Bleed Like Me

By: Thought

Disclaimer: I wish I had Tyr and Gabriel. Half the time, I wish I didn't have Carmin. Song title belongs to Garbage.

#1. Witchblade: Sarah/Gabriel

He only hurts himself when she's around to provide an unwilling and unresponsive audience. She tries not to notice when he steals her cigarettes. Tries not to notice when there are small burn marks on his skin. She tries to force him into the little brother/confidant mould she's created for him in her mind; not ready to accept anything other than what she wants to see. He understands this. He wants to change it, though. When she tells him to be careful with the pocket knife he's playing with or the broken glass he cleans up from the floor of his apartment, he smiles, because he knows that she's noticed him.

#2. Andromeda: Beka and Harper

She can hear the sound of Harper moving around in the next room, fiddling with something that will no doubt one day prevent them from being blown up. She can smell the sweet scent of Rommie's perfume, sitting open on the side of the sink. In the mirror, she can see her own reflection, the sunken eyes and pale skin and washed out red of her hair. She can taste the faint memory of the expensive alcohol that Tyr had served her the day before at his celebratory dinner. She had been the only member of the Andromeda' crew invited. He paraded her around like a trophy, took her to his private rooms, told her that he loved her and sent her home in the morning. She could feel the wet stickiness of the blood on her arm, and the cool blade of the raiser as her hand made the methodical cuts across her skin.

#3. Carmin: Carmin and Scarlet

She was a nice, sweet girl. Gentle and caring, kind of a twenty-first century flower child. Not the type of person you'd expect to find with their brains blown across the pillows of the bed with a suicide note in her hand. I hadn't exactly been her best friend, but I'd been the closest thing she had. The first time I met her, she was trying to code a program in Java; something which should have been easy for the course level she was in. I volunteered to help. The fact that she was hot and the prof kinda told me to help had nothing to do with it.

Things like suicide didn't happen in her world. She was supposed to be worrying about the politics of the Green Party and weather or not Gap was having a sale. But it was my fault. I inducted her into the darker world of cutting and depression and anger and tragedy; the one that people like me and Kira and Neil live in. And she came along willingly. I glared at the girl staring at me.

"You did this to her," I told the other girl. She didn't say anything.

Angrily my fist connected with her face, smashing it into a thousand glittering shards on the tiled floor. I could feel the sticky warmth on my cut hands. I stared down at the fragments of her face sparkling up at me. "You deserved to die," I told the other girl.

#4. Forever Knight: Tracy and Vachon

He never really noticed anything. Not at first. Not when she refused to see him for three weeks. Not when she wouldn't wear the new tanktop that he bought her. Not when she paused under a streetlight to write down the number of a suicide hotline from the flier on the lamppost. She knew that her partner was a vampire. Vachon did notice something when she through herself into the path of a bullet to protect her partner who she knew couldn't die. He noticed when he saw her on the hospital bed with the breathing mask over her face. No one noticed when detective Tracy Vetter mysteriously disappeared from her hospital room in the middle of the night. And no one noticed when a beautiful blonde woman appeared in a different country with a different name and refused to go out in the sunlight.