True Power

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Darting through the trees, a figure seemed to be stalking someone or something, it seemed to meld into the shadows and flirt through them like nothing was amiss. The concentration the predator has is mind numbing, but to truly understand the situation one must understand the predator's intentions. What does the predator want? What will it be going after? Is there a way to stop it? All fine questions, but it is doubtful that the figure will give anyone the chance to ask them.

Looking at the full picture, the prey becomes obvious, a young man that seems to be out walking the forest in search of some kind of peace. Although the youngster seems to have no special attributes that surround him, it is for certain that someone wants the young man dead or for themselves. Hearing a muted shuffle, the predator turns around, what she finds is the exact person that she was hunting for.

"Now why would you be after me? Hmm… look familiar, did I ever beat you in a fight?"

Launching a series of kicks and jabs, the intruder tried to make her escape, "Hey! Where you going? I was just getting started." Capturing the former predator seemed simple to the young man. Quickly unfolding a mesh of steel and fiber, the young man propelled it against the would-be renegade and watched as both the net and stalker fell to the forest floor below.

Falling quickly, the intruder sliced away the net with a sharp, short knife. What the intruder did not count on was the amount of explosives that were embedded inside the net. After the series of explosions, it was clear that the intruder was at the mercy of the young man. 'How did he do that? I mean there is no way he did that by pure speed? Replacement?'

Landing softly next to the smoking perpetrator, the young man released her from the net, hoping to get a few answers the young man delivered two direct hits onto his prisoner. "I believe you know what I have done, now if you would be so kind as to tell me who you are?"

Feeling like a stone, the intruder knew what had transpired, 'He knows the exact points of power? Already?'

"I'm waiting."

Trying to muffle her voice, the intruder spoke back to the young man, "I was sent to track you and inform the council if you tried anything."

"Oh was that all? I thought it was something important, if you wanted to know if I was going to do anything you should have just asked me Anko-sensei."

Surprise littered her face, Anko knew she had contorted her voice fluently enough to avoid detection. "How did you know?"

"Well I am going to become the next Hokage, I can't be a total idiot."

"How did you immobilize me Naruto?"

"Oh I learned it from a book in the Hokage's library, it was a good read, though I don't understand how to actually unbind the person."


"I'm kidding Anko-sensei. Now where was it? Ahhh yes….I believe it is next to the lung but far enough away to avoid suffocation." Delivering a succession of blows, Naruto unbound Anko, "There we go, though I believe you are feeling a little bit woozy right about now."

True to his word, Anko stumbled a bit before Naruto caught her and balanced the woman until she could stand straight. 'What has this boy been doing? One minute he was having second thoughts about the Forest of Death, now he can immobilize a Jounin?'

"What did the Hokage want?"

"Huh? Oh, he worries you will unleash something terrible."

"Terrible? That old coot has been smoking his pipe for too long, maybe making Hokage will be easier than I first thought."

Watching the teen walk away, Anko felt no strange tremors of power, but when the boy had captured her, the immobilization technique was not the only thing that held her back. 'He showed a desire for blood that only 'he' could actually produce, what has happened to that boy?' Walking back to the council headquarters, Anko did not see the red eyes that followed her every movement.

"She will make a fine addition to my troops, though she must work on her tracking skills."

'What are you playing at fox? You know that without that little boost we would have been caught.'

'No, my idiotic friend, you would have been caught. Now that I hold this body, there is nothing in this world that can stop me.'

'And what do you plan to do? We have the second part of the Chuunin exam tomorrow, I don't want to fail.'

'And fail you will not my young friend, but I will make it a bit more interesting on all who disappoint me.'

Although Anko couldn't be sure, she believed she heard a laugh that would give the devil a run for his money, 'Naruto? Impossible….expelling that amount of energy to create such a miasma of dark power, he doesn't have it in him. Although he seemed to be a bit more demonic today, especially with the way he exuded the intent to kill when he caught me unawares.'

Looking back at the forest, Anko could not help the chill that ran down her spine at the power the laughter held, almost a promise to those who dared challenge it.

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