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Unplanned Attraction

By: YellowRoseThorn (Chibi Neko-Chan)



(Author AKA Me Talking)

XXXX - scene change

Someone's Pov

22 year old, Kairi Baker, hummed happily to herself as she placed a plate of strawberries down on the wooden table in front of her. The delicious fruit sat next to a bowl of rich chocolate that was ready to be dipped in. (Haha Chocolate Covered Strawberries!) Kairi had the urge to lick her lips but didn't because she was afraid she would mess up her red lipstick if she did. Kairi continued to hum as she started to fix up the couch even though she knew it would get messed up later on.

Tonight was going to be perfect, Kairi was sure of it. Her fiancé would come home, the two would have a lovely dinner, a yummy dessert, and then the rest of the night would be filled with deep kisses and passionate lovemaking. Indeed, Kairi was a hopeless romantic who had her very own 'knight in shining armor.'

Kairi's dark cerulean eyes looked up at the clock that was placed above the lit fireplace. It read 6:55. Kairi's fiancé, Riku Rivera, would be home in about 5 minutes. Like Kairi, Riku was a very busy person. He was something that someone would call a 'workaholic.' But this didn't affect Kairi since she understood where he came from. Sure, there was some lonely nights but Kairi was a busy person too. She was a secretary at Destiny's Design, a fashion industry that was slightly smaller and less popular then the company where Riku worked at.(Have no clue what he works as, just a company that holds a lot of meetings and is very big)

After taking off and hanging up the white apron she had on, Kairi walked into the downstairs bathroom to check herself. Kairi's crimson hair was up in it's usual bun, but instead of it being in it's neat, tight, and simple style, the bun hung in an unusual loose pretty fashion that had some falling crimson curls hang from it. Her face had only a tad bit of makeup. Mascara was there to bring out her pretty eyes and red lipstick was painted upon her lips to give off a sexy sophisticated look. That was it. The rest of her face was natural and flawless. A black dress fell to her knees and clung to her petite curvy body. The dress wasn't anything eye-catching but it was the best thing Kairi could find. Kairi liked to keep things simple. Maybe it was boring, but Kairi didn't have time to go and look like barbie every single day.

The smell of a homemade dinner filled Kairi's nostrils. Kairi stood on the tips of her black high heels and tilted her head up willingly in the air so she could engulf the fresh smell. Kairi was suddenly very grateful that she had the day off. Her and Riku would of probably been stuck going through Mcdonald's drive thru if she didn't.

Riku... after 3 whole years, they finally decided to get married. The wedding would be sometime in mid December and it was only August. Kairi hoped Riku and her would find more time to plan for their wedding in the future since they haven't had time yet. Work always seemed to be their first priority, but they would have to put that aside soon, before time flies by and bites her in the ass at the end. Kairi stared down at the white diamond ring that was placed upon her left ring finger as the flashback of Riku's proposal came into her mind. It had been so romantic.

Kairi exited out of the small bathroom and started to amble back to the kitchen but paused when she heard the front door open. She looked behind her shoulder and smiled when she saw Riku enter.

"Hey baby," Kairi giggled softly while she watched him place his suitcase down and hang up his jacket, "How was work?"

"The same as usual," Riku replied, coming up to Kairi and wrapping his arms around her. He kissed the top of her forehead and then lifted his head, "It smells great, what did you cook?"

"You're favorite. Chicken, mashed potatoes, apples, corn, bread, and for dessert we have chocolate and strawberries," Kairi smiled, looking up at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. It soon faded though when she saw Riku give her one of those sad small smiles.

"Noooo. Don't tell me..." Kairi started to frown.

"I'm sorry baby," Riku muttered, planting a kiss on her cheek, "But I have to go back to work in 1 hour. We started a new project and they really need me to be there as much as possible."

"Can't you just skip one night? I really wanted to spend tonight with you," Kairi said sadly, her hands fiddling with his tie.

"I wish I could. You look so perfect," Riku whispered. He could see water starting to build up in Kairi's eyes and he hugged her tightly to him. He could tell she was really disappointed.

"Kai, don't cry. It will make me feel like the worst person in the world."

"Good because that's what I was aiming for!" Kairi yelled, pushing him away and walking up the stairs. Riku's aqua eyes followed her figure while his mouth formed into a deep frown.

