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Chapter 9: Faith

Nel remained quiet laying on the crimson colored velvet couch and watched as the succubuses conversed with one another. She took note that either two of them were sisters and the other was just a friend. Either way she wished she was strong enough to call up a runeology spell and try to escape. Though her hands and feet where bond in ropes preventing her to do so. Closing her eyes she thought about the others I hope Albel isn't losing his head because of this.. she thought. Loud annoying laugh caused her to glance back at the succubuses in the room with her.

"What?" asked Lenore as she approached Nel. As she moved closer she noticed Nel shrink back in to the couch which caused a amused smirk to appear upon her lips. She didn't think it would be that easy to keep capture of this famous crimson blade which Romero was so fascinated with. Resting a right hand on Nel's cheek her index finger rubbed the light almost healing scar caused by Drazel.

"Don't touch me!" Nel said while moving her face away. All Lenore did was laugh as she moved back. from Nel, who was keeping a watchful eye at her as she walked over towards a wooden chest. Lenore's back was now to Nel as she opened the chest and pulling something out.

Lenore's lips grew in to a smirk while turning around and holding up a black dress "Heh, lets see if it fits?" she said while approaching Nel. Gripping Nel's uniform she tried to undo her clothes but Nel was struggling under her grasp. Lenore gave an irritated sigh "Stop moving! I need you to try this on." her hand reached for Nel's scarf tugging on it forcefully. Nel tried pushing Lenore even though her hands where bond together. Getting more annoyed Lenore let out a irritated sigh as she walked over towards a closet to the far left of the room.

Opening it to reveal various potions all shapes and sizes; she pulled one from the right corner on the second shelf it had a liquid with a shade of a bright shiny blue. Walking back towards Nel with a smirk she moved the vial close to Nel's face. Nel moved her head away from the vile so Lenore just took the vile to her own lips and taking a few drops. She pinned Nel down and leaned forward pressed her lips towards Nel's uninvited lips. Slipping the liquid into her mouth, she would not move until Nel swallowed all of it..

Backing away she watched as Nel's eyed drooped a bit "Heh if you didn't struggle so much I wouldn't had have to use that." she said while whipping her mouth.

"What did you do to me?"

"Oh it's just a simple sleeping spell."

Before Nel could answer she found herself drifting to sleep. Last thing she saw was Lenore untying the rope around her wrists.

Clair and a few of her members walked outside cautiously the first thing they noticed was the severe damaged done to the buildings. Many civilians laid out on the street either dead or injured there was no way a simple storm like this could of done this. Along with the sounds of the wind was screams "Tynave and Farleen I want you to both go to the east side."Clair said.


Looking to her other members "Please go up along the street and find those that are injured. Quickly bring them back into the castle to get treated!" she ordered them. Then alone she headed the west side of the city. It probably was reckless of her but she had to have the others take care of the injured. Turning down the street she noticed a hand sticking out underneath a wooden cart shaking as if trying to catch her attention and so she approached it. Grabbing the edge she tried to lift it off to free the person "Stay calm and don't move.".

"Please help me.." the voice spoke.

Clair hissed "Damn if only this thing wasn't so heavy.".

"Let me help."

Clair turned around to see Mackwell and she sighed "Why are you out here? Shouldn't you be inside hiding from issues that involve this kingdom?" she asked him.

Mackwell just ignored her and grabbed the cart lifting it up a bit. Clair as well lifted it up with all her might. When the cart was lifted they stared wide eye as the form of a human disappeared leaving a pile of black feathers. Mackwell grabbed Clair's hand "This is a distraction!" he said while pulling the shocked Clair away. As they started to head back towards the castle bursts of wind tunnels rised out from the ground. They watched as the crimson blades dashed back towards the castle with the injured.

"At least we got the injured to safety." Clair said as she kept a watchful eye on the wind tunnels that burst from no where.

The alchemist studied the wind and was rather interested in it "Look it's obviously the outcome if we stay out here. We're both going to die!".

"Mackwell I can't go in! I have to make sure if there isn't any others injured or alive outside!"

