"It's a wonderful life."

Summary: Billy gets to know whats it's like if he was never even born. The results of this is not what you would expect.

Disclaimer;I do not own the show and never will! Happy now!

It was afternoon in a Endsville and Billy and Mandy were in Middle school. Just starting their teenage years they are just thirteen years old and puberty was hitting them.

The school bell rang

"Two more classes and school is over." Billy said happily.

"Then it's the weekend." Mandy said in a mono tone of voice.

"Yea I know."

"Well see you next class." Mandy said as she walked off.

Billy and Mandy pretty much had all their classes together except for two P.E of course and Math.

Ever since puberty Mandy has been noticing that Billy has been looking at her a lot lately but she ignored it instead of saying anything. Just like how he was looking at her right now.

"Get to class!" The blonde snapped at the redhead.

Billy was running to his next class as fast he can. He couldn't help but look at Mandy. Ever since Mandy hit puberty she was a very pretty girl all the boys notice her, but are to afraid to ask her out just because her looks had changed her personality hasn't not one little bit.

When Billy hit puberty his teenaged hormones kicked in and he has been looking at a lot of girls even Mandy. That is one thing most boys envied about Billy that he got to spend time with Mandy without getting beat up over it.

Some say they were even dating but that rumor got started by Mindy she was trying to get at back Mandy for something or the other. Billy forgets why Mindy was mad, then again Billy forgets a lot of details.

As Billy was getting to his next class he heard a voice flirty behind him.

"Why hello there."

"Oh, hi Mindy." Billy said nervously looking around him trying to find a way to get out of the situation he was in.

"My, my, aren't we little jumpy today; and where is your girlfriend?"

"Mandy is not my girlfriend." Billy said a little upset.

"Well she wouldn't mind if I did this then." She grabbed and pulled Billy into a kiss. Mandy walked back to give Billy back his book, but what she just saw put her in a rage.

To be continued..