled into the car, and set on their way to the airport, preparing for their two week reunion. Seth was already complaining about the cold weather. Sandy had to remind him they weren't going to Alaska, just the other side of the country.

The arrived at the airport late and they had to run to catch their plane. Ryan had to admit he was a bit jittery; he had never flown on a plane before, so being late didn't help.

The plane flight seemed long, and they were happy to land at Baltimore. Seth's constant ravings had nearly sent the other three crazy. A plane trip across the country with Seth Cohen could make Mother Theresa kill.

Kirsten thought about home. She wasn't going to miss Julie, or her own father for that matter. She hadn't been on a proper holiday with her family for years, and never with Ryan. Work had always played the number one role. Kirsten knew it shouldn't, but it did. It was going to be nice in Maryland. It would be good to get away. At least that's what she told herself. Deep down, she was a bit doubtful.

They collected their luggage and went to the waiting room at the front of the airport for the Girardi's. They had to wait almost fifteen minutes before the dark haired woman, who Kirsten had recognized from the photo they had been sent, emerged at the front door. The woman who was presumably Helen, was looking around, looking slightly lost. Kirsten took a deep breath and told her sons and Sandy it was time to meet some extended family…