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Last time...

The laughter slowly stopped, and I raised my head to look at the smirking blonde. The look in his eyes is so soft…happy and peaceful. I don't think I've ever seen him like this before. I reached out and brushed a section of his fringe back behind his ear, feeling my stomach tingle as he turned his head into my hand.
"Draco…" I whispered.
"Yes, Harry?" His deep voice rumbled through me, making me shiver slightly.
"Are you going to help me with my homework or not?"

Fool the World

"Why you little..." Draco leapt up to balance on his knees and started tickling me unmercifully, making me scream like the proverbial girl whilst he laughed, one strong hand on my stomach, pinning me in my seat, the other hand round my side, tickling me. I hate being tickled.
"Get off me!" I wailed, torn between tears of laughter and tears of frustration. I screamed wordlessly, trying not to be homicidal about the situation. "Draco I really hate being tickled! Please stop? Please? Please...please...don't..." My voice trailed off as I tried to curl into a ball and hide.
After several seconds I realised that I was no longer being tickled and a nervous voice was calling my name.
"Harry?" Draco whispered plaintively. "Are you alright"
I felt a hand stroke my hair gently.
I snivelled inside my cocoon and gradually pulled my head up from under my arms. "Sorry Draco..." I mumbled.
"I'm the one who should be sorry, Harry. I didn't know you'd react like that." He paused and sat down, pulling me towards him and wrapping his arms around me, rocking me like a child. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you..." Draco sounded so upset that he might have hurt me that I leaned my head back against his chest so I could look at him properly.
"Not your fault that I have such a stupid reaction to being tickled...ever since I was little it's just made me go nuts...I can stand it for about 5 seconds before it gets to be too much for me...I feel stupid." With that I tried to curl back into a ball, and got a bit of a shock when Draco tried to stop me by putting his arms all the way around me and dragging me up so I was sitting on his lap.
Sighing softly, Draco just held me for a minute. I snorted gently, smiling at a thought. "Draco?" He looked at me questioningly. "If someone had told you last week that I'd be sitting on your knee after you'd tickled me, d'you think you'd have believed them?"
"Hah, of course not. There's no way that I, Draco Malfoy, would have even entertained the idea that the Golden Boy could be sitting on my knee with my arms around him and his head resting on my chest...has anyone ever told you that you're really short?" Draco smirked at me.
"Argh! you git...I should have known you wouldn't change..." I grinned and grabbed a cushion to whap him round the head with. I subsided. "Am I really that short?" I nibbled my bottom lip concernedly.
Draco nodded. "Harry, you're nearly 18 and you're 5'2". I'm 6'2". You do the maths."
I humphed and wriggled unhappily. "Is it horrible that I'm this short? Maybe I should get some of those boots withbig soles...New Rocks...not that you'd know what they are..." At Draco's blank look I gave in. "They're a brand of boots...they're great, but expensive...I wonder if you can get a wizarding version of them?"
"You can get pretty much everything else, so why not those?" Draco pointed out. "But there's nothing wrong with you being so's just...different. People expect the male of the species to be tall and lithe." Draco indicated himself, looking smug."Rather than short and slim. You know, if you grew your hair and put on a dress you'd probably pass as a girl..."
I gasped, looking at him in outrage. "I can't believe you'd even suggest that. Besides, my hair doesn't do anything useful when it's short, never mind if I had more of it!"
Draco sniggered. "I tell you that you'd look good in a dress and you tell me your hair wouldn't work? Are you sure you're male, Harry"
"Bastard..." I slapped at his shoulder lightly. "Anyway. I'm not the one with the hair past my shoulders, who has more beauty products than the whole of the rest of Slytherin put together."
"That is simply not true." He frowned at me "Blaise has far more of that crap than I do. But then he needs it more I suppose!" He grinned maliciously. All I could do was snort and raise an eyebrow at his audacity.
"And your opinion of yourself isn't inflated. Much. Mind you," I mused quietly, "If I was 6'2", had silken blonde hair, a body to die for and beautiful silver eyes, I'd probably be big-headed too." I stopped playing with the hem of my t-shirt and looked up at the 'beautiful silver eyes' which were suddenly very close to mine. "Umm..."
Not moving back, Draco cocked his head and smiled lazily at me "You really think that about me? That I have a body to die for and beautiful silver eyes?" I realised that actually yes, I did think that. I looked at him, startled. "Actually, yes...yes I do think that about you. You're gorgeous, Draco...I've only just thought that might be one of the reasons I hated you when we were were more intelligent, more sarcastic, better looking than I was. I didn't really need any more reasons not to like you, but you gave me a good one, what with your father being a death eater and all that..." I trailed off, not sure if I liked the way my younger self had been thinking. I snorted. "I was so blinded by your act that I never saw that you had grown've hardly been baiting me all term, you've practically ignored Ron and Hermione, haven't you?" I smiled at him, so close. "It's taken me a long time to grow up. I'm sorry I kept you waiting..." I gave in to myself, and closed the gap between us, the last inches slowly disappearing. I watched those beautiful silver eyes flutter closed and mine did the same, as my lips came into contact with his.
So soft... Was the only coherent thought I could muster as he pressed his lips more firmly against mine. His arms tightened around me, one hand sliding up my back to rest against my head, holding me to him as his tongue flicked out, hot and wet against my lips. I couldn't help it, I gasped and softly moaned at the sensation. Nothing had ever felt this good before, and when Draco's tongue slipped between my lips, I did the only thing I could do: I surrendered.
The kiss became more heated as I opened my mouth and tentatively caressed my tongue against his, bringing a pleased sigh from him. All too soon, he began to pull back, and I followed, not wanting my first real kiss to end.
"Now." He said with a sly smile. "What about that homework?" I wailed and let myself fall backwards onto the sofa.
"Do we have to?" I whinged quietly, looking at him with puppy-dog eyes (just in case he was a sucker). I don't think it worked, as the only answer I got was to be pushed off his knee as he grabbed the text book and turned to the chapter on Transfiguring potions.

I know, it's too short...I'm trying to write more but seem to be having a year of no-brain. I will update...I will update...