Chapter 4

"Right, so now that that's sorted, let's go." Yami glanced up at Bakura questioningly; shocked out of the silence they'd fallen into since his offer.

"Where're we going?" He asked, getting to his feet. Bakura grabbed his jacket that was lying at the foot of the bed and put it on. Yami, realising that he wasn't going to be answered at that moment in time, grabbed his own jacket from the back of the sofa and put it on. Wordlessly, Bakura opened the door and stepped through, Yami hurrying after him so as not to be left behind; he still had no idea where the hell he was and he didn't want to get lost. He was surprised to find that the place he'd been staying for the past 24 hours was just a normal apartment. He followed Bakura down the stairs and out into the open air. He shot a sidelong glance to Bakura as he reached into his jacket pocket and removed a cigarette and a lighter. He placed the cigarette between his lips and ignited the lighter, one hand cupped around the flame as he lit up. Strangely enough he found the picture of Bakura smoking...well, hot.

He frowned and averted his gaze, disturbed at the turn his thoughts had taken. Wasn't he supposed to be in love with Kaiba? He mentally snorted. A fat lot of good that did him; Kaiba just about ripped out his heart after letting him humiliate himself and kicked him to the kerb(1). Beside, all he was doing was doing was admitting that Bakura, it's not like it was declaration of undying love.

"So, where're we going now?" he asked, finally getting his mind back on track. Bakura exhaled a trail of smoke before answering.

"We're going back to my – well actually Ryou's – house." Yami nodded, although Bakura wasn't even looking at him. He was lazily smoking his cigarette, his hand drifting between his mouth and his side, smoke slowly being exhaled.

"Right, I guess that since I'm your...boyfriend, I'll be staying with you now." He sighed, not noticing that Bakura had started looking at him when he'd started speaking, a sad expression on his face. But it was only there momentarily before the confidence; the arrogance that had always defined him had descended upon Bakura again. "So how are we getting there?" At that Bakura smirked and tugged Yami over to the parking lot. They stopped beside a motorbike, a proud look on Bakura's face. Yami looked incredulous.

"A motorbike." he said flatly, seemingly unable to comprehend at that moment.


"A motorbike."


"A motorbike."

"Yep." Bakura repeated, starting to get annoyed. Yami turned and looked at him.

"You're out of your freakin' mind. How did you manage get this anyway?" Bakura shot him a look.

"Right, right, stupid question." How could he forget that he was talking to the King of Thieves? "You know these things are dangerous, right?"

Bakura's smirk widened. "Why do you think I stole one? Huge adrenaline rush." He got on the bike and took one last drag of his cigarette and was about to put it out but he suddenly stopped. He offered it to Yami, who shook his head adamantly.

"You do know those things can kill you, right?" Then he groaned and slapped himself on the forehead. Did he suddenly lose what he had left of his sanity in the last 10 minutes? Bakura let out a laugh which sent shivers down Yami's spine for some unknown reason and pointed to the seat behind him.

"Get on Pharaoh, and I promise not to let you die." He laughed again as Yami gingerly got on the bike behind Bakura, his hands resting lightly on Bakura's hips. "You might want to hold on a little tighter than that, Pharaoh." He called back as he started up the bike, revving the engine.

"Oh, and why is that?" Yami snapped, thinking that it was another one of Bakura's tricks.

"Alright," Bakura conceded, deciding to leave Yami to find out by himself. "But I warned you." And with that he took off, smirking when Yami yelped and plastered himself to Bakura's back, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist with his hands locked at the front.


"You did that on purpose."

"I most definitely did not. I warned you about it, Pharaoh, but you were too proud to listen. It's your own fault." No matter how much he wanted to, Yami couldn't refute that. So instead of making a fool out of himself (for about the 4th time that day), he just grumbled under his breath as he followed Bakura into his house. Bakura smirked as he heard the plethora of swear words, suggestions on how to copulate with himself, and interesting uses for spoons that didn't include eating. Who knew the Pharaoh had such a filthy mouth?

"Oh stop sulking and accept the fact that you were wrong." Yami glowered at him, since he most definitely did not sulk, but gave up and admitted to himself that Bakura was right. He hung his coat up on the hooks behind the door next to Bakura's own jacket and took a seat on the sofa while Bakura went looking for his hikari.

"Bakura, I'm in the kitchen." Came a voice that got progressively louder as its owner neared the living room. "Who were you" Ryou trailed off as saw Yami reclining on his sofa and Bakura standing nearby, not trying to carve a chunk out of the Pharaoh with his trusty knife. He looked from his Bakura to Yami, and then back again. He blinked then broke out into a small secretive smile, one he shared with his yami.

