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Chapter 9 – The Contents of the Book

Immediately after walking through the door of her house, Hilary led Kai straight over to the kitchen table and pushed the book under his nose.

"Eagar, yes?"

The brunette laughed softly. "You bet!"

"Where shall we start then?" The phoenix opened the cover of the ancient book and began scanning the magical language with his finger tips.

"Let's just start with the beginning for now…"

Kai nodded, and began to read the text out loud, closing his eyes in concentration.

"In the mystic realm of the phoenixes, one remains the sole guardian of them all. His name was Dranzer, and he protected the earth with three other sacred creatures and combined, they ruled the four corners of the world. When war broke out, these beasts were sealed away, their location unknown. Dranzer, however, managed to preserve his soul right before he disappeared."

"The magical powers of Dranzer have been sealed away inside the body of a single child every thousand years. This child is to be guarded from any outsiders until he grows old enough to wield it. The secret of this power is unknown, for it will awaken when the time is right. May this book guide this child as he matures into our lord and guardian!"

"So this book was made for you…right?" Hilary's voice interrupted.

Kai nodded solemnly, knowing that this book was to be given to him by his mother only a few days after he was unjustly taken from his home. "I only wish I knew of this before I had met you…maybe then you wouldn't be in so much danger…"

"I chose this on my own free will Kai…and I will help you!"

The phoenix didn't reply, and busied himself into the book.

After reading a few pages in silence, he turned slightly toward Hilary. "This is basically a guide book for my existence…these pages contain many spells…"

"We can skip all the spells for now…" Hilary started. "Let's look for something that has to deal with the bond."

Kai stared at her, somewhat puzzled.

"I told you I would set you free…maybe this tells us how to do it!"

Remaining silent, Kai continued to trail over the magical letters.

"A phoenix may form a pact with anyone they wish…but the phoenix is then required to serve the holder of the pact until death, or until it is broken. The pact may be transferred to another, but one has yet to be broken without death…"

Kai paused for a moment, continuing to read in silence. "It seems there is a way to break the bond…but you alone will have to figure out how…"

The brunette let out an exhausted sigh. "Things can never be easy, can they?"

The phoenix didn't reply, and continued to flip through the book with fascination. "Maybe this can help us defeat Boris!"

"Wait a minute…will Boris come back to life when you beat him!" Hilary's ruby eyes went wide at that idea, knowing that he was someone that should only be dealt with once.

"A phoenix's regenerative powers are centered in the wings. As long as the phoenix has them, he will be able to live on for centuries. Once the feathers begin to fall, his body will turn to ash, and he will then be born anew, with a fresh body and mind."

"Boris is…artificial. He won't follow the same rules. According to this…he should already be dead." Kai's crimson eyes narrowed dangerously. "As time goes on, we will know more, and hopefully then we can find his weakness…"

He closed the book, trailing his fingers over the cover. Hilary could tell he already treasured that book…but she had to wonder how it got in such an easy location…

"There is no doubt…if Boris got his hands on this…"

Hilary smiled brightly at the phoenix. "We'll just have to keep it hidden then."


Kai had kept himself occupied in the guest room of Hilary's home for hours at a time, reading the book in complete silence. It was as if had become obsessed with the ancient texts, and though Hilary couldn't really blame him, she was beginning to worry about her friend.

She managed to drag him out of the house and over to Tyson's, where he was supposed to be training with Kenny. Stuffing the book into her bag, she led Kai across the street and over to the dojo, where they were immediately greeted by the abnormally small teen.

"Long time, no see Kai!" He smiled up at the phoenix in a friendly greeting.

He smirked slightly and nodded.

The three continued into the house and to the backyard where Tyson was busy launching and re-launching his beyblade.

"You know…it would really help if Rei or Max were here…it's boring to practice by myself!" The navy haired blader complained.

"I know…just hurry up and finish this drill already!" Kenny wailed.

With a sigh, Tyson focused his power into his blade. "Dragoon!" He called, summoning his bitbeast from deep inside the stormy blade.

The blue dragon emerged quickly with a loud roar.

"Let's go Dragoon!" His master aimed the blade for an unfortunate rock at the edge of the yard. "Phantom Hurricane!"

A fierce wind picked up around the dragon as it sped for the rock, and within seconds, it collided with it and shattered it to pieces.

"Good job, Dragoon!" Tyson smiled down at his blade, retrieving it and carrying it over to Kenny for analysis.

Kai's eyes had gone wide at the training battle. "So you…you are the guardian of Dragoon!" He stared in Tyson's direction, almost unbelievingly. "The blue dragon of the East!"

"You know about Dragoon!" The three teens exclaimed at once.

"I know of all the sacred beasts…so then it is true." He bowed his head slightly, whether in respect or thought, no one was sure. "Dragoon is now in safe hands. Do you know what have become of the others?"

Tyson and Hilary could only stand there in shock.

"You mean Draciel and Drigger?" Kenny asked, seeing that the other two weren't going to say anything.

The phoenix nodded in reply.