"Can't you tell! The other bodies will be fake!"

Clair narrowed her eyes and shook her hand violently out of his grasp "I will not go inside till I know for sure there is no one left outside." then left him on the steps of the castle.


Albel and the others continued to walk through the dark with only the little light of the lanterns they had. They noticed the odd markings on the wall written in some odd language just like before. Cliff shook Roger by the tail trying to wake up the little Menodix "Come on! Your not exactly light!" he said. Fayt and Albel where leading the group with the two lanterns out stretched to peer in the darkness ahead of them. Maria kept herself close to Fayt only because she didn't want to run into another tentacles monster. (Curse those tentacles monsters...)

A growling sound stopped them in their tracks "Did you hear that?" Fayt asked them to make sure he wasn't crazy.

"Yeah but perhaps it was the big maggots stomach?" Albel glanced back at Cliff who only gave a glare.

Maria shook her head "No I herd it and it was no stomach growl." she said while taking hold of her gun. She pointed it up ahead and herd the growling become closer to them. Fayt shook his head and lifted his lantern up more to reveal a black creature on all fours baring it's sharp teeth at them.

"A werewolf!" Fayt said while backing away and pulling out his sword.

"Werewolf where?" Roger said as he awoke and then screamed jumping from Cliff's hand to hide behind Cliff's leg.

Albel growled at the werewolf and flashed his claw "Don't mess with me maggot mutt!" he snapped. While giving the lantern to Maria he dashed off towards the werewolf in the darkness.

"Albel!" Fayt called after him and dashed after him with a lantern.

Maria and Cliff shook their heads "Albel is on a war path." Cliff said while looking at Roger behind his leg. He smirked a bit "Hey I thought you were a tough adult?" .

"Hmp it just caught me by surprise!"

Albel and Fayt came back without a scratch on them "Hmp showed that fool." Albel said while shaking his bloody claw.

"I'm not even going to ask." Maria replied while handing Albel the lantern.

Fayt who was pale in the face shook his head "Better if you didn't unless you want to throw up over Albel's description of his killing.".

Maria and Cliff just shook their head no then continued their way. Roger started to grab onto Maria's hand as they walked through the dark hallways. Maria glanced at Roger and sighed "You scared?" she asked him.

"No! I'm an adult I don't get scared."

Maria smirked a bit "Sure that is why you are holding my hand tightly." she laughed.

"Hey I remember a certain someone screaming over the sight of a slimy tentacles." Fayt added which caused Maria to glare at him.

"I just happen to not like slimy long tentacles!"

Albel ignored their conversation he had a lot on his mind. Taking to fact he knew he was the issue that caused this. Yet he wondered why that Romero didn't go after him instead? If Romero's goal was to get him blinded with anger he did a good job at that. Still he was worried about Nel and his children.

Catching up to the end of the hallway it seemed to expanded and lead to what appeared to be a church. They walked between rows of lite white candles and stopped before a alter "What is this for?" Fayt wondered.

"Must be a cult?" Cliff said as he poked a black star painted on the wall just behind the alter. Roger approached a pillar to the right of the alter and noticed a gold amulet hanging on it. His green eyes light up with that lust for gold look and stretched out his hand to grab it. Albel and Cliff stood close to the wall inspecting the odd symbol "I mean perhaps it's an anti-apris church?" he said to Albel. Before the others could take note of Roger he grabbed the amulet which caused a loud rumbling sound.

The ground under Albel and Cliff's feet opened which they fell in. Maria and Fayt ran towards the spot they fell to see the ground was back "Roger!" the blue haired boy said. He walked over towards the cat menodix and grabbed the pendant "Thanks a lot!" he snapped.

"Hey I can't help it. Just stare at it!"

Maria then looked towards Fayt while touching the ground that opened "Do you think if you place the pendant on the pillar the ground will open?" she said. Fayt walked back towards the pillar while lifting the pendant he was about to place it until he herd Maria's scream. He turned around to find Roger and Maria on the ground unconscious.


