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XXXXX- scene change

The sun's hot rays beamed down upon her porcelain skin, causing beads of sweat to drip down the side of her forehead. It was defiantly a hot day, too hot to be running in it. She didn't care for the thirst of water, she didn't care about her need of oxygen, and she sure as hell didn't care for it. She had lost her high heels a while back, more in the busy part of New York. Her bare feet padded repeatedly against the hot sidewalk, but the physical pain of it all couldn't match up to the emotional pain she was experiencing.

How could this happen to her? Without stopping, she threw her crimson hair into a sloppy bun. She thought Sora loved her, but he had still loved Alexis. Riku and him both loved her. So, who was she suppose to be with? No one? If this was her destiny, she was pretty much screwed. She didn't want this, she wanted to be happy. She wanted everything to be okay. She wanted him.

She entered the vacant part of New York, where barley any cars passed and large country fields were. The street she stumbled upon became familiar, it was the one where they had their rollerblading rendezvous. It was where she first started to fall in love with the cobalt-eyed male.

Not being able to run anymore, she threw herself upon the hot sidewalk. She let out a gasp of pain as she felt her skin rip at her knees and elbows. Moist tears slid down her cheeks as she engulfed nearly all the oxygen around her. Letting out a sad cry, she stayed in her knelt position as she realized how long it took her to let her kept-in tears finally escape. He should be here. Right now, kissing away her tears and telling her that he lied when he said he loved Alexis. How could he let this happen to her?

"It's not suppose to happen this way!" Kairi shouted in frustration, pounding her fist against the sidewalk, "It's not!"

She didn't know why she expected someone to reply to that, but she did, and no one answered. She wanted someone to help her. It didn't necessarily have to be him, it didn't even have to be a guy. It could of been that old lady she met a while back, she wouldn't mind.

And right when she was about to give up all hope, she felt a sudden grip on her shoulder. From the corner of her eye, she saw it was a hand. But not any old hand, a certain one that she pictured that would fit right with hers a while back ago.


Oh, so now you decide to come?

She knew she couldn't keep her tear-stained face away from him but she still insisted to brush away her tears.

"What?" She asked, quite rudely. She didn't feel like being polite and she didn't have to be. She didn't turn her head to look at him and she focused her eyes straight forward.

Sora frowned as he felt her shoulder tense beneath his hand. Getting up from his kneeling position, he walked in front of her but only to turn back around and kneel again. Kairi stared directly at him as his eyes scanned her face.

"Oh Kairi..." He went to go touch her face with his hand but she slapped it away.

"Don't you dare touch me, Sora," Kairi threatened, not moving from her spot. Sora placed his hand on top of his knee cap as he nodded. An extremely uncomfortable silence followed after Kairi's remark, and Sora decided to break it.

"Well, don't you have anything to say?" Sora questioned meekly.

"Do-Do I have anything to say?" Kairi repeated. Okay, was she not only sad, heart-broken, and depressed, but now you could add extremely pissed off. Slowly, she got up from the ground and stood even though her bleeding knees were telling her to do otherwise.

"As a matter of fact, I do Sora. Why the hell did you follow me?" She had to swallow a sudden knot in her throat before she continued, "Why don't you go home to Alexis?"

Sora shook his head, a small smile on his face. Did he find this funny? Kairi glared as Sora got up.

"Oh, so this is what it's all about. What I said earlier?"

Kairi crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked to the side to his question. Well, if she hadn't heard a stupider question in her life.

"You know, I wasn't quite finished with my speech before you decided to run away-"

"Oh, my fucking apologizes Sora. I'm so sorry I didn't stick around for your romantic sap. 'Oh Alexis, I love you. I love you so much. Riku, you, and I can all be a family. And Kairi? She could never take your place.'"

"I swear, you're screwed up."

"No! I'm heart broken! Do you know how bad it hurts standing here, looking right at you, and knowing that you're in love with someone else? It sends pain to every cell in my body," Kairi started to pace around, her emotions gaining control over her body, mind, and common sense.


