Title: Red Dresses And Fuzzy Balls

Part: Chapter 08

Author: Svelte Rose

Category: Teen Titans

Genre: Humor, General

Comments: This follows the Cartoon!Teen Titans timeline so all relationships are platonic and there isn't really anything set. There are slight nuances- most likely Raven/Robin because I'm an avid fan. I don't own this series- DC and the dudes over at CN do. Please enjoy!

Note: By the way, for those who wondered why last chapter was formatted the way it was, I need you guys to realize that the first line of the chapter says "5 minutes ago..." meaning that we're looking from another person's point of view during the same time everything happened from Starfire's and Raven's point of view. And the flames are part of Raven's force field if you haven't figured that out.

It was 8am in the morning, the time when all of the Teen Titans congregated and ate breakfast. There would be the usual bickering between Cyborg and Beast Boy, Robin would join the bickering by arguing with the two of them, Starfire would already be at the stove creating something or another and Raven…well, she would just sit there and sip her herbal tea while watching in amusement the antics of her friends.

Today…there was just peace and quiet. Robin was tentatively sipping at his coffee being the only occupant of the kitchen.

It had been a long night…

First, they practically sent the mayor into cardiac arrest when Beast Boy was thrown onto the poor man. Second, Al Evans (or the Jorknerg) suffered several broken ribs. And third, thankfully, the mayor's right-hand man only received bruising on his body. Raven had healed them all but it took some convincing for her to heal Mr. Evans.

Many guests ended up with shrimp all over their expensive suits and gowns, several ladies having shrieked when it started to rain crustaceans.

Then when H.I.V.E. took this inopportune moment to crash the party, it was chaos from there on. Starfire launched herself at Gizmo, giving this inhumane scream and practically obliterated the poor fellow in a few short seconds.

And Raven…well, least to say, Mammoth and Jinx wouldn't be leaving the state penitentiary anytime soon.

The two chose not to.

While Raven and Starfire launched their crusade against H.I.V.E., Beast Boy was passed out, a filmy layer covering his little, green body; Cyborg and Robin just stood amidst the chaos, staring in wide-eyed disbelief.

Afterwards…Starfire cleared out the banquet table…

And Raven unintentionally reigned destruction on the interior room while the guests stood in abject awe or horror- Robin still couldn't figure out which.

After they got back to the tower, Cyborg worked all night to fix the circuits that was earlier shorted out (and kept on shorting out), Beast Boy was in the infirmary, Starfire was also up all night but in the bathroom (apparently the punch was spiked), Raven had made firewood of the red dress, and Robin was up helping Cyborg do repairs on the tower. He had run out of cardboard for the broken windows within a few short hours.

Taking a hold of the newspaper, Robin's eyes quickly scanned the front page.

After several seconds of stunned silence, coffee project from his mouth and all over the newspaper; the headline reading:

Mayor's Birthday Bash- Party Of The Year!

Thanks to the heroic actions of the Teen Titans, many inhabitants of JumpCity were saved from the escaped prisoners- the members who called themselves H.I.V.E. Though the Mayor suffered minor injuries as a result, he was quickly healed by the Teen Titan who called herself Raven. (Picture below). Though some received cuts and bruises due to this event, all agree that it was the best form of entertainment they had ever come across and voted the birthday party as the best they'd attended all year. Least to say…

Robin quickly skimmed the rest of the article, unfolding the newspaper. His eyes widened slightly before he walked over to the drawer, pulled out a pair of scissors and started to snip at it.

If the Tower was to stay intact today, it would be best if he removed it and kept a hold of it, just in case.

Across town, Bumblebee was choking on her eggs, sputtering, "that is definitely not one of my dresses".

Aqualad and Speedy could only stare, pole-axed, slack-jawed, and bug-eyed at their issue of today's "Jump City Tribune".