Chapter #6

Title: Images From The Mind

Author: Lucy Mars

Rating: Bleh…I don't know. PG-13? Yeah, that's good.

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Chapter #6

Max sat snug in Logan's warm embrace. Both sitting in a comfortable silence. Each reeling the past moment over and over in their minds. Glowing with the love that they felt for one another. Max wasn't sure how much time had actually passed, before she realized where they were. Neither had thought to move off, or even out of Logan's closet. They entire situation was so silly…and so romantic.

Snapped of his daze by the sound of Max laughing, Logan kissed her cheek, "What's so funny?"

"Maybe it's the fact that you proposed twice. Once in bed and than in your closet. Or maybe it was the ring in the sock drawer," Max added putting her hands on either side of his face, "OR, and I think that this is the winner…We're sitting in your closet, surrounded by socks."

Taking in the state of disaster his closet was in, Logan pulled Max up with him, "Well, you'll never forget this. It's gonna make a great story to tell al your friends, and our kids…and one day our grandchildren."

"Thinking ahead, huh?"

"Always." Logan said kissing her with the gentlest of kisses.

"What else have you got in your sock drawer?" Max asked innocently.

Leading her out of the closet and into the shower, Logan smiled mischievously, "Socks."


The morning flew by quickly, as the four friends sat together in the living room talking about the wedding. How would they do it? Where would they do it? Who would they invite?

Groaning dramatically, Max fell back against the sofa, "To many decisions…I'm starting to fall off of cloud nine."

Kissing her pouty lips Logan rubbed her temples, "Relax, we have lots of time."

Closing her eyes, Max let Logan work his magic. He didn't need to rub her temples for her headache to diminish. Just his touch sent Max spiraling into a serene place. "I'm gonna need a dress," Max murmured. The full impact of her own words, sent Max crashing back into reality. "I need a dress!" she echoed sitting up.

"Duh," Original Cindy said rolling her eyes playfully, "don't worry boo. You've got me and Kendra to help you with that."

"But…let me help you two get started without Kendra." Logan said.

Max, Original Cindy and Bling looked at him inquisitively. The day had just been one surprise after another. "How?" they asked watching him.

Gesturing for them to wait, Logan ran back into the bedroom and into his closet. He came back out carrying a stack of magazines, with one sock wedged in between them. Setting them down on the table, they realized that Logan had wedding magazines.

Laughing, Max threw her arms around him. "What else have you got in your sock drawer?!"

"That's it. My sock drawer is now officially empty." Logan declared holding Max close, "I'm thinking that I need a new hiding place from now on."


As Max and Original Cindy flipped through the wedding magazines, Logan and Bling sat in the kitchen. They had been banned by the girls. Logan wasn't allowed to see a possible, perfect wedding dress.

"Congratulations man," Bling said handing him a beer, "you're a lucky man.

Zealous, Logan happily accepted the beer, "Don't I know it. I have something to ask you Bling."

"You've been doing that a lot today," he teased sitting down beside his best friend, "What?"

"I'd be honored if you'd be my best man."

Surprise was evident of Bling's face. He looked at Logan, like he wasn't sure if this was happening. "Are you serious!?"

"I would never joke about this." Logan said seriously.

"Of course!" he laughed grabbing Logan and hugging him, "I'd be honored."


"Ohhh, Original Cindy likes this one."

Looking at the picture that she was talking about, Max wrinkled her nose, "You actually like that dress?"

"No!" she said appalled, "it's hideous. Original Cindy is talking about the model."

"Whew…I thought that you were gonna suggest that dress. You had me worried for nothing Cindy."

Taking the magazine from Max, Original Cindy took her hand, "Tell me boo…how you feeling about all this?"

Max understood what Cindy meant. Sure the fear was there…but the love that she and Logan shared was so strong, that it flooded out everything else. "I'm the happiest and luckiest woman Cindy. I'm not going anywhere. He's stuck me for life."

"Good, because Original Cindy thinks that you've hit gold! Just look at your engagement ring!"

Peering down at the sparkling diamond, Max felt her smile grow…if that was possible. "Life's good."

"It sure is. Just look at you, you're glowing."

Cocking her head to one side, Max placed a hand against her own face, "I am?"

Nodding seriously, Cindy studied Max carefully, "From the inside out."

Before Max could think about what Cindy said, Logan appeared at the doorway with one hand over his eyes and the other attempting to balance a tray, "I come bearing gifts…are you two decent?"

"One second," Max laughed closing all the magazines and putting them on the coffee table, "Aiight, you may enter."

"I feel so honored," Logan said sarcastically.

"Hmm…does Original Cindy see cookies?"

"Chocolate chip," he said handing her the plate. Picking up a bowl of steaming soup Logan turned to Max, "I though you might be hungry now."

Touched by his thoughtfulness, Max kissed him over the bowl of soup, "Thanks. Logan, you spoil me."

"If you'll thank me like that every time, I'll be doing it more often." he chuckled feeding her some soup and than taking a sip himself.

Taking the bowl from his surprised hands, Max fed him slowly, "A win/win situation."


"Original Cindy has noticed that you are always in the kitchen."

"Hey, shouldn't you be helping Max with a wedding dress?" Bling asked handing her a bottle of beer.

Talking nice long drink, she jumped up onto the counter, "Nah, they doin' their lovey dovy thing. They are madly in love."

Nodding in agreement Bling stretched his sore back, "Yeah…it's been one hell of a morning huh?"

"The day ain't over yet. The good doctor is coming today."

