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Sesshoumaru opened the door to leave for work when Naraku walked in almost knocking Sesshoumaru over. Sesshoumaru regained his composure and said nothing (surprised?) Naraku was the only person willing to look after Rin and Sesshoumaru wasn't about to kill him now…...maybe later. Anyway, Naraku plonked himself into Sesshoumaru's favorite armchair and picked up the movie sized packet of crisps that Rin had left for him. Sesshoumaru cleared his throat to catch Naraku's attention but Naraku had already turned on the TV. Sesshoumaru clenched his teeth and walked out the door. Rin wandered out of her room and saw the front door closing, she sighed deeply. She had spent all night trying to conjure up a plan and had come up with nothing. Rin went into the kitchen for some breakfast when she caught sight of a tall glass of chocolate milkshake which Sesshoumaru had made for her. She grabbed it and ventured into the living room slurping noisily. Naraku turned his head to find the source of noise when he jumped in his seat, startling Rin.

"Whoa! You look like hell!" He craned his neck to get a closer look at Rin, he was right. She had dark circles around her eyes, tired lines all over her face and her hair was un-brushed and very tangled. Rin disliked this comment very much. Naraku went back to his TV show and Rin caught sight of his navy V-neck sweater. She looked at her milkshake and then at the sweater. She grinned. As innocently as she could she walked around the sofa and accidentally on purpose tripped and sploshed the chocolate milkshake on Naraku.

"Oopsie! Sorry Naraku!" She got up and put a finger to her lips.

Naraku gasped and stared at his sweater in horror.

"My favorite sweater." His voice trembled with fury.

Rin stopped pretending to be sorry and gave a vindictive smile. She was finally going to anger Naraku! She giggled as Naraku breathed hard, his chest heaving, but then-

"Luckily I brought my detergent with me." He said calmly holding up a bottle filled with blue liquid.

"And a spare shirt!" He added brightly, he flounced of into the bathroom leaving Rin grinding her teeth in anger. A few minutes later, when Naraku was sitting comfortably in Sesshoumaru's armchair in his clean sweater, Rin approached him smiling sweetly. She had been thinking hard when she heard a commercial on the TV which proclaimed:

"Ex-Lax! For gentle instant relief. Now in chocolate flavour!"

Rin smiled, that worked so well with Inuyasha. But then her smile turned into a grin. She had an idea.


"Mr Naraku sir?"

He grunted to show that he was listening.

"Would you like a drink or something? Maybe….a soda??"

Naraku held up the bottle of 'Insta-relief' which she had used last time, without taking his eyes off the TV screen. Rin's smile faded and she stormed off angrily. She lay on her bed seething and cursed Naraku under her breath; she did this for a while and ended up staring at the ceiling listening to the cheers coming from the television. She found herself feeling sorry for Kagura, but then shook her head angrily. This was not the time for pity; she had some serious planning to do. She had not failed to get rid of any babysitter yet, and she certainly wasn't planning to. It would be tricky…but not impossible. Rin suddenly felt a surge of determination. So, the laxative didn't work…but maybe…

Rin skipped up to Naraku La-la-ing loudly.

"Hey Naraku!"

Naraku batted her away and listened closely to what the overweight woman was droning on about on the TV.


This time he laid his head back on the armchair closing his eyes as though praying for patience.

"What?" he asked tonelessly.

"Do you wanna play hide and seek?"

Naraku turned his head slowly to face Rin, who took a step back realizing that she had just insulted him, badly.

"Do I look like I…PLAY???" he asked quietly.

Rin shook her head fiercely; he then waved a hand dismissively at her and went back to his TV show shaking his head disbelievingly. Rin didn't hesitate to leave the room; she hid in the corner in a foetal position trying to regain her confidence. But then, she suddenly remembered Sango, she scrambled to her feet and ran to her room quietly, she reached under her bed and grabbed the mangled rubber toy. Rin took a quick glance at Naraku to make sure he was still there, and sure enough he was. She pressed herself against the wall and breathed in deeply preparing herself.

Naraku burst out laughing spraying crumbs all over the place at a comedy he was watching; he then heard an ear-splitting scream which made him drop his half eaten packet of crisps. Rin stopped screaming and threw the toy which landed right in front of Naraku. It gave her great satisfaction to hear a loud shriek…which she mistook as a shriek of fear because when she peeked at him to see the result, to her surprise and great disappointment, Naraku was holding up the rubber spider and stroking it lovingly. The shriek of fear was actually a shriek of glee. She stormed off into her room and screamed angrily into her pillow.


Later in the day, when Rin had calmed down, she waltzed up to Naraku with Sesshoumaru's agenda in hand. She couldn't help noticing the rubber spider perched on his shoulder.

"Mr Naraku sir? Do you wanna draw?"

"No" He said stuffing in a handful of crisps.