"Sora, I was in fucking love with you! You know what, scratch that. I'm in fucking love with you! And you can go on ahead and joke about that as well. That was the important thing I just had to tell you! Though I didn't picture it like this. Somehow, I was hoping you'd be in love with me too. See just how just screwed up I am? And I have you to thank for that-" Kairi was put to a halt when Sora grabbed her shoulders.

"I told you not to touch me."

"I'm in love with you."

Kairi laughed.

"What-What's so funny?"

"You say I'm screwed up. Sora, grow up. You know you can't have both Alexis and I."

"I swear, not only are you insane but you can be so stupid. If you would of stayed a little bit longer, I was telling Alexis I loved her but I wasn't in love with her. I told her that I had fallen for someone else that now, I couldn't picture my life without. I told her I met my soul mate. I told her I met someone so fucking perfect that I can't but only feel so tall when I'm around her."

Kairi rolled her eyes. Sora felt like someone just shot him in the heart.

"Let me guess, I'm this someone?"


Placing her hands upon his, she took his and placed them at her sides. She then started to walk away from him, "Goodbye Sora."

Sora turned and watched her walk away for a moment before calling.

"You are good at that, aren't you Kairi? Walking or even running away from your problems, from your fears."

Kairi stopped and turned, "What do you mean, my fears? There's nothing to be afraid about."

"Oh, yes there is. You're scared of commitment. You're scared to end up in loneliness again. You're scared because, unlike everything in your life, this wasn't planned and you don't know what to do with yourself. You're scared that I'm going to end up just like him."

"That's just it Sora! You are just like him! And so are Alexis and I! How do I know if one day you're just going to find someone else that seems so freaking perfect you're gonna runaway with her, just like him?"

"Because Kairi!" Sora didn't realize he had moved from his spot, but he had. He was now right in front of her, "I can't picture myself being with anyone else but you! You're the only person I want to be with."

"How do you know if I'm the one?"

"I just do! We can make this work if we try Kairi! Please Kairi, for a second just push away Alexis, Riku, and your fears and look down this trail like it's your future. What do you see? Who do you see?"

Kairi looked down the trail, her breathing becoming steadier and her mind becoming clearer. About five minutes passed until Sora saw her blank expression change. It turned into a small smile.

"I see you."


White roses were placed everywhere around the cathedral while pink petals sprinkled the long red rug. Doves cooed softly in a cage as people anxiously squirmed in their huddled row. Riku looked stunning in his white tux, but Alexis looked outstanding. Kairi had really done a number on the wedding dress. The preacher stood in front of the two with a grin on his face.


A baby's giggling was heard and Alexis turned to blow a kiss at her daughter. She then turned to Riku and gave him a shy smile, "I do."

"Then you may kiss the bride," Riku leaned in and gave Alexis a soft kiss on the lips as loud cheers and clapping filled the room.

The wedding reception was held directly afterwards behind the Cathedral. The sun shone and clouds were nowhere to be seen. The older group of people were smiling and talking animatedly to each other in the big white tent as the little ones watched the wed couple cut the cake.

Kairi placed a crimson lock behind her ear before she turned back around. She leaned against the small white painted fence as she watched a single leaf fall from a nearby tree. A smile danced upon her lips as she closed her cerulean eyes.

Everything seems so perfect.

"Get her, dark vador!" a childish voice called. Kairi opened her eyes as she felt someone's hands grip her tiny waist.

"Wha- Ah!" She felt herself spin around and she blushed when she saw Sora's face only a couple inches from hers.

"Watch out! He's going to give you the cootie curse!" Kylie screamed, trying to run up and rescue Kairi but her brother was holding her back.

"Get her Uncle Sora! Get her!" Nick rooted as he wrestled with his blonde sibling. Kairi smirked and started to lean back, but Sora went in for the kill already. She felt a shiver run up her spine as his warm lips contacted hers, which caused him to wrap his strong arms around her frame even more.

"Ewwwwwwwwwww!" the two children shouted, instantly letting go of each other and looking at their uncle and his lady friend with disgust. Kairi giggled as she broke out of the kiss and turned her head towards Nick and Kylie.