Drave just smirked while approaching Fayt who was still holding the pendant "I don't think so." he smirked while raising his hand up. Fayt felt his hand begin to grow hot and looked down to find it glowing a blue color.

"What are you doing!" he shouted and felt his hand going numb now causing him to let go of the pendant. A strong force pushed him against the pillar and Drave approached him while grabbing at Fayt's neck.

"Pathetic little defective program you are." he grinned a bit.

Fayt's eyes widen "What do you mean program? How do you know about that?".

Drave smiled while leaning forward so his lips where close to Fayt's ear "I'll show you how I know." he then moved back while his hair turned blonde. He narrowed his blue eyes at Fayt who gasped in surprise.


Luther smiled while snapping his fingers and chains shot out from the ground. Wrapping around Maria and Roger's falling forms. Chains came from the roof started to entwine around the pillar until it wrapped it's way around Fayt's form. Laughing a bit he rest a hand back on Fayt's cheek "You look as if you seen a ghost." he caressed his cheek.

Fayt lowered his head and glared at the chains "I thought we destroyed you!" his hands balled into a fist.

Luther shook his head and moved his hand down to Fayt's chest "No fool you did not." he then kept caressing his chest. He noticed this disgusted Fayt and he enjoyed that look "Now show me your power. The power that was not suppose to exist.".


Luther just laughed "Wrong answer." he replied darkly.

Sophia and Mirage stayed in the guest room while Christopher remained sleeping soundly through this storm. Mirage was now pacing back and forth in the room "I have a bad feeling about this." she said to Sophia.

"You sound like Cliff." she smiled.

Mirage just laughed "Yeah only it's not a haunch but a feeling." she gave a nod.

Sophia started to giggle and then stopped putting her hand in front of her mouth "Sorry just don't they mean the same thing?" she asked the older woman.

Mirage just sighed while walking towards the window. She looked outside and noticed the wind tunnels "Is that tornado?" she said while pointing at them through the glass. Sophia got up from the chair and stood beside Mirage giving a nod.

"Do you think we'll be safe in here?"

Mirage walked over towards Christopher and picking his sleeping form up "No, we have to get somewhere where there is no glass. Perhaps we could stay in the church till it dies down." she said while making her way towards the door.

"I think it's packed with the townsfolk."

"It's alright. Better then staying in here. With more people it'll be a bit more safer. Plus the church of Apris should protect us." she said while walking up the hallway towards where both hallways and the front door met.

"We know though that God does not exist or any form of God. Luther was the one that created us."

Standing in her place she looked back "Yes I know. Though it should be safer there." she told Sophia.

Sophia sighed "Yes even though Luther is are so-called God. How can a God be destroyed? Maybe he wasn't our God maybe there is another God!" she said while walking in the church. She noticed most of the pews are filled with the townsfolk along with the crimson blades healing the injured they rescued from outside.

The blonde woman just laughed "Your thinking to much." she said while resting Christopher down on a open pew. She sat down and patted the seat next to her "Sit.".

"I know just makes me wonder." she then sat down while resting her hand on her stomach. She noticed Mackwell walk in with a rather concerned look she noticed many dirt staining his cheeks so he must had been outside. When he walked past their pew "Mackwell!" she called out to him and he stopped in his tracks.

"Ah Sophia and Mirage."

Mirage tilt her head looking at the alchemist "What is wrong?".

"Lady Clair she is still outside. She refuses to come in until she searched the whole town."

Sophia stood up "That is insane I'm going out to look for her and bring her back." she said while leaving the pew.

Mackwell grabbed her hand and stopped her "No not in your condition. You can't go outside it's too dangerous!".

"If your not going to do anything. Then I will! You like her don't you?"

Mackwell let go of her hand "What are you talking about? I don't recall ever saying I liked her." he said. Mirage just watched with amusement as Sophia started to tell Mackwell off and send a little speech like Fayt usually did.

"Your concerned about her are you not?"

He sighed while resting his right hand on his forehead "This is none of your business." he told her.