"Hi, Yami how are you? What brings you here?" It was fascinating to watch the blush blossom on Yami's face, he who was usually so calm and collected. He turned to Bakura questioningly.

"Oh, he's my boyfriend now and will be staying here for a while." Ryou's smile got larger.

"That's great! I guess that now that you're staying here, you'll need to get some stuff from the game shop. Oh, and tell Yugi about what's going on, of course." A loud groan came from Yami and he ran a hand through his hair roughly.

"Crap, I completely forgot. I have to tell Yugi about…and he'll ask about...shit! Today's just not my day." Ryou watched bemused as Yami tried to bury his head under a cushion and suffocate himself. If Yami was now going out with his yami then why was he acting like he just dropped out of plane without a parachute? He knew Yugi could be a bit…well, Yugi but… Something didn't smell right.

"Umm…Yami, can you help me in the kitchen quickly while Bakura sorts out his bedroom?" Bakura opened his mouth to protest, thought better of it, and decided to use the link.

What are you doing Ryou?

Don't worry, he sent as Yami followed him into the kitchen. I just want to talk to him. You know, find out how this came about.

But...Fine. And he stomped up the stairs, not too pleased about this development but unable to say anything because then it would create too much suspicion. Yami heaved himself off of the sofa and followed Ryou into the kitchen. As soon as he took one step into the kitchen, the door was shut and locked behind him and he came face to face with a solemn Ryou.

"Alright, tell me what's really going on." He demanded. Yami flinched and stared at his feet, unable to meet Ryou's eyes as he lied.

"Nothing. We just decided to give this boyfriend thing a go."

"Bullshit." That made Yami start, not used to hearing Ryou swear. "You don't go from hating someone to being their boyfriend unless you sat down and did some serious talking. Before you couldn't stand to be in the same room as Bakura, so what is going on?"

Yami sighed. "Fine. I agreed to become Bakura's boyfriend to stop him from trying to kidnap Mokuba."

Ryou frowned. "Okay, but how did you know that that would make Bakura leave Mokuba alone?"

Yami leaned against the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. "Bakura and I, we got to talking, and I found out that h-he was in love…with me." He still couldn't say it without stuttering; it was just too weird for Yami. Ryou nodded; he knew how Bakura felt. Whenever they were cursing each other, Ryou could feel the half-heartedness behind Bakura's efforts. He'd confronted him and dragged the whole story out.

"But how did he manage to get you to sit down long enough to tell you? And how did it come up in the conversation in the first place?" Yami sighed and resigned himself to reliving that horrible experience with Kaiba, in order to explain what exactly was going on.

"I-I'm in love with Kaiba. Or was. I'm not even sure anymore."

Oh, Bakura. Ryou thought to himself, knowing it would really hurt his yami to have his love unrequited. He felt his yami come down the stairs quietly (a habit from being a thief) and told him to stay put. Even though this would hurt him, he needed to know, know exactly what he was letting himself in for.

"Anyway, Yugi finally convinced me that it was time to tell him, so yesterday morning I went down to his mansion and…told him. He laughed and threw it back in my face. Told me to get out; said I was pathetic." Yami refused to let himself cry, so when he felt his eyes start to burn, he swallowed hard and blinked rapidly to clear the tears, then carried on.

"I was understandably upset, so when I left the mansion, I wasn't really concentrating and I was knocked out and kidnapped. When I came to, I found out that it was a mistake and that Mokuba was the one that was supposed to taken. Bakura and I got into an argument and it came out that he was in l-love with me." He hugged his arms around himself defensively, feeling the emotional drain of having to relive that. Ryou wanted so badly to hug Yami, try to offer him some measure of comfort, but he wasn't sure on how it would be received. Ryou had seen Yami at his weakest, a state he was sure no one else had ever seen him in and he wasn't sure how Yami would react.

"No matter what the reason you're doing this, it won't work if you still hate him."

"I never hated Bakura. Sure we had arguments, but I was just defending myself from his hateful accusations. I have no reason to hate Bakura."

Ryou smiled sadly, "That's good to hear, because the one who has the most chance of getting hurt out of this relationship is Bakura." At that moment, Bakura entered the room, acting like he had just come down the stairs.

"Have you finished 'helping' Ryou, Yami? If so then come on, I'll give you a lift to the game shop." Yami groaned.

"Oh Ra, not again." He sighed and followed Bakura out of the kitchen and through the front door after grabbing his jacket. He turned to Ryou. "If I don't come back, tell Yugi that my last thoughts were of him." Ryou burst out laughing. He laughed even harder when Bakura rolled his eyes and dragged Yami out of the house by the back of his top.