"Oh," Bling sighed playing with his bottle, "I totally forgot. I hope that it's good news."

Putting down her beer, Original Cindy sudden didn't want it anymore. With everything that's happened today, she didn't want to think about the doctor and possible bad news. She was sure that in the back of everyone's mind it was there…but they just got caught up in the moment, "Yeah, I hope so to. If not for Max, than for Logan."

Seeing their conversation dip downwards, Bling got up from his seat and jumped up onto the counter beside Original Cindy. Handing her back her beer, he nudged her playfully, "What do you think is gonna happen when the doc gets a load of the ring?"

"She's gonna be surprised, that's for sure."

"I think surprised would be putting it lightly." Bling laughed glad to she her smiling again, "I think she'll be re-thinking her whole oath to help and heal."

Raising her bottle, Original Cindy grinned, "To the good doctor…who's in for quite a surprise."

"To the doctor!" Bling cheered clinking his bottle with Original Cindy's, just before they heard the doorbell ring.

The two looked at each other, and when they heard the doorbell ring a second time it hit them. They weren't dreaming. Jumping off of the counter, Original Cindy looked at Bling, "That's just eerie."


Max felt herself freeze when the doorbell rang. 'There it was,' she thought looking at Logan, 'the bad news.'

Seeing her expression, Logan gently took the bowl from her hands and set it down. Giving her a quick kiss he smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry."

Mustering up a small smile, Max clutched Logan's hand for dear life as they waited for the doctor to come in. Though it wasn't more than 2 seconds before Dr. Kauffman came into view, it felt like an eternity.

"Hello," Max managed to croak out.

"Good afternoon." Zoë said politely, "I take it there were no repeat incidents today?"

Intertwining her fingers with his, Logan answered hastily, "No. Max is actually been feeling better today."

"Good," Zoë said softly. Placing her bag down, she pulled out a manila folder, "I have the results of your…" trailing off, she noticed the wedding magazines on the coffee table.

Looking at Logan shocked, it hit her. Her gaze falling to the Max's left hand, Zoë finally noticed the ring sitting so perfectly on her finger. It all fell into place. The ring and the test results. Realizing that she was standing in the middle of the room with her mouth gaping open, Zoë pulled herself together, "I suppose congratulations are in order…on two accounts."

"What?" Logan asked not realizing what she was talking about. As she pointed to the magazines, Logan understood, "Yes, Max and I are engaged."

"The results," Max said suddenly, "are they that bad?"

Confused, Zoë sat down. "Why would you…"

"Please," Max said cutting her off, "just tell me. Don't stall."

Opening the folder, Zoë didn't try to hide her confusion with the way Max was acting, "Well I'll get right to it. According to the tests, you are 2 months pregnant. Congratulations."

The room become deafeningly quiet. You would have been able to hear a pin drop in another room. Max was frozen in her seat, not moving…it seemed like she wasn't breathing either. Logan was just looking at Zoë and the folder she was holding as if she was a figment of his imagination. Both Bling and Original Cindy stood looking at each other and back at Logan. This was all so surreal. A hallucination.

Snapping out of her own trance, Max reached out and seized Zoë's arm, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Zoë breathed out. There were all acting so bizarre. This was suppose to be a moment of happiness.

Without warning, Max started to laugh. Really laugh. Turning to Logan, she bit her lower lip, "Logan?"

"Pinch me," Logan ordered, "I need to know that I'm not dreaming." The moment Logan felt the sting of realization, he jumped up and laughed. Pulling Max up with him, he enveloped her in his arms.

That got the ball rolling. Original Cindy and Bling hugged each other, hugged Logan and practically attacked Max. The room was in total chaos…in other words, it was perfect. Zoë was quickly forgotten as the four laughed, cheered and cried.

"Oh!" Max said pulling away from Original Cindy, tears brimming and blurring her vision, "I'm so happy!!!" she laughed throwing her arms around Logan.

Original Cindy stood crying happy tears, as Bling hugged her, "I'll get the champagne!"

"Wait Bling," Logan called out. Patting Max's still flat stomach he smiled, "How about some sparkling cider instead?"

"Anything!" Max grinned placing her hand over Logans, "and everything!"

Turning back to Max, Logan rubbed her stomach, "Cravings already?" he teased.

Shimmering with happiness and excitement, Max held onto to Logan. She relished in the feeling of his warm skin against hers. His stubble scratching against her cheek. It was all real. Max didn't need to worry about waking up and finding herself dreaming. All this, all her days with Logan would be one big dream. A never ending fantasy. "This is our exit to Eden." Max whispered only for Logan to hear.

Closing his eyes and pulling Max closer against him, Logan buried his head in her hair. Delighted by all the ways his life had changed…and all the changes to come. Absorbing each moment that they had shared together till now, and imaging all the milestones to come. "You are my nirvana," Logan whispered against her ear, "and now it will grow tenfold."

His words and warm breath caused Max to shiver with excitement. Finding his eyes with her own, she was about to lose all conscious thought when he stroked her cheek. "Than," Max softly taking his hand with her own and placing it against her stomach, "I suppose we will be beyond Eden."

His lips curving higher upwards Logan nodded, "Way beyond."

"I love you," Max professed.

Resting his forehead against hers, Logan kissed the tip of her nose, "I know. I love you too."

Capturing his head between her hands, Max blinked back her tears of pearls, "Forever?"

"Until the end of time." Logan managed to muster through his own tears, "You're stuck with me."

"Damn right!" Max laughed catching his lips with hers.


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