Adray rested a hand on Mackwell's right shoulder from behind him "Go." he said. The Alchemist only looked at Adray with a confused look. He didn't even feel the older man rest a hand on his shoulder. He looked towards Sophia and then Mirage who both gave a nod to encourage him.

All where asleep including Fakir who fell asleep staring at them. The prince who was sleeping stirred when he herd a voice. Getting up he looked around "Who is there?" he called out towards the dimly lite cave.

/Follow me../

The prince not having a heart had no sense of thinking either. He gave a nod "Okay." he got up from the ground and walked out. He followed the voice down a hallway into the church "Where are you?" he asked then noticed two bodies laying close to the alter and one chained to a pillar.

Luther smirked while walking towards the white haired prince "Hello there. Have you come to join me in the ritual?" he asked him while resting a hand on the place where his heart should be. The Prince just stood there and his amber colored eyes just looked at Luther not giving any expression "Do you want to know who you are?" he asked the Prince.


"Good." he smirked while taking his hand and walked him towards the alter. He then pressed on the side of the alter and a glass case came up on top of the alter. Inside was a crimson red orb glowing brightly "Your heart. This is your very part of you that makes you feel emotions." he told the Prince.

The Prince stared at it "My heart. I need my heart back." he told Luther.

Luther nodded and pressed the button so the glass case went back down "You'll get it once I'm done the ritual." he told him.

Albel stirred from where he laid since he fell. He got up and noticed how dark it was "Damn.." he muttered while his hand fished around in the dark for the lantern hoping it did not break. His hand felt a arm and he sat up straight "Hmp who does this belong too?" he asked the darkness.

"Hey what is touching me!"

"Great the oaf fell down with me." Albel sighed while getting up. He noticed his foot tapped something. He bent down and picked up the lantern "Good still intact." he glanced towards Cliff in the darkness "Get up fool." he told him.

Cliff mumbled while getting up from the ground "Albel how are we suppose to see? I mean we don't have anything to light up the lantern.".

Albel gave a irritated growl "Then we'll just blindly walk through the darkness." he told Cliff. As he was about to keep walking he noticed a small light headed towards his direction "Huh? Who is out there?" he called out. The light started to head towards their direction slowly and soon engulfed them both. There stood a young woman dressed in white garments she had shoulder length green hair and blue eyes.

"Do you wish to find the prince with the missing heart?" she asked them.

Albel and Cliff where confused by her question they didn't even know of a prince without a heart "Um we kind of fell and well can you spare some of your fire?" Cliff asked. The woman who had the emotionless facial features just gave a nod. She moved over towards Albel and lifted her lantern she put her hand into the fire.

"Bah what are you doing? You'll get burnt!"

Pulling out her hand it was on fire she moved it towards Albel's lantern and lighting it "I do not feel pain." she told them softly. Then put down her lantern and fished out something from her pocket holding it up to Albel. It was a necklace with a crimson stone that glowed in the light of the fire "Give this to the one who seeks to save the prince without the heart." she told him.

Albel just gave a nod and took it "Who is this person?" he asked her.

"You will know when you see that person." as soon as she spoke those words she disappeared in to darkness. Leaving the lantern behind and Cliff picked it up giving Albel a strange look.

"What was that all about?"

Albel didn't know exactly what happened perhaps she was a apparition of some sort. Maybe a goddess from Aquaria. Though he didn't think highly of that possibility for they where in a place that could be more connected to the netherworld if anything. His crimson eyes landed back on the blonde haired built klausian "Lets not waste our time trying to figure out what that was. Lets just get going and find a way out." he told him. The two started their way through the new path the light showed them. Moving deeper in they noticed a water stream filled with a lot of fish flipping about. Cliff was thinking about stopping and feasting upon some but he knew Albel would have a fit.

"Prince!" a voice in the distance up ahead could be herd. Albel and Cliff stopped in their tracks looking at each other.

"Did you hear that?" Cliff asked Albel who gave a nod. They continued to walk up further to find a young boy standing before a hole. He looked worried and he was glancing around frantically when his eyes seen the two older men he stared at them.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" he asked them.

