Author: Eh, I don't know, there's a pregnant person in my 4th period, she sits in front of me and this idea hit me. I had to write it 'cus it wouldn't leave me alone. Nothing is mine blah blah blah, JK Rowling is the best. Enjoy!

"Congratulations Mr. Potter, you're pregnant."

There was a harsh bark of laughter and then tense silence.

"Really Healer, I don't have time for jokes, I just need to know why I've been feeling off these few weeks." The impatient youth sighed irritably.

The older man frowned. "And I have just informed you of your condition Mr. Potter."

Harry remained silent as he questioned the healer's sanity.

"I'm a boy." He said flatly.

"Yes." The healer nodded. "And why is that a concern?" He asked, truly perplexed as to what Harry was leading to. "Your wizard blood enables you to bear young."

Harry stared at the professional in shocked awe. Never in all his sixteen years of life had he ever heard of a male getting pregnant. Then again he had been raised by muggles and if what this man was saying proved true then his aunt and uncle wouldn't have known about it either.

The healer seemed to realize this too. "You mean you didn't know?" He asked in surprise.

Harry sighed and covered his face with his hands. "I was raised by muggles." He replied shortly.

"Oh dear." The man was shocked.

Harry dropped his hands and smiled ruefully. "Yeah, big surprise for me too." He snorted. "So what now?"

"I will schedule regular visits until the baby does indeed prove healthy. Though there is nothing to worry about." He smiled reassuringly, mistaking Harry's scowl for a look of worry.

"Thank you." Harry mumbled, turning away.

"May I ask who the father is?" The healer questioned with a calm smile.

Harry's scowl deepened. "There is no father." He spat. "And if I can help it, there won't be a baby either." He replied coldly as he stood.

"B-but, Mr. Potter!"

"Thank you for your time." Harry nodded as he left the flustered wizard alone.

Author: And so ends the first chap, nothing much happening right now. Eh, but I'll put the next chap so it doesn't seem so short.