"Oh come on! I bet I can draw better than you!" She challenged, hoping Naraku would be as stupid as Kouga.

"Oh yeah? Show me then" He replied without taking his eyes off the TV. Rin made a noise like an angry cat but soon calmed herself,

"Can you help me with my homework then?"

"Ask Sesshoumaru"

"But he's not here"

"Phone him then."

Rin gripped the book agenda tightly and went to her room throwing the agenda into the opposite wall in fury. Naraku chuckled to himself; Rin was almost as bad as Kagura when she was small. Rin sat thinking on the floor like she usually did. What did she do to Kikyou? The phone call. She didn't have anything recorded but she could try. She sneaked into Sesshoumaru's study and picked up his cell phone. She dialled the house number. Rin heard the phone ring in the living room and a shout of surprise from Naraku. He picked up the phone,

"Hello?" He said with his mouth full of crisps.

Rin cleared her throat and put on her best impression of Kikyou's voice.

"Naraku darling? It's me Kikyou."

Naraku dropped his packet of crisps. "Kikyou?"

"Yes my darling, I hate Inuyasha now, I want you"

Naraku narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Nice try Rin." He said and hung up. Rin gasped. How did he know??? She ran to her room in embarrassment and pounded her pillow repeatedly. Naraku bent down to get his crisps when the phone rang again. He smiled. Persistent this one.

"Yes Rin?, Oh, what is it Kanna?"

He paused then sighed irritably. "Well then just put 'chocolate' on the shopping list."

"What? Get Kagura on the phone. NOW." Naraku drummed his fingers on his knee as he waited.

"Kagura? What does Kanna mean…huh? Well, her little friends better be gone and my house better be clean when I get back, got it? Exactly, yea-no no I didn't say that-I…..look just do it Kagura!" He slammed the phone down, picked up his crisps and went back to the armchair grumpily.

While Naraku was arguing over the phone, Rin had remembered what else she had done to Kikyou. The Armani suit. She leapt to her feet and made to run to Sesshoumaru's room when she remembered something. Sesshoumaru-sama doesn't have any more expensive suits. She destroyed his only one….but he did have a pair of very expensive Italian shoes. She stifled a snigger and ran to his room; searched through his wardrobe and pulled out Sesshoumaru's Italian leather shoes. She went to the wash room and got the bottle of bleach; she grinned maliciously and unscrewed the top. Rin tilted the bottle slightly to pour it all over Sesshoumaru's shoes when suddenly a tentacle came out of nowhere and snatched the bottle out of Rin's hand.

"Don't even think about it!" Naraku called from the living room. Rin hung her head and stomped to Sesshoumaru's room to put his shoes back.


After a while, when Rin had finally recovered from her tantrum, and was now sitting on her bedroom floor thinking hard. This one is tricky; she needed something good this time. Rin was trying to remember what she had done to the monk; she rocked to and fro to help her remember (a habit she caught from Sesshoumaru). Suddenly she rocked to far back and toppled backwards, banging her head hard on the floor. Poor little innocent Rin let out a long string of swearwords under her breath and made to get up, when she saw something under her bed, her cute face lit up with glee.

Demonic Rin dragged the bag of dolls into the living room and dumped it in front of Naraku, who was throwing popcorn angrily at the screen.

"Booo! He's lying!"

Rin stood in front of the screen. "Mr Naraku Sir?"

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" He bellowed throwing the whole packet in Rin's face. She tried to pretend that didn't happen and pressed on, trying to ignore Naraku's shrieking laughter and his finger pointing at her mockingly.

"Do you wanna play dollies with me again?"

Naraku stopped laughing and was now gasping for breath. He straightened up and cleared his throat seriously.

"As much fun as I had last time….but no."

"Oh Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase????" Rin pleaded.

Naraku slumped back into the armchair and began to search through his many pockets.

"Where did I put those things?" He muttered while Rin annoyed the hell outta him.

"Play with me! Playwithmeplaywithmeplaywithmeplaywithmeplaywithme-"

"Aha!" He said triumphantly holding up a little wooden puppet, he threw it into the air and it transformed into one of his golems dressed in a monkey pelt. (I hope that's what his puppets are called!) It stood towering over Rin then turned to face, Naraku awaiting his orders.

"Play with the girl." He said flatly jerking his head in Rin's direction. The golem nodded and turned to face Rin, who was not at all pleased with this, but she was not going to show this, instead she 'YAY!'ed, took the golems hand and led it to her room, the golem look back at Naraku reproachfully but he paid no attention. A few minutes later, when Rin and Naraku's puppet had played at least 7 games, the golem went back to Naraku, doll in hand, hopefully.

"Uh-uh, get back there mister." Naraku said to his golem, who hung its head in disappointment and went back to Rin's room. Rin herself was getting tired of playing games with this copy of Naraku; it was the real one she wanted. She walked up to the golem slowly and smiled sweetly.