Albel glared a the boy "Hmp arrogant brat. None of your business why we are here. Also did you call out the name prince?" he asked him.

Fakir gave a nod "Yes I did. Have you seen him?" he asked.

"No sorry kid. Just this odd woman told us about a prince with no heart." Cliff told Fakir.

The young knight in training looked at them "Odd woman who knows the prince has no heart?" he gave them a suspicious look. His hand then rested on a sword that was way to big for him to handle "How do I not know that you work for the raven?" he hissed.

"Fakir what is going on? Has the prince returned?" a sweet voice called from the darkness of the cave. Kira peered out and Cliff's eyes widen at the sight of her while Albel's crimson eyes locked on the little girl.

"Kira!" Cliff shouted.

The little girl with the crimson eyes stared at Cliff and smiled "Uncle Cliff?" she called out. While jumping down the small little rock ledge she ran and hugged him. Fakir just stared at Kira and sighed a bit.

Albel looked at his daughter he still couldn't believe he was a father. But looking at his daughter she obviously looked like him. He gave a light sigh "Where is your brother?" he asked her. Kira let go of Cliff and stared at Albel while pointing towards the hole.

"He is still warn out from using that thing they called runeology." Fakir told Albel. The swordsmen sighed while walking towards the hole and had to lower his head as he walked in. The faint glow of the fire danced over his son's form he leaned down and used his human hand to wake him.

"Wake up!"

Glou turned to his side as Albel grabbed his right shoulder and shook him. He let out a whimper and his green eyes opened to look at Albel. He sat up and let out a yawn "Your that meanie from before." he said.

"Heh, meanie? Is that the best nickname you can pull out?" he said to his son. Glou just shook his head and watched as Albel took his hand.

"Woah wait! Mom said never to go with strangers!"

"Strangers? I'm your father." he said bluntly.

Glou let go of Albel's hand "Fa-ther?" his voice sounded as if it was hard to believe.

Albel gave a nod "Yes I am your father. The one that left your mother and never returned. I'm not dead if anything I should had been dead. What I did was cruel but then again I am cruel that is who I am." he told his son.

Cliff, Fakir and Kira where inside the hole watching the moment. Cliff rested a hand on Kira's shoulder because he could hear her sniffling a bit. Fakir just looked at Kira with a puzzled look for he thought she would be happy. Lily the fairy stirred from her slumber and looked around "Hey keep quiet! A girl is trying to get her beauty sleep!" she shouted.

Cliff smirked "Hey a bug!" he pointed at the fairy who glared at him.

Luther smirked as he watched the prince just lay in slumber on a alter. Black raven feathers where sprawled out underneath him like a nest. Glancing at Fayt who was chained to a pillar he approached him. Running his right hand along Fayt's cheek the boy still had not stirred. A smirk crossed his lips "All that meddling your father did and your not even all that great. Sides you can't even control your powers yet." he told the unconscious Fayt.

Maria and Roger where still on the ground chained in their sleeping state. Luther still was missing one of the gifted children "Once I get Sophia I'll be able to gain access to my original form." he told the sleeping Fayt his plans. Glancing towards the prince "Heh I don't know why I bother to participate in reviving the monster raven." he said softly.

"Why bother? Well you see if the monster raven is not revived the story will keep going on."

Luther looked around "Who was that? Answer me now!" he called out but nobody answered him. He sighed and looked back towards the prince "Must be my imagination." he told himself.

The three succubus walked in the chapel bringing Nel Zelpher dressed in a black gown with a black Vail. Luther turned around and smirked "Ah Nel Zelpher." he said with a smirk. The crimson haired Aquarian's eyes widen when she saw Luther before her. She thought he was dead it took her after shock to realize her friends chained up.

"Fayt! Maria! Roger!" she called out.

Luther approached them and summoned the succubus away. He then grabbed her right hand "Take a look!" he said to her as he pulled her to the alter. Nel noticed a boy with white hair sleeping in a nest of black feathers.

"What is going on?"