"They are in the bitchips of our friends Max and Rei. They live over seas though…"

"So all the sacred beasts have awakened and found guardians…" A slight smirk crawled onto Kai's face. "The book speaks the truth!"

"Hey! Maybe Kai could battle with me!" Tyson finally exclaimed, once his stupor wore off.

The phoenix blinked at the navy haired blader. "Battle?"

"He doesn't have a beyblade, Tyson!" Hilary snapped.

"But the Chief can build him one!"

Kai exchanged quick looks at all of the teens, not really sure if he understood, or if he really cared.

"That's a great idea! I've never studied a beyblade between a human and a phoenix before!" The puny teen typed frantically away on his laptop. "Yes!" He finally exclaimed, and ran out of the dojo. "I'll be back in a few minutes!"

"This is gonna be great!" Tyson exclaimed, patting the phoenix on his shoulder. "But you won't beat me, of course!"

Hilary growled in rage, glaring daggers at her navy haired friend.

"Let's take a break!" Tyson rushed inside the dojo, heading straight for the kitchen.

Hilary followed with a slight moan, leaving Kai outside by himself.

The young phoenix was still standing there, blinking in confusion. "What the heck just happened?"


Kenny was back as quickly as he said. He came bursting through the doors, panting heavily for breath. "I'm…back!" The brunette wheezed, stumbling into the kitchen to find Hilary making a small lunch for Kai and Tyson.

"Welcome back Chief! What did you rush off for?"

"This!" He opened his hand to show Hilary what he had retrieved.

She gasped softly. "That's awesome…but do you think…"

"He'll have fun with it, I'm sure!" The small teen smiled.

Meanwhile, Tyson was trying to explain to the blue haired phoenix how a TV worked, with little success. He finally gave up just as Kenny and Hilary walked in and took their seats in the living room.

"Yes! Food!" Tyson immediately dove for the food and began to devour everything.

"Here Kai…" Hilary walked over to where Kai was standing and gentle opened his hand, placing the object Kenny had retrieved from his house.

"What is this?" He felt the circular object, his brows furrowing in concentration.

"It's a beyblade! After lunch, you can try to battle Tyson…only if you want to, that is."

"Hn…I suppose there is nothing wrong with that…."

Suddenly, the show that was blaring away was cut off by an urgent voice.

"AURGH!" Tyson exclaimed in rage, grabbing the remote and flipping through the channels.

"Hold on Tyson!" Kenny jumped for the remote.

"It was just the stupid news!"

With a sigh, Hilary trotted over to the couch and snatched the remote out of the teen's hand. "I want to see what's going on too!" She flipped back to the news, and everyone gasped at what they heard.

A reporter was standing out in the street downtown, trying to explain what was happening as masses of people ran about in a complete panic. The reporter himself seemed shaken up, but was trying to regain his nerves as he spoke to the camera.

"We're here live downtown where a series of strange events have taken place all this week. I'm not sure what's going on just yet, but we'll try to find someone to tell us...excuse me sir!" The reporter grabbed a man who was running by at full speed. "What's going on down there?"

"It's...it's horrible!"
The man wailed. "Run away! Get away before he comes this way!" With that, the man ran off again.

"Ma'am!" The reporter called out to another person that ran by. She was carrying her daughter who was about three years old.

"An angel! He's like an angel!" The young girl exclaimed.

"He's attacking everything in sight!"

The woman ran off, and seconds later, screams erupted from down the street.

The camera moved its focus in the direction of the screams. The road was littered with rubble from damaged buildings and craters. Police cars had been destroyed, and some of them were still in flames, their operations lying motionless across the sidewalk.

A gasp sounded from the living room as all the teens watched as the camera zoomed in on a dark figure, hovering in the sky. The commotion coming from the small box at the other end of the room caught Kai's attention, and he shuffled over to stand behind the couch.

The figure was laughing at the destruction and mayhem below, firing dark purple fire balls in random directions.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are!" He chided, destroying a magazine stand on the corner of the street.

Kai growled loudly at the sound of the voice, startling everyone in the room. "Boris…"

"He appears to be looking for something!" The reporter's voice came from behind the camera. "What the hell is he!"

Boris' attention was drawn at the news crew. The camera man stumbled backward and someone screamed as the black phoenix dropped down in the blink of an eye and appeared right in front of them.

He chuckled loudly at their terror, causing the hair on the back of Kai's neck to rise uncomfortably.

"I know you are watching this Kai! If you value the rest of this city's population, come and stop me!"

Suddenly, the camera went black, and a sickening screen came through the speakers, only to be cut short as the station cut the connection.

Kai snarled as he nearly ripped a large chunk out of the back of the couch and stormed out toward the front door.

"Kai! Wait!" Hilary called.

"No! He's going to kill everyone! I must stop him!" He felt around for the door knob, and threw it open. "Don't follow me either!"

Tyson, Kenny and Hilary remained silent as they heard him extend his wings and fly away.

Suddenly, Hilary's voice broke the silence. "Quick! Turn to another station!"


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