Title: Images From The Mind

Title: Images From The Mind

Author: Lucy Mars

Rating: Bleh…I don't know. PG-13? Yeah, that's good.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dark Angel. The big boys at FOX do. I wish that I owned Michael Weatherly though…ahhhh…that would be nice.

Author Note: This is a Max and Logan fic. So you Max/Zach people may not enjoy this. Logan can walk, he and Max are in a relationship and both Bling and Original Cindy know about Max and her secrets.

*AND this is dedicated to Kate and Joy, who suggested that I do a fan fic. Thanks guys! Enjoy.

Chapter #1

"HOT RUN!" Normal hollered shoving a package at the unfortunate soul who stood the closest him.

"Awww man!" Sketchy moaned eyeing the package, "Normal come on! Work ends in like 5 minutes!"

Walking back to Sketchy, Normal looked at the package and the clock on the wall. "5 minutes huh? 5 minutes left? Than you might as well deliver this TOO!" he yelled shoving another package into Sketchy's unsuspecting arms, "Bip, bip, bip!"

Groaning, Sketchy hung his greasy head and walked out to door. Herbal, Original Cindy and the rest of the Jam Pony gang laughed at their friends poor fortune. Turning and expecting to see Max, Original Cindy spun around 360 degrees and still didn't see her boo anywhere. Pushing through, she spotted her in a far, deserted corner.

"Are you okay girl?" Original Cindy asked approaching Max, who was sitting alone by the lockers.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Max flashed her best friend a reassuring smile, "Yeah."

Narrowing her eyes, Original Cindy noticed the slight tremor in her hands. Sighing, she sat down beside Max, "No your not boo."

"I'm fine," Max said not looking Original Cindy in the eye and shoving her stuff into her bag, "really."

"Really?" Original Cindy asked capturing Max's hand in her own and feeling the slight tremor and the warmth. Pulling her other hand up, Cindy put it against Max's forehead. She was burning up, "No, not really."

"It's just warm in here," Max sighed pulling away from Original Cindy and standing up. Finding herself unsteady on her own to feet, she stumbled.

Steadying Max, Original Cindy sat her back down, "Yeah…warm. That's why you're wearing a sweater and a coat? Please, Original Cindy can tell when someone is sick, and you are beyond sick. Stay here."

Pouting, Max attempted to stand up again, but the floor move beneath her. Catching Original Cindy's glare she sat back down, "Aiight, aiight."

Eyeing Max as she dialed a well known number, Original Cindy pushed Herbal towards their ill friend to keep watch.


"Hey Logan, Original Cindy here."

"Oh hi," he said obviously expecting Max, "What's up?"

Turning her back to Max, Original Cindy held back her sigh, "Actually it's what's down. It's Max."

"Max?" Logan asked anxiously.

"Yeah, she's really sick. Come and get her, 'cause even Original Cindy can see that she ain't steady on her own two feet."

"Max's sick?" Logan asked not believing his ears, "I don't think that I've ever used those two words in one sentence before."

"Would Original Cindy joke about this?"

"No, no. I'll be right there." Logan said already out the door.


"I've gotta get going Herbal," Max said attempting to stand up.

"No…ja' not goin' anywhere in tis condition." Herbal said sitting her back down.

"He's right boo," Original Cindy said sitting down beside her and handing her some tea.

Shaking her head, Max pushed the tea away, "I've gotta get home. Logan worries you know." she said, attempting to lighten the mood.

"Sit tight boo, cause he's on his way. I just called him."

Groaning, Max shook her head in disbelief, "No…you didn't. There was no need to worry him."

"Honey, just look at yourself. A blind man would have known that you were sick." Original Cindy said handing her the tea again, "Just let him take care of you. That's what boyfriends are for."

Realizing that her friends weren't going to give in, Max claimed defeat and took the tea. The warm liquid slid down her dry scratchy throat like honey. Closing her tired eyes, Max felt like her entire body was on fire. She ached everywhere, and she felt like someone was pounding on her head. Groaning, she sat against the wall and tired to drown out the noise.