"RIKU! I'M YOUR FIANCÉ! I'VE BEEN PATIENT LONG ENOUGH! YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO MAKE TIME FOR ME TO YOU KNOW!" Kairi shouted, turning around and pointing to herself.

"WELL I'M SORRY IF I CAN'T ALWAYS WORK AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE ALL THE TIME!" Riku hollered up the stairs which came to a shock to Kairi. She hadn't expected for him to yell back at her, but hey, all relationships weren't going to be perfect.


"Now, you know that's not true Kairi," Riku said calmly as he put his anger aside. Kairi glared at him as he started to walk up the stairs. He stopped walking when he got on the stair below her. His tall form still towered over her small one.

Kairi didn't say anything as he brushed her tears away with her thumbs. Her stiff shoulders relaxed and she let out a shaky sigh.

"J-Just go-o. Grab-b some fo- food while your at it," Kairi whispered, turning her back to him and starting to continue to walk up the stairs. Riku was about to stop her but decided it would be best if he just let her be.



The sound of the telephone rung throughout the house and Kairi set her plate of food beside her. Kairi laid in the middle of the bed, tons of white pillows nearly swallowing her whole. The fancy outfit she had on was now gone and was replaced with a huge pair of Garfield pajamas. Kairi's long crimson hair cascaded down her shoulders and ended at her mid back. Kairi sat up on her bed.

Before answering the phone, Kairi brushed her bangs to the side of her naked face so her eyes could have a better view. Kairi picked up her small portable phone and clicked the 'talk' button.


"Hi Kairi? It's Selphie!" Selphie was one of Kairi's co-workers and friends. She was a very chipper person, always happy even in the most depressing situations. Kairi gave a small smile.

"Hey Selph. How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks! I'm just calling to ask you if you haven't forgotten about the business party tomorrow night?"

"Oh yeah. I almost did forget," Kairi admitted, a sheepish blush covering her creamy cheeks.

"Oh! Well you're still going right?"

"I suppose..."

"Kairi stop talking all depressed and grown up! You need some more fun!"

"Selphie, We're 22."

"That doesn't mean we got to be all gloomy and act like old nannies! I mean you're acting like you are already married!"


"Anyway about the business party. I need you to bring some kind of food okay? There's gonna be a lot of people!"

"Any Suggestions?"

"Make some of that bean dip!"

"Fine. So see you tomorrow?"

"Yep! Later girl!"

"Bye," Kairi said before she clicked the phone off. She gave a sigh and fellonto the pillows. Was Selphie right? Did she really act like an old nanny? Kairi shook her head slowly as she grabbed her plate.

"Selphie's right. I need to have some more fun in my life," Kairi murmured to herself before she took a bite of her mashed potatoes.


"A few times I've been around that track, So it's not just gonna happen like that, 'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl, I ain't no hollaback girl..."

Kairi let out an aggravated sigh as she continued to type some important document on her computer. Selphie had her small business office room right in front of Kairi's. Even though a small wall divided the two, Kairi could still hear Selphie's annoying high-pitched voice.

"Selphie! Shut up!" Kairi hissed, her eyes burning holes into the wall where she pictured Selphie's head. Selphie continued on. Kairi rolled her eyes and stood up.

There was Selphie, headphones upon her head that was rocking back and forth to the beat. Kairi saw that Selphie was creating some new outfit online. (Isn't it weird that Kairi works at a fashion industry but like wears the most boring outfits? Lol)

"THIS SHIT IS BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S !" Selphie shouted at the top of her lungs, making some people stare at her and shake their head.

What an idiot... Kairi thought, walking up behind Selphie and pulling the sides of the headphones away from Selphie's ears. Selphie opened her eyes at the sudden change of volume.

"Hu-" Selphie started. Kairi let go off the headphones, letting them smack hard back onto Selphie's ears, "Ow! Kairi!"

"Selphie, were do you think you are? At a damn concert!" Kairi scolded and Selphie only laughed.

"Oh sorry GRANDMA! I promise I'll be better if you make me some cookies!" Selphie shouted and Kairi's face flushed with anger.

"I am not a grandma! I'm just ma-"

"Flowers for Mrs. Baker?" A questioning voice interrupted. Kairi turned around while Selphie gasped. Red roses greeted Kairi's shocked face.

"Wow Kairi! There are sooo many!" Selphie said with excitement as she walked towards Kairi's side.

