One shot, flames accepted if they are all you can say…
Dedication- To those who hated how Boromir died and feel that he had so much more to contribute if he had only lived. A tribute to you, Boromir. Hopefully I made your death less painful.
Disclaimer-I own nothing Lord of the Rings...

Told from Pippin's Point of View

It actually was a very nice day, to begin with. The river had never been calmer and Gimli and Legolas were actually getting along. Surprising, huh? When we stopped for camp, Aragorn wanted to go across the way to continue out quest. Gimli didn't agree, of course. Finally, they both wanted Frodo to decide. Don't know why. He's still the same idiot, even if he does have to carry a really evil ring around. He went off to think.

A half-hour passed and Boromir went out to get firewood. Merry and I argued over the last of the sugar apples. Another half-hour passed and Boromir still wasn't back. You could tell that Aragorn was starting to get worried. I mean, it's no big secret that Boromir wants the Ring, to save Minas Tirth. Honestly, he needs to get it through his brain that it is evil. It will not save his city but we men folk are stubborn! Ha!

Another half hour passed and even I was getting worried. Suddenly, Boromir burst into camp saying that Frodo had vanished! Merry and I took off, yelling Frodos name. We ignored the yells from Legolas and Aragorn to stay. We ran on and on, and suddenly, we ran into a large group of Orcs!

"Whoops!" Merry exclaimed and he and I dashed away. Without warning, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a bunch of bushes. We remained perfectly quiet until we saw a very familiar figure hiding against a tree trunk not far from our hideout. "Frodo!" hissed Merry. He stood up and caught Frodos eye. He made motions that Frodo should join us. To our astonishment, Frodo shook his head.

"What?" I whispered.

"He's leavin'" Merry said, amazed.

"What!" I hissed. Merry grabbed my hand again and leaped out into the path. I caught sight of Orcs on top of the hill, looking for us. I tried to duck down but then Merry yelled, "Oy! You!" In desperation, he yelled,"Pig-breath!" I stared at him. He grabbed my arm and hissed, "Run!"

We began to run. Little by little, we lead the Orcs away from our cousin and just when we realized that we were almost surrounded, I said, "It's workin'!"

"I know it's working, run!" shouted Merry, hurrying across a loam encrusted slope. I followed, a little less gracefully.

We dashed to a bridge that spanned a creek, and realized that we were surrounded. Cold fear gripped my heart, but I pulled my sword from its scabbard. If I was to go, I was gonna take a few with me. I saw Merry do the same out of the corner of my eye.

Merry and I stood back to back, blades raised. Just when they were about to attack, Boromir came dashing out of the trees, hewing down the enemy as if they were straw. None of them stood a chance. We cheered him on, yelling louder with each Orc that fell. Just then, movement behind the action caught my eye. "No..." I whispered. An Orc held a giant bowstring and in it was the biggest DURN arrow that I had ever seen.


I swear, I could have killed him.


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