me no own nothing.

Just a look on how monique feels about Shego. Yes, I do know it's short.

"My face needs space!" I said to the raven haired girl.A flicker of amused interest showed in her eyes before Kim pulled me away. "umm monique, I'll handle Shego" I let my eyes follow Kim and Shego's movements untill some fat old guy swung a golf ball at me. I laughed.

"ha! golf balls? that's your supervillan shtick? my dad does that!" Kim, once again being herself kicked the ball away. 'Now, why'd she do-holy shit!' "Exploding golf balls?"I said in a meek tone.
I started running and... everyone knows what happened then.

I'll skip the whole humiliation thing.

So now I'm sitting at home, under my covers, absolutely hating KP. just wishing she would dissapear. remembering the split second whereI almost reached out to grab her, kiss her, and feeling utterly embarrassed because I know she knew I wanted to. Envying Kim for being able to fight-to wrestle with her and feel that long body against her. Crime fighting may not be my thing, but Iwould gladly work for either side just to be able to touch her like Kim does.

Unless I have to wear that outfit... then I'll just stick with the good guys.

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