"It's a wonderful Life."

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Author's note; This chapter was going to be Grim and how he is doing without Billy but instead it's Billy's parents, the next chapter you will see Grim without Billy. Poor Grim, uh...never mind

On with the story!

Both Billy and the angel are in a white room, Billy is waring nothing but white; the angel waring a black leather jacket with the words, "Death is Just the beginning," on the back.

Blue jeans and a comb in his back pocket.

"This is a pit stop before, I show what the world is like."


"Before our journey begins..." He trailed off trying to remember what Billy's name was.

"What's your name again?" The angel asked.

"Billy. What's yours?"

"My name is Fred."

"That's a weird name for angel." Billy replied.

Fred only glared at Billy for even saying that. The truth was Fred never liked his name.

"Anyways before our journey begins you should by the end of this you will have a choice of being non existent forever or going back into existence. You will also have looked into your future by the end of this."

Billy was confused.

"Why do I get a look into my future?"

"Well, you see I... have no idea either, but trust me you are going to love your future."

Billy gave him an odd look.

'After he finds out he marries a hot looking chick like that! He will want to go back right away...hey can't say that I blame him.'

Fred thought to himself while only giving Billy a smile.

He snapped his fingers and the room turned into a street. With cars going right threw Billy and Fred.

"So who do you want to see first?" Fred asked.

Billy was laughing at the cars going threw him. "This tickles...come and get me you dumb cars!"

The next thing he his out of the street. Fred slapped Billy on the top of his head.

"Oww." Billy whined.

"Quit being a baby."

"Your acting like Mandy." Billy said.

"Well, at least I don't look like her, or we would have people here mopping up your drool!" Fred snapped at him.

"Hey! I do not drool over Mandy!" Billy argued.

'The poor thing is in denial...wait until he sees Mandy. Boy is he going to be mad'
Fred thought while shaking his head.

"Okay, okay let's not talk about that!" He was trying his best to calm Billy down because he is shaking his fist at him.

He put down his fist and ask.

"So why are we here for?"

"You wanna see how your parents are doing?" The angel asked trying to stay on topic.

"Yea, sure. I bet they're doing great without me."

Fred gave him a look of concern.

'This is what he thinks? What did that girl do to him?'

"Who do you want to see first your mom or your dad."

"My mom."

A motorcycle appeared out of nowhere.

He put on his sunglasses.

"Let's ride."

They drove off to a big white house.

"This where my mom lives?" Billy asked in amazement.

"Where's dad?"

"Your parents are not married, nor have they ever met."

"I guess that makes sense."

They walked into the house and there was Billy's mom she was dressed like a secretary, filling out paper work.

She walked up to her bosses desk.

"Here you go sir." She said in a nervous voice, as she handed her boss the papers.

Her boss was looking threw the papers he got upset at what he saw.

"This was supposed to be in here five minutes ago! What's wrong with you!"

"But sir...it took me a while because the computer froze."

"I don't need your excuses!" He yelled at her.

"I am sorry." She told him in a low tone of voice.

"You better be!"

"Hey you can't treat my mom like that!" Billy yelled.

"It's no use they can't see or hear you. You don't exist remember"
He was really getting annoyed by Billy.

"How did this happen?"

"You see without you, your mom is just another over worked,
and under paid secretary, with an abusive boss."


"Because you were the only one that brought, your mom any happiness. Now because you were never born she just dose everything her family tells her."

Fred shook his head and said,

"It's a shame too think she had you at a young age, you would think that she would happier without you. The truth is when she found she was pregnant with you she stood up against her family, and had them stop running her life."

"Wow... no wonder my grandma calls me a mistake"
Billy said in realization."

'What kind of family dose this boy comes from?'

"Oh yea if you think this is something wait until you see your dad."

"I wonder how everyone is doing right now"
Billy pondered aloud.

Meanwhile back in the world we all know...

Mandy was in her room, just thinking or should we say fighting with herself.

'Maybe you should go apologize to Billy'
A voice in Mandy's head rang.

'No!' She yelled at the voice.


'I don't have to answer you or anybody else!'

'Are you mad at him because he, and Mindy kissed?' The voice asked calmly.

Mandy didn't respond.

'Your jealous are you?' The voice asked again.

'No, I was doing him a favor! Mindy isn't his type anyways.'

'Oh yea. Who is Billy's type?' The voice replied in a knowing voice.

'I don't know? And I don't care!'

'Then why do you care if Billy and Mindy, say I don't know dated.'

'He wouldn't besides, Billy needs someone that will keep him in line.'

Mandy continued and said, 'Someone more like-' She was cut off when the voice said.

'More like you?'

'I didn't say that!'

'You were going to.'

'Go away...now.'

Meanwhile back with Billy...

"My dad is a hobo."

"Without you, he has nobody to support, that's why he never got a job or took care himself." Fred explained.

Billy just looked down and asked,

"How is Grim doing without me?"

The next thing he knows...

Grim saw Fred.

"There's that little thief, who won't pay back my twenty bucks!"

To be continued...

Author's notes; Okay was everybody in character? Okay I know Billy was a little out of character but that's because he has a little more common sense in this story. As for Mandy I think I got her in character, but can you let me know if I didn't?

This chapter took awhile because I rewritten it! In the first draft of this Billy's mom and Grim were supposed to be married but I changed that thinking I would get flamed.

If you know who Billy marries...think again it could be anyone. Just so you know Billy knows he likes Mandy and won't admit to it. Mandy on the other hand doesn't know about her feelings for Billy yet, but she will.

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