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The Crash

"Shit!" I yelled as I ran full pelt towards my next class. "Why did I have to manage to be late for Potions!" Snape's going to KILL me for this - third time this month and it's only half gone... I thought to myself, wondering what the punishment was going to be this time. At this rate I was going to be in detention until I'd left Hogwarts...

I kept running, feeling like my lungs were going to explode. Just one more corridor, then I'm there and Snape can do what he wants just as long as I can stop running... I thought to myself. I sprinted the last section, not checking to see if anyone was coming out of the other corridor.


My bag went over my head, books sliding out accross the stone floor as I collided with someone who was running full pelt out of the other corridor. We hit hard, grabbing at each other on the way down, aiming for a soft landing. I ended up on the bottom, my head hitting the flagstones hard, making me cry out. The other body landed full length against mine and I realised I was looking up into glorious silver eyes, and blonde hair was tickling my nose. The look of pain and confusion gave way to horror for us both as we realised just who we'd smashed into.

"Draco Malfoy?" I said, a blank look coming over my face.

"Harry bloody Potter!" muttered Draco, his usual impervious sneer playing accross his lips. "Why did I have the misfortune to bump into you when I'm so late for Potions."

I looked up into his eyes from just inches away. "Hah, you're lucky, Snape likes you. He'll kill me though." I turned my head away, thinking of what would be in store for me when I finally got to the classroom (which incidentally was about ten feet away.)

A gentle hand pulled my head back so I was facing those beautiful silver eyes. Hang on, beautiful! I am so not thinking of Draco like that. I mean Malfoy. Oh crap. My mind tried to think rationally whilst Malfoy's hand was touching my cheek.

Malfoy stayed still, a slight frown wrinkling his forehead. Eventually he appeared to reach a decision and said, not quite in his usual sarcastic tone, "I'll cover for you with Snape. We could tell him that you'd asked me about the assignment on transfiguring potions since I'm so wonderful at them, and that's why we were late." He smiled a secretive smile.

I frowned. "Why would you cover for me, Dra...Malfoy..." I blushed a little at my mistake, making his smile wider.

"Because, you dozy sod, it would mean that you were also covering for me." Malfoy closed the distance between us, his nose almost touching mine. "Is it a deal?"

I picked my mind out of the gutter and blinked slowly before whispering "Yeah, it's a deal." For the first time ever, I saw Draco smile and realised that maybe - if this didn't come back to bite me - he might be tolerable instead of his usual insufferable self... "Now if you don't mind, Malfoy, you're squashing me in places I don't need squashing..."

He blinked and yelped, realising finally that he'd been sprawled against me for the past minute or so. Leaping to his feet, he struggled with himself and gave up, offering me a hand up. I took the hand gratefully as my head was still pounding from hitting the floor. Malfoy pulled me up fast and I cried out softly, knees collapsing. I blacked out for a second or two and came back to myself being held up by pale arms wrapped around me.

"Merlin's teeth Harry!" exclaimed Malfoy. "What's wrong with you now?"

"Hit my head on the floor - hurts a bit. It'll be ok." I tried to stand on my own and discovered that with Malfoy's steadying hand, I could stay upright. "Thanks Malfoy."

"Call me Draco..." said the Slytherin Prince haughtily.

I laughed in confusion. "In that case, you must call me Harry..." We grinned at each other. I looked at him and a thought crossed my mind. "Draco..." I tested the unfamiliar word. "Not that I'm complaining but... Can I ask..." I ground to a halt, not entirely sure what I was trying to ask.

Draco looked at me impatiently. "You don't want to go back to being Potter with a sneer?"

I nodded dumbly, afraid to look at him. A hand was suddenly on my shoulder, turning me to face him again.

"I'm bored of baiting you, Harry. We've done this since we were eleven years old. That's a little over six years of me antagonising you and you doing your best to be all Gryffindor about it... Maybe we should just...grow up?" Draco shrugged and made the 'why not' face.

I lifted one hand and poked him on the arm several times. "Are you real, Draco? What have you done with Malfoy..." He laughed and wriggled away from the offending finger. "If you really are Draco - which I'm not convinced of at the moment - then I need to know why you've chosen now to change..." I stopped prodding him (amusing though it was to see him grinning) and looked at him seriously.

Draco sighed and rolled his eyes a little, looking down at me. Down? I thought. When did Draco get taller than me? And... My eyes flickered over the boy in front of me who was currently clad in the blackest, cleanest looking jeans in the whole world, topped with a tight deep green t-shirt, his white-blonde hair tied back in a short pony-tail. Buff... Hello Harry this is Malfoy, not a sex toy... Mmmm now there's an image you don't think of every day...God I need someone... I snapped myself out of my reverie, determining that I was going to have a bloody good talk with my subconcious in the near future. Fortunately Draco hadn't answered yet, nor had he noticed me looking at him in a...less than unfriendly way.

"I..." Draco frowned and stopped. "My father is in Azkaban... My mother is afraid of what will happen now and I...Well, I don't actually want to be a Death Eater." Draco stopped and gently pushed my bottom jaw back up into its proper place." No need to gawk, Harry. I did the things I did because my father and You Know Who told me to. Besides. You were starting to ignore me when I was baiting you."Draco pouted prettily at me. "And I hate being ignored for any reason. Even by people who I'm supposed to hate. That means you, in case you hadn't figured it out. I don't hate you..."

I started to laugh, but stopped and frowned. "Is all that true? For the past 6 years you've been tormenting me on someone elses say so?" I know that I must have looked as incredulous as I sounded. I breathed a small sigh when Draco nodded. I pursed my lips slightly and nudged my glasses back up my nose. "Do you swear on your blood-line that all you have told me in the last 5 minutes is the truth?"

Draco looked at me in surprise, his mouth a small 'o' before he regained his composure and looked, once again, like the Slytherin Prince. "Is that really necessary?" I nodded emphatically. "Fine, fine. I swear on my line that I have meant every word you've heard in the pastfew minutes. Happy now?"

"Yes, thank you..." I smiled, relieved at the answer. After all, no Malfoy would dare condemn his blood-line by speaking an untruth after swearing on it... "Now. How the hell do we deal with Snape?" I looked up at Draco and wondered if Snape would even believe the excuse we came up with...

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