"Stop being so melodramatic."

"Me? Being melodramatic? Bakura, you don't know the meaning of the words 'slow down'." Bakura grinned.

"Well make sure you hold on tight, then."


"Yugi? Are you here?" There was a stampede of footsteps coming down the stairs, and then Yugi appeared and flung himself at Yami in a fierce hug. Yami brought his arms up and held him close as Yugi let out a stream of fretful words. Yami stroked him on the back as he tried to calm his aibou down in order to answer questions and explain the present situation.

"I'm fine aibou, really I am." Yugi opened his mouth as if to say something, but then took one glance at the Tomb Robber behind them, who was leaning against the doorjamb and was smoking lazily. He decided to speak through the link instead.

Are you sure you're alright? Bakura didn't do anything, right? Yami smiled in reassurance.

He did nothing to me so stop worrying.


"Yugi, how about we go upstairs?" he interrupted out loud. "I need to talk to you." He looked back at Bakura. "Erm…you can sit in the living room, Bakura. Just…finish your cigarette first; jii-chan wouldn't appreciate the smell." he told Bakura, who nodded his head in acknowledgement and went back to smoking. Yami then took Yugi upstairs into his bedroom and sat him on the bed, ready to explain everything.

"You already know that things didn't go…well with Kaiba." Yugi smiled sadly.

"Sorry I pressured you into doing that. What exactly happened? I know that he didn't feel the same way from the phone call I made... but what happened?" Yami let out a sigh and prepared to relive the pain yet again.

"I told him and...he laughed and said I was pathetic. Said I was weak and not worth his time. I…Ra it hurt so much. What does that say about me if I fell in love with someone like that? I don't even know if I'm still in love with him anymore, or if I was even in love with him in the first place. I'm just so confused." The last part came out in a whisper, and it hurt Yugi to hear his other sound like that. He reached out and hugged him, feeling so guilty for putting his yami up to it in the first place.

"It's not your fault, aibou. It was better for it to come out sooner rather than later." Yugi looked up shocked; he didn't realise that he had been emitting his remorse down the link. He changed the subject, trying to take Yami's mind off of his pain.

"So how did you end up with Bakura?" Yami sighed again.

"I was kidnapped; they thought I was Mokuba (although I'm still trying to figure out how they managed that). Bakura was going to hold him for ransom to try and get some money from Kaiba. We were arguing and it came out that he was in l-love" Dammit he still couldn't say it without stuttering! "With me and had been for some time. I offered to become his boyfriend so that he would leave Mokuba alone." Yugi's eyes got wide; he couldn't believe that a) Bakura was in love with his yami and b) they were actually now going out. He hugged Yami even tighter as if he was about to disappear from his grasp.

"So w-what happens now?" Yami ran his hand through Yugi's hair comfortingly as he spoke.

"I'm going to be staying with Bakura, I don't know how long for." Yugi's eyes widened; he couldn't believe that now his other half would be staying with Bakura. And he'd get all caught up in the new relationship and he won't have time to see him anymore and they'll grow further and further apart and…and…

"No matter what happens, Yugi, nothing will keep us apart." Yami said, feeling the turn Yugi's thoughts had taken. "I'll still come by at least once a day, and during college we can keep in tough via the link. The only reason I agreed to stay with Bakura for the duration of this…relationship was that I figured that if I spend more time with him I might be able to see another side of him that might help make this more bearable." He gently untangled himself from his aibou to go and pack his things.

Once he'd packed sufficient amount of clothes as well as other thing he just couldn't be without for an extended amount of time, he made his way downstairs with Yugi trailing behind, dragging his feet like he just heard his dog had been run over by a truck. They entered the living room and found Bakura stretched out on the sofa with his eyes closed, looking for intents and purposes to be asleep.

"Hey Bakura," Yami said, not actually sure if Bakura was asleep or not. Bakura opened his eyes and got up off the sofa, stretching a bit before he turned to face Yami.


"Could you do me a favour? Could you take this bag back to Ryou's please? I'm going to stay here with Yugi for a bit." Yugi's eyes lit up at that and a smile spread across his face. Bakura rolled his eyes but said yes anyway. He took the bag from Yami and made his way to the door. But before he left he turned to Yami and said,

"Make sure you're ready by 9 tonight."

"Why?" Yami asked, puzzled. Bakura smirked, knowing he was going to enjoy what he was saying next.

"Because we're going on a date."


(1) Every time I use this word in fanfiction Iget grief for spelling it wrongly. However this is the British spelling for this word and I do live in England. Just wanted to clear that up.