Luther chuckled a bit "Your destiny to be the bride of the raven." he told her. While letting her go and she was about to take off but he smirked "Walk out and your children die." he simply said.

"My children? You have them! You monster let them go!" she yelled at him.

He shook his head "I will not let them go if you leave. If you do not perform this ritual I'll have Romero have his revenge with Albel Nox." he told her. Nel looked at Luther with pained eyes she knew if she left her children's lives would be at stake. If she stayed that meant this ritual she had no clue about was going to be performed.

"I'll stay." she simply replied and was now in defeat of fate.

Mackwell rushed outside of the castle to find Clair fighting off a executioner. He rushed to her side and grabbed her arm "Come on! You have to get back in." he told the crimson blade. She ignored him and summoned up a magic spell.

"I can't someone needs my help!" she pointed towards the laying figure beside a turned over cart.

His crimson eyes narrowed "Don't be stupid! It's probably another trick!" he said. Clair ignored him and defeated the monster.

She rushed towards the body and picked it up "Leah?" she said softly. She shook her form a bit and Leah stirred opening her blue eyes.


Mackwell looked towards Clair "Is that Albel Nox's fiancé or was?" he said to her. Clair nod while helping Leah up to her feet.

"Come on lets hurry inside." she said to Mackwell. As they entered the castle they noticed how crowded it was. Clair sighed while leading them towards her own room she laid Leah down on the bed "Stay here. I need to find a healer to treat you." she wanted to heal her but she was low on magic at the moment.

"Thank you." Leah said while watching them leave shutting the door. A smirk crossed her lips as she took over her other form "Stupid mortals." she said softly. While sitting up in the bed she walked out of the room and looked around "Now where is this girl at?" she said to herself.

Mackwell and Clair headed up the hallway towards the infirmary "Why did you come out side again?" Clair asked while resting her hand on the doorknob.

"Why?" he looked towards her "Do I have to give a reason?" he asked her.

Clair shook her head and walked in the infirmary "In my room. There is someone who needs healing right away." she told the young runeologist. The runeologist nod and rushed towards Clair's room. Clair then turned around to face Mackwell "I find it unlikely of you. At the midst of war you abandoned your duties to be a silly inventor." she told him.

"What does my preference of work have anything to do with saving your life?"

Clair looked towards the window straight across the room she watched as the violent winds destroy their kingdom. Not only that but those strange celestial creatures showed up as well "Your right I guess I shouldn't judge you on your choice of working." she told him.


She sighed and looked towards the ground "To be honest my pride keeps me from ever wanting to be friends again." she told the alchemist.

Mackwell grabbed her right hand with his own hand and moved her closer "Clair, let your pride go. Allow yourself to feel again instead of worrying about others lives." he told her.

"I have a duty to protect the kingdom."

"Yes but you don't have to die inside in order to serve it."

Clair's hand started to shake a bit and she looked up at him. It was if she realized she really was dying inside. She never wanted to risk loving someone in fear they might be used as bait. Now though there was no excuse for her pushing away the feeling of love. The war between Airyglph and Aquaria had ended years ago.

"Clair?" Mackwell rested his hands on her shoulders. He could feel her shaking and embraced her in a hug. The crimson blade closed her eyes and felt warm then looked up to stare him in the eyes.

"I think I love you."

Mackwell smiled and leaned down to press his lips against hers. The two kissed for some time until the runeologist headed back towards them in a frantic manner. She stopped and blushed for she didn't want to interrupt them but this was a emergency "My apologies, but the wounded one is missing!" she told Clair. Clair pulled away from Mackwell and blushed a bit but then looked at the runeologist with concern.

"Missing? How she was injured really bad!"

The runeologist shrugged her shoulders "I went to your room like you told me. The door was opened and there was nobody in there." she explained.

Clair looked towards Mackwell "We should go look for her!" and he gave a nod. Clair looked back at the runeologist "We'll go find her. In the meantime go heal anyone who is in need." the two the started to walk up the hallway. It was going to be hard trying to find Leah since it was crowded with the city folk. Suddenly a scream from the church stopped them in their tracks "What was that?" said Clair.