Shocked to feel ice on her forehead, Max jumped a little. Her eyes fluttering open, she saw Original Cindy holding a bag full of ice against her burning face,

"Thanks," she said sheepishly. Embarrassed that her friends were taking care of her. It warmed her heart though. That she had friends who cared about her.

"Rest, he'll be here soon." Original Cindy soothed. Looking up at Herbal who was fanning her, they both knew that something was wrong. Really wrong.


Running into Jam Pony, Logan spotted them immediately. Pushing his way through the crowds of people, he made it to them in record time. Before he could say anything, Original Cindy looked up at him and he could see the worry in her eyes.

"Logan?" Max asked suddenly, feeling his presence.

"I'm right here," he said taking the spot that Original Cindy had occupied. He could immediately see how flushed she was and it scared him. "Lets go home, okay?"

Nodding, Max looked up at him. She could see the worry in his beautiful blue eyes. Leaning against him, Max took a shaky breath, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Logan asked rubbing her back.

Feeling herself calm in his embrace, Max burrowed deeper, "For being sick. For making you worry."

Pulling her away so that he could look at her, Logan kissed her hot forehead, "It's not your fault Max. Don't worry about me."

"Lets go home Logan," Max sighed leaning her weight against him, "I wanna go home."

"Your wish it my command." Logan whispered picking her limp body into his strong arms. He and Original Cindy exchanged worried looks, as they walked to his car.

Closing her tired eyes, Max held onto Logan. She was scared. Though she would never admit it, she was. The fear and the confusion was eating away at her. For days now she had been feeling ill, and now…it was beyond ill. Licking her dry lips, Max forced the cool afternoon air into her hot lungs. A soft moan escaped her lips, as the pain intensified. Max didn't want to worry Logan, but she was failing miserably. His steps were brisk and smooth. His hold gentle, but strong. His embrace soothing her raging emotions.

He had heard her moan. Logan was sure that Original Cindy hears too, but he didn't slow down. They needed to get her home, and fast. Her soft hands were clutching his arm. In a weak hold he noted. Her skin was hot and clammy on his. The walk to the car was a silent one. Neither he nor Original Cindy said a word. She led the way, and the Jam Pony crew parted silently. Letting the three pass quickly. Even Normal shut up, and moved aside.

As they came to the Aztec, Logan tossed Original Cindy his keys.

"Don't worry, Original Cindy knows how to drive," she said opening the back door for him.

Placing Max down, and scooting in next to her Logan had to admit that the thought had never crossed his mind. He was to worried about Max to think about all anything else.

Original Cindy drove, as Logan sat in the back with Max. Her eyes going from the mirror to the road, Original Cindy couldn't remember a time when she had been so scared. Gripping the wheel tighter, she tired to calm herself. If not for Max, than for Logan. The poor man was trying to keep a calm exterior, but anyone who looked in his eyes would see the worry. The fear. "She's gonna be okay," Original Cindy said, feeling the need to reassure him…and herself.

Meeting her eyes in the mirror, Logan merely nodded. He turned all his attention back to Max, who was laying in his arms. Without warning, Max began shivering. "Max!" Logan gasped holding onto her tighter, "What's wrong?!"

"So…so cold Logan," Max groaned shivering from the inside, "So…cold."

"It's okay," he said, frantically rubbing her arms. Her body was shaking with a seizure.

"What's going on? Original Cindy needs to know what…"

"Drive Cindy!" Logan said cutting her off, "and drive fast."

"Shit," Original Cindy said catching a glimpse of Max in the mirror. Speeding up and focusing on the road, Original Cindy drove like she had never driven before.

Gathering Max up in his own shaky arms, Logan held onto her for dear life, "We're almost home Max. You're going to be all better…I promise." he added hastily.

Opening her heavy eyes lids and looking into his soul, Max reached out and placed an unsteady hand on his face whispering "I love you."

Blinking back the sudden tears, Logan kissed her forehead and held her, "I love you too Max. With all my heart."

A soft smile graced her features, just before the darkness claimed her.


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