"You won't exactly think it's 'ew' in a few years," Kairi responded, taking Sora's hand and ambling over to the duo.

"How do you know?" Nick asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"We just do," Sora said, ruffling Nick's auburn mop of hair with his free hand. From the corner of his eye, he saw his sister walk up to them with a stressed look on her face.


"Hey, what's up?" Sora asked, looking at his sister May with a concerned gaze. Kairi looked up and rose an eyebrow.

"We want to go to the carnival!" Nick butted in, placing his arm around Kylie and tugging her towards him. Kylie gave a firm nod and looked at her mom with a slight pout.

"Oh lord..."

"May, what's wrong?" Sora asked, taking a step forward and placing a hand on his sister's shoulder.

"Well, since I'm Alexis's best friend and all, she wanted me to come back home with her and help her pack her things. Problem is, Darius is out of town and the kids wouldn't have anywhere to go if I went. So I was going to ask you if you could watch them for a while and then I could pick them up later tonight or tomorrow morning. Now the whole thing with the carnival..."

"May, relax. I'll watch them and the carnival sounds like a great idea. We've been planning on doing something fun. Besides," Sora glanced over towards Kairi, "the kids can get to know Kairi better."

May smiled before giving her brother a death hug, "Thank you sooooo much!" Slapping money into the palm of his hand, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and was off.

"You guys ready?"


"-I was not!" Kylie argued, glaring at her brother as she held Kairi's hand. The small blonde became very attached to the older red head after only a few minutes in the car ride there. After some rides and some cotton candy, Kylie swore Kairi was her 'best friend.'

"You were to! You screamed like a girl when that monster popped out at you in the haunted house!" Nick argued, looking over his shoulder and sticking his tongue out at her.

"I am a girl, stupid!" Kylie yelled, getting in line for the Ferris wheel. Nick ignored his sibling's comment and looked up at the tall ride.

"Do we have to ride this ride? Ferris Wheel's are so boring!" Nick said, looking up at his uncle with a disgusted face. Sora lightly pushed Nick by the shoulder as he let out a "yes."

"Hey!" Nick shouted, going to punch Sora. Sora caught his small fist in his hand but stumbled back a little bit by the power of it which caused him to bump into someone.

"Be careful," a deep voice responded, not moving the least bit when Sora nudged into him.

"Yeah sorry-" Sora gave the man a second look and his full attention went to him, "Darik! Wow, you look different!"

The man who stood in front of him had spiked black hair with a long ponytail at the back, his ear was pierced, and he sported a pair of dark blue jeans and a black shirt. Sora did find things that were still familiar when he first met Darik in high school, like his naturally purple eyes and nicely tanned skin that he was able to keep all year around.

"You've grown up," Darik remarked smirking as he crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes wandered from Sora to Sora's accomplices and then back to Sora, "The brats and lovely lady yours?"

Sora rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly before giving his best friend a grin, "They aren't mine but yeah, they're with me. This is my niece Kylie and my nephew Nick," Sora pointed to each of them before turning to Kairi, "And she's... she's just stalking me."

"Sora!" Kairi blushed furiously before sticking her hand out for Darik to shake, "I'm Kairi, Sora's girlfriend. It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Darik said, making contact with her hand and shaking it. The line moved up and the children's frowns deepened.

"Don't make us go Uncle Sora!" Nick shouted, taking a step back. Kylie ran up to her uncle and hugged him.

"Please don't!" she begged.

"They seem really excited about this ride," Darik said, sarcasm dripping on every word. Sora sighed. He knew Kairi was really looking forward to this ride and he was to, but that was for different reasons. A sudden idea filled Sora's mind and he slung an arm around Darik's shoulder.

"Do me a favor?" Sora asked, giving his best friend an extremely cheesy smile.

"Depends..." Darik murmured, looking at Sora's arm around his shoulder for a moment before looking back at him.

"Stay here with the kids while Kairi and I ride the Ferris wheel?" Sora asked, a pleading look coming into his eyes, "Please?"