"Sounded like it came from the church of Apris!" Mackwell took her hand and they ran towards the entrance which was over flooded by people trying to get out. Everyone was in a panic and it wasn't helping the castle guards or them to get inside to see what was going on. Clair let go of Mackwell and started to shove her way in to the church "Clair!" he shouted after her. But Mackwell was getting pushed to the side by the crowd. Clair stood at the steps and stared down at the church her eyes widen as she noticed a lot of blood splatter on the pews.

"What is going on?" she said to herself out loud. She noticed a young woman standing before Sophia with a odd object pointed at her. Clair gripped the railing and leaped over landing on a pew just below "Who are you? Why have you done this?" she asked.

"Clair!" Sophia shouted while remaining still before Ceres.

Ceres smirked a little "Heh what a pest! Not only where you stupid to bring me in but you left me alone." she laughed while turning around pointing her gun.


"Yes. Only that was just a fake identity."

Sophia shook her head "No way! Leah was definitely real! When I talked to her she seemed so full of life!" she said to Ceres.

"Life? You call something using a personality from a dead girl living? I think not, more like a parasite. Though really what I am is pretty much is the same." she smirked.

Mirage who was hiding behind a pillar moved towards the entrance. She noticed Mackwell had manage to get through the crowds "Please take care of Christopher for me?" she begged him.

His crimson eyes looked to her "No I want to help Clair! You go and find safety." he told her.

"Alright. But I am counting on you to protect not only Clair but Sophia as well." she said and received a nod from Mackwell. She gave him a smile and then lead the half sleepy Christopher out of the church. He turned then towards the direction of the alter which was now splattered with blood. He cautiously laid his eyes on Clair who now had a odd weapon pointed towards her. Along with Sophia who was down on her knees close to the front pew.

"Leah couldn't had just been a made up person. I could feel she was real." Sophia said.

"Shut up! What do you know what is real or not!" Ceres snapped while her golden eyes looked towards Sophia dangerously.

Clair shook her head "But did Leah have programed feelings to love Albel Nox? How did Leah know that Albel would be in Greeton?" the crimson blade asked her.

Mackwell was walking towards them slowly his footsteps startled Ceres and her face turned towards him "Love? Did she really love him?" Ceres smirked. Her other hand then transformed into a blade "I doubt that since her memories where programed so most likely was her feelings." she told them.

"Let them go! Fight me instead!" Mackwell said to Ceres who only laughed.

Shaking her head "Foolish inventor what could you possibly use against me? Either way I'm here for Sophia I have no need for you two." she told them. While Ceres was to busy paying attention to Mackwell she used this opportunity to use her daggers on her. Unfortunely Ceres seen it coming and kicked Clair straight in the stomach knocking her into a pew.

"Clair!" screamed Mackwell.

"Now if you want to live. Let me have Sophia." she smirked.

"Never!" Mackwell said to her. Ceres only shook her head and her hands regenerated back to normal form. Her right hand raised up in the air and purple seal symbol developed under Mackwell's feet. Green like vines raised from the ground and wrapping around his whole body stopping right around his neck. The vines had thorns and they easily pricked his body sending him to wither in pain.

"I warned you!" Ceres simply said while walking towards Sophia. She smirked while crouching down "Come with me or I'll kill Clair and Mackwell." she told her. Sophia looked at Clair who was now unconscious and Mackwell who was chained by thorned vines.

"Don't do it Sophia!" Mackwell yelled to her.

Sophia looked down at her pregnant belly and then to Ceres "I'll go. Please don't kill anymore people! Ceres I believe inside of you is still Leah and your not some created weapon!" she told her.

"Please spare me." Ceres said with a laugh while grabbing Sophia's arm pulling her up. She then smirked at Mackwell "Take care fool." she said while snapping her fingers a dark mist wrapped them both. When the mist disappeared there was no sign of Ceres or Sophia just the gruesome scene in the church.

Mackwell lowered his head "I failed. I failed to protect her. Not only her but.." he looked towards Clair's laying form "The one I love.".


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