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Make it hell for them

"Noooooo! Sesshoumaru-sama! Don't leave me! Rin will be sad!"

Sesshoumaru was having trouble getting out of his apartment to go to work.Especially as Rin had attached herself to his leg and she wouldn't let go.

"I'm sorry Rin…pant but I must go gnha to work!"


"I know jeez Now let GO!" Sesshoumaru wrenched his leg from Rin's grasp and strode to the door; he paused and turned to Rin who was crying on the floor. He felt pity.

"Look, as soon as I get home I'll play the tickle game with you. O.k.?" Sesshoumaru mentally shuddered. He hated that cursed game. But he couldn't bear to see Rin cry.

"You promise?" She sniffed.

"I promise." Sesshoumaru turned to leave when Rin ran up to him.

"You didn't promise!" She pointed an accusing finger at him.

"Yes I did, and don't point, it's rude." He replied.

"No you didn't! Do it properly" She demanded.

Sesshoumaru hated being bossed around but Rin looked dangerously close to crying again. He sighed and said flatly,

"Cross my heart hope to die

Stick a needle in my eye,

burn my hair cut my nails,

there I've said it so please don't cry." "Happy now?"

Rin gave him a toothy grin and opened the door for him. Sesshoumaru cleared his throat and turned to leave.

"Oh and Rin, be good to the baby sitter." And with that, Sesshoumaru walked out the door. Rin closed the door and leaned against it, she grinned mischievously.

"Oh, I will."


Rin was determined to make Sesshoumaru stay home and play with her all day. But she couldn't. Not with those damn babysitters in her way.

So what could she do? Get rid of them of course. Rin had it all planned out. If there's no one to look after her, Sesshoumaru would have to stay with her. Simple. Her thoughts were interrupted by the buzzing of the doorbell.

'And that would be the baby sitter now' She thought.

Rin took a deep breath and put on the cutest smile she had. The door opened, and standing in the doorway was…..Kagome.

'Nice try Sesshy, this will be easy.'

"Oh hell-o Rin!" She was speaking to Rin as if she was still a baby.

Rin played along.

"Hi! Do you wanna play with me?"

Kagome hesitated for a moment.

"Uhh, o.k. then! Can I come in first?" She asked.

Rin opened the door wider to let her victim in. Kagome put down her handbag and crouched down so that she was level with Rin.

"So, what do you want to play?"

Rin thought for a minute.

"Mmmm…I know! Hide and Seek!"

Kagome forged a smile and acted as if this was her favorite game.

"Ok. I'll hide first!"

Rin waited until Kagome had counted up to 4 and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her.

'Aha! She'll never find me here! She'll just have to give up and leave!'

Rin thought gleefully.

She had hidden under the ironing table. (Yes Sesshy fans. He irons.) She giggled at her cleverness. Unfortunately, Kagome had heard.

"Found you!" Kagome ducked under the table and pretended to laugh.

Rin smiled. 'Damn you. This isn't over.' She thought.

"Ok! Now YOU hide and I'll count!"

Kagome went to 'hide' while Rin counted. Rin faced the wall and covered her eyes.

"1,2,3…" She turned around slowly and peered through her fingers. The

coast was clear.

" 4,5,6…" Rin padded over to the heating control button.

" 7,8,9…" She turned it up to the maximum temperature.

"…10! Ready or not here I come!"

Rin stomped noisily on the spot then hid behind the sofa. She waited. After what seemed like hours, Kagome came out from under the bed and walked over to the door fanning herself with her hand.

"Phew! It's boiling in here! I'll hide outside instead." Kagome closed the door quietly behind her and stood outside waiting for Rin to find her.

'It's a small apartment. 'It won't take long' she thought. Oh how wrong she was. Rin had locked the door from the inside.


Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru was in his office signing some papers.

'I wonder how Rin is behaving.' He wasn't very worried. He didn't trust babysitters so he got Kagome to look after her. After all, Kagome was the best choice. She had experience with children. And Rin liked her…right?


Rin ran around the apartment noisily so that Kagome would think that she was looking for her. After a few minutes, Rin stopped walking around the apartment and slumped down on the sofa and turned on the TV. Occasionally shouting things like: "Kagome where are you?" And "I'm coming to get youuuu!"

Kagome was dozing on the spot. She woke up suddenly and looked at the time.

"Oh my Gosh! Its 6:00pm! How long have I been out here?!"

She turned the knob on the door. But it didn't open. Kagome knocked.

"Er, Rin? I'm out here! Can...can you open the door please? Rin?"

Rin had turned the volume up on the TV. Kagome was starting to panic. What if Sesshoumaru comes? And he finds her out here? What will he do to her? Kagome had 1 hour to get inside. And Rin has to be asleep by the time Sesshoumaru gets back. Kagome rapped desperately on the door again


Rin was happily watching Billy and Mandy on Cartoon Network. But she couldn't ignore Kagome's pleas. She felt sorry for her. Rin hesitantly turned off the TV and opened the door.

"Oooh, THERE you are!" She said sweetly.

Kagome ambled in and flopped onto the sofa massaging her temples. After a while when Rin was still watching TV, Kagome glanced at the small child.

"Rin? Don't you think you should go to sleep now? It's 7:00pm."

Rin recalled a movie which she had watched without Sesshoumaru knowing and did her best impression of Samara from 'The Ring 2'. She turned her head slowly and whispered,

"I don't sleep."


Kagome had had enough. There was something weird about this kid. She grabbed her handbag and was about to open the door when she heard a key in the lock. Sesshoumaru walked in with a load of paperwork in his arms.

Kagome could have cried with joy.


She threw herself on top of him knocking the paperwork on the floor. She straightened up and apologised to a very surprised Sesshoumaru.

"You know what? You don't have to pay me! Just promise never to contact me again, hahaha" She said shrilly.

He stared at her as she ran down the corridor giggling manically. Sesshoumaru shook his head,

'What a shame. She seemed to be the best one for the job.'

He shut the door and picked up his papers. Rin hugged him round the waist.

"She was so mean! She wouldn't play with me! Does this mean you have to stay with me now?"

Sesshoumaru said nothing and sent Rin off to bed. He tucked her in and went to the phonebook. He ran an elegant finger down the list of names and found what he was looking for; he picked up the phone and started dialling the number.

"Hmm, I wonder if Sango is available tomorrow night. She has a brother. Maybe Rin will get along with her…"

Rin heard this, and cursed in her mind. Sango would be a tough one. She went into a deep sleep and smiled, as she conjured up different ways of disposing of her next victim.

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