"What's in it for me?"

"Eternal thanks and love from your best friend?" Sora grinned. Come on!

"That's a definite no," Darik teased. He watched Sora's happy grin turn into a frown, "I was kidding, Sora. Go."


"Thanks man!" Sora took his arm off of Darik and turned to his relatives, "You guys stay here with Darik as Kairi and I ride the ferris wheel."

"What! No-"

"I'll buy you guys some funnel cakes afterwards," Sora said, gritting through his teeth.

"Okay," Nick shrugged, stepping to the side with Kylie and Darik as Sora's and Kairi's turn came up to ride.

Kairi handed the ticket man her ticket before getting in the small white cart, "That was nice of Darik."

"Yeah, he's cool," Sora said walking over and sitting down next to her. Kairi wrung her hands nervously as silence surrounded them.


Silence was the last thing happening with the waiting trio.

"Wow mister, you have really long hair!" Kylie commented, giving Darik a smile, "Can I braid it?"


"Hey! Watch my ninja dodge," Nick shouted. Aton of 'hi-yas!' and 'booya's!' came out of the boys demonstration. Darik brought a hand to his forehead and shook his head slightly.


"Hey, Kairi?"

"Yes, Sora?"

"Remember the last time you rode the Ferris wheel with me? How you were really scared and nervous?"

"Yes." I still kinda am.

"Remember how I put my arm around you," Sora said, putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close. She lightly placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"I sure do."

"I reminded you that you were safe up there with me," Sora whispered softly in her hair and Kairi felt her cheeks warm, "Did you feel safe when I had my arm around you?"

"...Yes," Kairi paused, "Sora, what are you getting at?"

"What it just me or when I kissed you that night, I felt more passion and more love then I would of ever imagined?"

"Sora..." The blush in her cheeks deepened.

"I never wanted to let that feeling go. The feeling I got every time I was with you. I wanted and want that feeling to last forever," Sora paused, "So, why don't we let it?"

Kairi opened her eyes widely and straightened her posture, "Sora?"

"Kairi Baker, will you let my wish come true by marrying me?" Sora asked, taking a velvet box out of his back pocket and opening it in front of her. A diamond ring shone happily at her.


"Let's be ninja's together Darik and kick Sora's butt!"

Not such a bad idea, he did leave me here with you two...

"No way! He's my live ken doll! You can't get him hurted!" Kylie yelled, braiding the end of Darik's hair.

"Sora, hurry up..." Darik muttered, looking towards the Ferris Wheel with anxiety.


"W-What?" Kairi asked, her stomach flopping in every direction.

"Marry me?" Sora repeated.

"...Okay," Kairi brought her hands up to her cheeks in embarrassment at her answer, "I mean, yes. Yes!"

Sora smiled as he placed the ring on her index finger. He then gently grabbed Kairi's face and kissed her. The ride shortly ended after that. Sora and his new fiancé walked down the exiting platform, hand in hand.

"We're back!" Sora yelled excitedly as he halted in front of the trio.

"I see that," Darik muttered, getting out of the children's grasps, "Sora, do me a favor and never ask me to do that again."

"Sure dude," Sora chuckled and then averted his eyes to Kylie and Nick, "You guys ready for some funnel cakes?"

"Heck yes!" Nick and Kylie headed for the funnel cake booth, as the young adults lagged behind.

"Say Kairi, did you walk out of that ride with something you didn't have when you walked in?" Darik asked, glancing down at her ring with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes," Kairi nodded, "We're getting married."

"Damn Sora, you know your lucky," Darik smirked as Sora glared playfully at him.


Kairi smiled and glanced down at her ring. She couldn't believe she was planning on getting married. Kairi's smile turned into a smirk, maybe this time she'll actually be able to walk down the alter.

She knew one thing for sure though.

She wouldn't let Selphie take her ring this time.


Like it? Love it? Hate it? That's Infidelity for you! To everyone who reviewed and took time to read my story, thank you so much. Your support made this story the way it was. I hope all of you have a wonderful summer. Look out for my next fic! Now, Review!

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