Title: Red Dresses And Fuzzy Balls

Part: Chapter 01

Author: Svelte Rose

Category: Teen Titans

Genre: Humor, General

Comments: This follows the Cartoon!Teen Titans timeline so all relationships are platonic and there isn't really anything set. There are slight nuances- most likely Raven/Robin because I'm an avid fan. I don't own this series- DC and the dudes over at CN do. Please enjoy!

"…" She was at a loss for words. Though she was never a verbose speaker, she was always ready with a sarcastic, dry remark about something she found stupid or less than favorable.

But this…this was just…

"I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole." One of Jump City's heroines finally replied in her monotone voice as she stared at the…

"It's a monstrosity." She stated, her words falling upon three pairs of agreeing ears.

The thing had enough ruffles to choke a horse.

"But friend Raven, you have not yet chosen a dress for this celebration of the mayor's birth!" Almost as an afterthought, the Tamaranian princess added, "Though when one has traveled through its mother birth canal, we usually recite the 27 verses of the blessed passage,"

"Wow, only 27," Boy Wonder murmured so only Cyborg and Beast Boy (who were sitting next to him) could hear.

They were astounded themselves. Usually, one of Starfire's…poetry…came in the thousands.

"And 643 verses of the Arkarf which allows the babe to release the magic gas,"

"Magic gas?" Beast Boy was befuddled. The only gas he knew that ever came out of a mammal was either a burp or a-

"932 verses of the Blork'ri, the cleansing chant,"


"345 verses of the Praarp,"


"1,232 verses of the Tropnorf," Starfire ticked them off her fingers.

"Look, do I even have to go to this party?" Raven finally interrupted bringing the original subject back to hand.

"Yes!" The other four immediately chorused, having been through this already.

"We are his star guests," Robin said as he leaned back, "You'd be insulting him if you didn't,"

Starfire was shuffling through the rack of clothing she'd collected from her own closet and whatever Bumblebee from Titans East could offer. So far, Raven had a comment or two, all negative, about the dresses she'd brought out for her to peruse through.

"How about this one?" Beast Boy held out a bright red dress with a pink film and fluorescent orange balls bouncing as he jiggled it for effect.

"Beast Boy, if you had any style, you would see that that's the most-," Raven began in annoyance, her fingers curling in the air as if she were strangling an unseen object.

"Ohhh! I designed that dress myself!" Starfire squealed happily as she snatched it from Beast Boy and hugged it. "It would be a great honor if friend Raven would wear it!"

"I…" Raven began, glancing at the red-head's hopeful face and the bright red faces of Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg who were trying to hold in their laughter.

Cyborg's snort undid the other two. The three quickly doubled over each other in laughter.

Starfire frowned, somewhat put off by their response. "You laugh as though this is a horrendous thing," Tears began to well up in her green eyes.

Robin tried to catch a breath or two, "It's not that Starfire…" He laughed some more, trying- unsuccessfully- to stop.

A sniffle was heard from Starfire and before the three boys' laughter was halted by Raven's next comment.

"I would…love," Raven almost choked on this word, "to wear the dress you designed, Starfire," Her left eye twitched once.

Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin choked. She was going to wear…that?

Oblivious to the goth girl's discomfort as she took the dress from Starfire; Starfire instantly engulfed Raven into a bone-crushing hug. "Oh! We shall have so much joy painting each other's faces and doing each other's hair," She twirled around, Raven still in her arms.

The three boys just stared, still shocked as they watched the scene before them. A twirling, overjoyed Starfire and a Raven (who almost matched the color of her cape).

"I can't wait until the party," Beast Boy finally sniggered earning himself a cuff from Cyborg and Robin.