"2 dozen to be exact. Anyways have a nice day," The delivery man tipped his hat at the ladies and walked off after he gave the roses to Kairi.

"Riku..." Kairi mumbled as she took in the scent of the flowers. A forgiving smile crossed upon Kairi's lips as Selphie read the small card.

" 'I'm sorry. I'll make up for it. I promise. I love you baby. -Riku.' What did he do to make you mad?" Selphie asked as she walked back to her seat.

"It's a long story," Kairi replied as she walked away to find a vase to put the flowers in. Selphie watched Kairi for a moment before returning back to her music.



The business party was being held in the huge ballroom due to the fact that so many people were attending the party. The ballroom looked outstanding, tables of food pushed up against the walls and tons of small tables in the middle with pretty decorations. There were already a lot of people when Kairi and Selphie arrived, most of them were sitting down or getting some food to munch on while the speaker spoke. Kairi and Selphie walked to one of the food tables and placed down the food they made.

"Let's get something to eat before Mr. Boring gives us the biggest speech known to man kind," Selphie suggested, grabbing a plate and already grabbing some food.

"Good idea," Kairi started to fill up her plate and went to move on to the next table until she bumped into someone.

"Oh, excuse me," Kairi heard someone say as they bumped into her. Kairi looked up to see who had apologized to her. Cerulean eyes met cobalt ones.

"Oh. It- It's okay," Kairi replied, a deep blush covering her face. The male smiled down at her and Kairi couldn't help but smile back. His smile was contiguous.

"I didn't get any food on you, did I?" The male, who looked about the same age as Kairi, asked politely. Kairi felt his eyes studying her as she let out a shaky 'n-no.'

"Good. Well, have a nice night," The brunette began to walk off but he stopped in his tracks. He leaned down to Kairi's ears and Kairi couldn't help but blush once again as his hot breath hit her ear.

"Oh, I wouldn't try that bean dip if I were you. It's a little burnt," she heard him whisper. He then straightened his posture and winked at her before he walked off. Kairi studied him for a moment. Brown spiky hair, naturally tan, a nice lean tall body, and the prettiest pair of blue eyes she ever seen in her life. (Okay, I know she had just placed down the bean dip but lets just pretend she and Selphie went to another table and he went to the bean dip first and they bumped into each other when Kairi was going to the table with her bean dip and Sora was going to the table she was just at. Lol, okay?)

What a hun- Kairi! You are engaged! And FYI, he was talking about your bean dip! Kairi slowly shook her head and the red blush on her cheeks disappeared.

"Oh Kairi, get it get it!" Kairi heard Selphie giggle. Kairi turned around and rolled her eyes at her friend.

"Oh come on Selphie. I'm engaged," Kairi simply replied as she walked towards one of the tables. One that wasn't that far from... what was his name? Kairi would make sure to find out later.

"That's it! Give me your hand," Selphie ordered and Kairi gave her a confused expression.

"Why?" Kairi asked hesitantly but before she knew it, Selphie already grabbed it.

"I'm taking this off," Selphie snapped, sliding the beautiful white diamond engagement ring off her finger.

"Selphie! NO! GIVE THAT BACK NOW!" Kairi barked, fear growing onto Kairi's face as she watched Selphie simply drop it into her purse.

"Nope. This little commitment is keeping you from having any fun!"


"No Kairi!" Selphie had never sounded so sure and serious in her whole life. Why did Selphie care so much? Kairi knew the risks she was taking by getting engaged and not being able to act like an immature 16 year-old was one of them.

"Uh! When will you give it back?"

"Whenever you go back to being the fun Kairi I once knew!"

"I'll get it back before the night's over. If you approve or not."

"We'll see about that."


"I can not believe she pulled that 'I'm going to the bathroom right before we leave but actually I'm sneaking out' trick on me! Just so I couldn't get my ring back! Ohh! She is dead meat!" Kairi mumbled to herself as she walked outside the parking lot. Her fist were balled up beside her hips and her eyes flashed furiously.

"I'll just have to make sure Riku doesn't find out... not like I'll see him anytime soon anyway," Kairi sadly added as she came to the end of the curb. She whistled for a taxi (I guess they're in New York, lol) and watched as the yellow car pulled in front of her.

Kairi opened the door, got in, and was about to close it until a sudden force stopped her. Kairi looked up at what or who had stopped the car from opening.

Once again, those cobalt eyes meet her cerulean ones.

End of Chapter 1!

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