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Chapter One: An Unexpected Discovery

A young teenaged girl sighed as she put her arm in front of her face, blocking out the harsh ray of the sun beating down on her.

"What a great day for a nice hike in the woods!" She smiled, looking back over her shoulder at two of her friends that had decided to come along, mainly because they were ordered to by the head of the BBA.

"So...hot!" A navy haired boy panted, struggling under the weight of his small backpack.

"Oh come on Tyson...you know you need the exercise...where did Kenny get to?" The two looked for their friend, and after a short while, a young boy with brown hair came trotting up the trail.

"Where were you!" The girl demanded to know.

"Geez! Sorry Hilary! I didn't know that I had to ask permission to go to the bathroom!"

Everyone seemed surprise that Kenny had revealed something like that, but shrugged it off and continued their hike.

"You know...I'm kinda glad that Mr. Dickinson suggested this place. It's really peaceful up here." Tyson looked about the trees, now providing a cooling shade as they walked along.

"Yeah...too bad we're suppost to be training for the next beyblade competition." Kenny added.

"Wow! Hey guys! Look at this!" Hilary rushed ahead of the group into the center of five extremely large trees.

Each tree was placed equal distance from the other, and in the very center, a large fire pit had been dug, and set up with old logs and blackened from previous use.

The girl placed her hand on one of the trucks of the tree, letting her fingers trail over different carved illustrations.

"It's some kind of ruin I bet!" Kenny exclaimed, somewhat excited by this find.

Tyson looked over Hilary's shoulder and together they studied the carvings.

"Yeah! These are cool!"

"I wonder who left these? They don't seem to be too old..." Hilary pondered.

"Someone could have gotten lost, and used these so he could tell if he'd been here before..." Kenny concluded to himself.

"Or someone got really bored..." Tyson said, noticing that the other four trees had cryptic symbols as well. "How 'bout we set up camp here!"

"Yeah! That's a great idea! I'll start the fire!" Hilary dropped her backpack and rushed over to the fire pit someone had left.

Retrieving a match from her pocket, she struck in against a rock and held the flame to the wood. It immediately burst into flames, surprising Hilary slightly.

The fire cracked for a few seconds, then suddenly, the earth trembled beneath the teens.

"What's going on!" Kenny screamed.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Hilary opened up, and she fell into a black abyss.

"Hilary!" Tyson ran over to the hole, reaching down as his friend fell through the air.

The brunette tried to reach him, but her hand missed by only inches.

She heard herself scream, and then all she knew was darkness.


She moaned as she heard a faint voice call her.

"Hilary! Can you hear me!" It was Tyson.

The teen moaned again and sat up slowly, bringing her hand to her head. "What happened?"

Aside from a massive headache, she was perfectly fine.

"Tyson?" She called up into a pillar of light flooding down from the hole she fell through.

"Thank God you're still alive!" The navy haired boy sighed with relief. "Is anything broken?"

"No...I'm alright. Throw down my bag will you?"

There was a rustling sound, and soon her pink backpack fell into her arms.

Setting it on the ground, she found her flashlight and turned it on to look around.

She gasped at what she saw.

"What is it Hilary!" Kenny asked, his head appearing over the hole.

"Guys! You should see it down here!"

She was in an ancient room, the sides of the walls intrically carved with symbols of an ancient language and scenes of events painted in once vibrant colors.

Proceeding closer, she noticed a large box in the center of the room. It was almost like a casket, but painted with the same symbols on the sides, and on the stone slab that lay on top, a picture of a beautiful crimson bird with its wings spread protectively across it.

She suddenly heard something hit the ground behind her, and whirled around.

Tyson had fallen, of course. Kenny was struggling repelling down from the surface.

"I told you to go slow!" He reprimanded his friend.

"Yeah yeah...hey!" Tyson caught sight of the room.

"It looks like...like and tomb!" Kenny's teeth chattered. He had heard too much of the ancient Egyptian curses placed in tombs when Pharaohs passed from the earth.

"Are we the first to ever set foot in here?" Hilary wondered out loud, stepping closer to the sarcophagus.

Her foot landed on a plate that sunk into the earth from the pressure.

Suddenly, the angry squeak of rusted metal being forced to move echoed through the tomb, and the lid of the coffin lifted up slowly.

Kenny let out a shriek as steam poured out from under the lid.

The stone slab suddenly fell off and shattered on the ground next to it.

Hilary jumped backward with a gasp, dropping her flashlight.

Crimson eyes pierced the darkness as a shadow rose from within the coffin. They narrowed slightly at Hilary, then surveyed the room.

The three teens backed up against the far wall, now scared of the creature they had just released.

They watched with wide eyes as they saw the silhouette emerge from the coffin and stand on two feet.

"Tyson! Shine your light at it!" Hilary shook his arms frantically.

The navy haired teen obeyed, and aimed his flashlight at the creature.

The light revealed a boy, around their same age, dressed in baggy leather pants and makeshift leather shoes. As the light traveled upward, the three teens saw his bare chest, well toned and covered slightly by a long sleeveless shirt, and two huge crimson feathered wings, trailing down past his ankles.

His left wing, however, appeared to be injured, for it hung limp behind him.

The creature had slate colored hair with a darker highlight in the back, and four cobalt blue triangles on his cheeks.

His glassy crimson eyes glared at the three intruders.

"He looks hungry guys..." Tyson swallowed hard.

"Shut up Tyson!" Hilary snapped, panic running through her veins.

"You who intrude on the tomb of the Phoenix!"

The sudden deep voice startled the teens even more.

The creature took a few steps closer to the group, the sound of a thick chain rattling as it trailed across the ground.

He growled ominously, baring pearly white fangs in Hilary's direction.

Tyson stepped in front of Hilary, glaring back at the creature as best he could.

He came within a few steps of the huddled group and stopped, staring down at them with his glowing eyes.

"Move away human!" He snarled.

"I don't think so! You'll have to get by me if you want Hilary!"

"So be it..."

The figure stretched his right wind, and suddenly flexed it forward, knocking Tyson a few feet to the left.

"Tyson!" Hilary and Kenny exclaimed.

The brunette girl tried to run over to her friend, but was suddenly grabbed by her throat and held at least a foot off the ground.

She choked back a fearful sob as the phoenix hybrid stared at her with shiny crimson orbs.

Was she really going to die here?


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