"Do you wanna play a new game?"

The golem knew something was wrong and took a step back towards the door. Rin advanced slowly on the golem then suddenly stamped on its foot as hard as she could, it shouted in pain and crumbled into dust. Rin grinned maliciously and was about to move on to her next plan when the real original Naraku came storming into her room.

"Right!" He yelled angrily "YOU, get over there, siddown and shaddup!!"

Rins grin slid off her face as she made her way out.


Naraku let out a low whistle at an insult from a soap opera he was now watching.

"Oh ho! That was cold!"

He stuffed in another mouthful of crisps, chewing noisily while Rin glared up at him from where she was sitting; cross legged on the floor next to the armchair.

"I'm hungry" She said abruptly.

Naraku stared at her as though he had just noticed that she was there.

"Oh yeah…right."

Four pairs of tentacles burst from his sides and shot into the kitchen. Two made a peanut butter sandwich while the other two squeezed orange juice into a glass. All this was being done without Naraku even leaving his chair. The sandwich and orange juice was shoved into Rins hands and the tentacles shot back into Naraku's sides. Rin sniffed the sandwich suspiciously.

"I don't like peanut butter." She said rudely.

Naraku slowly faced her and narrowed his glowing red eyes.

"You do now."

Rin obediently took a huge bite out of her sandwich and chewed unnecessarily fast. Naraku nodded approvingly and changed to the sports channel. After a while, Rin finished her snack and had gone back to glaring at Naraku, who was on the edge of his seat watching the game closely.

"FOUL! That was a foul! Red card! RED CARD!" He yelled stamping his feet.

"This is boring, I wanna watch cartoons!" Rin made a grab for the remote but Naraku beat her to it.

"Nuh-uh! I have the remote, so I watch what I want!"


Rin dived for the remote successfully swiping it out of Naraku's hand.

"Ha!" She changed the channel to Billy and Mandy just when the commentator was saying: 'And number 12 has the ball and I think he's gonna score! He's-'


Naraku dropped to his knees grabbing fistfuls of his hair despairingly. He then shot a lethal look at Rin who was holding the remote loosely in her small hand and singing loudly to the opening song. Suddenly her vision was completely obscured by a large amount of black hair. Naraku had thrown himself on top of her and wrenched the remote from the kicking and screaming Rin; he changed the channel back and got off the flattened Rin. She scrambled up brushing herself off as calmly as she could while Naraku slumped back into the armchair. Then slowly and innocently she walked behind the armchair, suddenly she lurched forward towards the remote, but Naraku seemed to have known this was going to happen because a tentacle shot out grabbing Rin around the waist and lifting her up until her head was almost touching the ceiling holding her there. Rin screamed loudly and wouldn't stop until Naraku was forced to send up another tentacle to cover her mouth. Rins screams were muffled but that didn't stop her, she bit down hard on the tentacle which was covering her mouth.

"HEY! STOP THAT UP THERE!!!" He jerked the remaining tentacle upwards so that Rin's head banged against the ceiling. Rin then began to cry because of the now throbbing pain on the top of her head, snot dribbling down from her runny nose.

"Oh no no, those crocodile tears won't work on me-ewww!"

Naraku sent up another tentacle with a tissue, she took it and blew her nose loudly.


Rin gave up crying ages ago and was now reduced to tearing bits of the damp tissue and dropping it lazily so that it floated down and landed in Naraku's hair. His hair looked quite white and fluffy after a while. Suddenly, Naraku leapt to his feet cheering and waving his arms in the air completely forgetting that he was holding Rin in his tentacles. Rin fell down with a thump as the tentacles returned to their master. He didn't seem to notice but kept cheering as the soccer game finished. Rin, surprisingly, said nothing. She was just glad to be on solid ground again. Anyway, while she was up there she had thought of something else that just might work. She waited patiently until Naraku had calmed down and then fallen asleep in Sesshoumaru's armchair, while watching a boring program about "How to be a good father". He was snoring loudly and beginning to drool when Rin shook him awake.

"Whassamatter?" He said groggily looking around the room blearily.

"Mr Naraku Sir?"

"Whaaaaat?" He asked a note of dread in his voice.

"Can I ask you something?"

"As long as it isn't about Sesshoumaru cuz he doesn't tell me a thing."

"Where do babies come from?"

Naraku's eyes widened and he suddenly sat up straight looking extremely nervous.

"Uh-um-well…how can I explain….er…."

But then he came to his senses. "Wait a minute. I'm not really the one to ask, I mean. All my kids came from me! Why don't you ask Sesshoumaru how they come the NORMAL way?" He said patting Rin on the head.

"Why?" Rin asked innocently. Naraku blinked stupidly. "Why what?"

"Why can't you tell me?"

"Well…because…my kids aren't normal."


"Because I'm not normal, I suppose"


"Because I'm a demon" He puffed out his chest proudly.


"Because…I'm not sure."




"Because I know she'll obey me."


"Because Kanna isn't like Kagura."


Because Kagura is stubborn and rude." Naraku said angrily.


"She gets it from me I suppose." He said thoughtfully.


"Um….because I'm her father….but maybe I'm not a good father." Naraku began to wring his hands anxiously.


"I DON'T KNOW!!!!" Naraku burst into tears and began to sob uncontrollably. Rin patted his knee sympathetically, but she was so relieved that she had finally broken him. Just then the front door opened and Sesshoumaru walked in calmly, he stopped dead and stared at the sobbing Naraku, who just noticed that he was there. Naraku stood up so suddenly that Rin jumped back in alarm.

"Naraku what is that in your hair?-" Sesshoumaru began but Naraku interrupted.

"You have no idea what it's like to raise four kids on your own!"

He disappeared into the kitchen and came out holding a mega packet of Doritos, as he made his way out he paused in front of Sesshoumaru glaring at him with blood shot eyes and sniffing.

"You have no idea what you are harbouring in your home!" He cried sniffing. Sesshoumaru was very taken aback by Naraku's sudden change of behaviour which Naraku mistook for a look of confusion because then he yelled,

"Ask HER!" He roared dramatically, pointing an accusing finger at Rin.

Rin looked up at Sesshoumaru innocently. Naraku glared at Sesshoumaru one last time before giving a great sniff and storming out of the apartment leaving a trail of tissue bits and opening the packet of Doritos noisily. Sesshoumaru stared after him disbelievingly then looked at Rin for some kind of explanation, but she just shrugged.


Rin sat in the living playing with her dollies while Sesshoumaru cleared up, he picked up the last potato crisp and then went to Rin's room to retrieve his agenda. He found his poor battered agenda and bent down to pick it up when his pen, which he always keeps in his shirt pocket, fell down and rolled under the bed. Sesshoumaru 'tutted' and lay flat on his stomach groping around under Rin's bed for his expensive Parker pen. He grabbed something and pulled it out, Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow and tossed the pair of Rins pink dusty knickers over his shoulder, but then his delicate hand brushed over something metal. He frowned slightly and pulled out the mystery object. It was his professional tape-recorder. Sesshoumaru stood up and made to confront Rin about it when he noticed that there was a tape inside, he checked to see if Rin was still playing and then pressed 'Play'. He listened fixedly to Inuyasha sleep talking and it clicked, Rin must have used this against Kikyou. He had suspected this because Inuyasha had complained to Sesshoumaru that Kikyou had turned up on his doorstep screaming and cursing him for standing her up, on the day when she was supposed to be looking after Rin. Sesshoumaru smiled sadly at Rin's cleverness, but he just couldn't make out why Rin wanted to cause all this trouble? He took the tape out and pocketed it, he could use it to mock Inuyasha later. Sesshoumaru went into the living room where Rin was already packing away her dolls. He stood towering over her, she smiled up at him. But her smile faded as she saw Sesshoumaru's face, he was expressionless but his eyes were full of disappointment. He dropped the tape-recorder in front of Rin; she stared down at it and gulped.

"Rin?" Sesshoumaru knelt down and held her by the shoulders. "Why did you do all this?"

Rin began to stream down her face, but Sesshoumaru felt no pity.

"I-I just w-w-wanted you t-to stay!" She choked out.

Sesshoumaru let go of her and turned away, he could hear her sniffing and hiccupping quietly.


He sighed deeply and faced her again; she was just sitting there, tears sliding down her cheeks. Sesshoumaru wiped off a glistening tear with his thumb and pulled Rin into an almost fatherly hug. Rin clung to him and sniffed.

"I understand Rin. But now, I have no choice but to take you to work with me."

Rin sniffed in response, everything she had done seemed to be so clear now. How could she have been so stupid??? She made a vow to never be so selfish again. But then she realised something….she had successfully out witted seven adult babysitters. She was far too adept to quit now.

Oh ho, she was going to have a lot of FUN at work tomorrow…..

TA DA!!!! Yes people! There will be a sequel to this story! It will be called….."RIN'S REVENGE." Don't miss it! But first I will be writing a short fanfic which includes all the Inuyasha gang and more, their task will be taking care of PETS. Just to get you interested. Kikyou gets a monkey. And no, not Naraku, he gets a fluffy little ball of fun, hehehee! Also, to any Naraku fans I do have a fanfiction about him and to Sesshoumaru fans I also have a story with him, and despite the title it is pretty funny. Feel free to read them! Ok, so wait for Rins revenge! Sayonaraaaaaaaaa!!