Author: Sex. Gah, I was so bored writing this.

Severus roughly pushed Harry against the oak door as his mouth trailed a sinful path across the boy's quivering flesh.

"Sev." Harry whined as he thrust against the man's solid body.

"Patience Harry." Severus panted as he licked and suckled at the flushed skin of Harry's neck.

"Nn." Harry squeaked in return as he leaned into the touch. "N-need more."

He was already on Harry, kissing and caressing him in earnest, he knew they both wouldn't be able to wait long for the next part undoubtedly coming.

But Severus truly hoped to bury the memories of the past within their newly kindled love.

"You are precious Harry," he said and kissed Harry's chin, "so precious to me." He wanted the boy to feel loved, unlike his past experience with sex.

Harry wrapped his arms around Severus waist and pulled him close. He welcomed the man's affection. When Severus began to strip him of his clothes, he made no objection. He was just as eager as the elder wizard was.

Before long Harry was naked in the soft candlelight, his honeyed skin glowing with warmth.

Severus bit his lip in a brave attempt to halt the lusty moan that erupted from the sight of such innocence.

Harry smiled a bit self-consciously, nervously trying to cover himself now that he was at the center of attention.

He turned his head away with a blush adorning his cheeks. "Don't look at me." He muttered in embarrassment.

Severus shook himself out of his shock and he moved forward. "No Harry, don't cover yourself." He murmured reassuringly. "There's no need to hide such a handsome body."

Harry flushed at the praise and smiled brightly as he leaned forward and stole a kiss. "I could say the same to you." He murmured throatily.

His calloused fingers began to trail down the soft robes of black, enjoying the feel of firm muscles beneath. Slowly the material slipped from the broad shoulders and fluttered to the floor. He chuckled mischievously as his hands then moved down toward Severus' heated crotch.

Harry cupped the straining bulge in his hand experimentally. It was deliciously heavy. He eagerly pulled down Severus' trousers and peeled back his underwear, unsurprisingly they were black, though he was surprised to find them as silk.

Severus' cock sprang free from its confinement as Harry pulled the underwear down to his ankles. It was thick and hard, waving in the air teasingly.

Harry leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss against the weeping head, his lips glistening with the pre-cum heavily spilling from the slit.

Severus grunted, his erection slapping up into his belly, smacking Harry lightly in the face and leaving a shiny trail of pre-cum on his chin.

"Fuck." Severus groaned at the sight, his beautiful angel on his knees before him.

Harry looked up with lust filled eyes, asking a silent question which both knew the answer to. Severus nodded mutely.

Without further hesitation Harry eagerly moved forward and jammed the impressive member into his mouth.

Severus cried in shock as the wet warmth surrounded his sensitive flesh. Harry's tongue lathered at the underside as he moved his head on his prize. He bobbed his head energetically, doing his best not to scratch with his teeth.

"H-harry." Severus choked.

The Gryffindor purred at the wanting voice of his Professor and gently gnawed on the underside of his cock, earning more twitches and moans.

Harry released his saliva slick member then and concentrated on the soft sac beneath it, reveling in his exploration. His fingers were still wrapped securely around Severus' shaft and he slid his thumb over the glistening head of the proud cock.

His tongue gently bathed the swaying balls as Severus humped his hips forward with Harry's hand. Shudders raced up the wizard's spine and Severus grunted at the strange sensation.

Before he could dwell on the new sensation, Harry had worked his way back onto his cock, tongue writhing and pleasuring.

"Mm." The boy mumbled around his mouthful.

The muscles in Severus' abdomen twitched as Harry's moan vibrated through his cock, nearly undoing him.

"Harry." He hissed, hunching over as he clutched at the bobbing head of his young lover.

Harry then nudged the man's legs open and gently rubbed at the sensitive expanse of skin on Severus' inner thighs. His touch was feathery soft and made the quivering hips arch into him.

Harry slid his lover's cock in all the way down to its base causing Severus to arch his back and thrust his hips forward. He dug his fingers into Harry's hair and clenched on to the darkened locks.

He ravaged Harry's mouth, stretching the boy's lips as he thrusts grew urgent and Harry made no move to stop him. Instead he expertly compressed his cheeks, sucking in every bit of Severus that he could.

Sev huffed as he struggled to catch his breath. "Are you sure you've never done this before?" He panted.

Harry chuckled, mirth lighting his eyes as he placed his hands on Severus' flanks, helping him thrust into his mouth. The scent of the Potions Master filled his lungs.

"Nn, H-harry."

Harry sucked lustily as he finally erupted. A thick load of Severus' juices coated his tongue. He ate it up hungrily, his throat working overtime to swallow everything. With a last gulp of Severus' cum, he licked his lips, catching a few stray specks. Gently Harry ran his tongue around the slit of the rapidly hardening member, cleaning his prize.

He loved the taste of Severus. He wanted more.

He was about to take Severus' cock back into his mouth when a pair of gentle hands stopped him.

He looked up in confusion. "Sev?"

The wizard smiled. "I want to make you feel good too Harry." He murmured and leaned down, planting a brief kiss on the boy's nose.

Harry giggled slightly and scrunched his nose at the tickling feeling.

Severus leaned closer to Harry's ear and he nibbled at the sensitive flesh before sucking on the lobe. Harry moaned and melted in the man's arms.

Severus grinned. "Let's move onto the bed now." He suggested in a thick, whispery voice.

Harry readily agreed and sighed contently as he was laid out on the soft silk the color of ebony.

He closed his eyes and felt the larger body carefully slip in beside him, hovering over his own. Warmth radiated from the unmoving form and Harry shifted, trying to gain contact.

Slowly emerald gems opened to the shadowed room, lidded with lust as he searched out his lover.

Severus was poised above him, his long fingers hovering over Harry in a moment of indecision.

"It's okay Sev." Harry whispered. "I trust you."

The dark haired man panted lightly as his eyes roamed across the bare flesh before him. "You're so beautiful Harry." He murmured. "So beautiful."

Tears shone within Harry's eyes yet he smiled. "Make love to me Sev."

His hands fell onto the skin and he moaned aloud at the rich warmth radiating beneath his fingers.

He wanted this boy.


"Roll over Harry." He whispered softly.

Harry blinked for a moment and then moaned in though as he twisted onto his stomach.

The view from behind was just as delectable as the front and Severus found his mouth watering.

He caressed down Harry's spine, following the line down until he reached the pert rear which clenched at the soft touch.

Severus rubbed the smooth mounds before him for a moment, trailing his drifting fingers down to tease his anus with a curious thumb. Harry jerked upwards with a soft moan.

"Please." He sobbed with need.

Severus merely chuckled as he dipped a finger into him and rotated it around. He searched for the bundle of nerves that would have Harry crying out his name.

"Ohhh Severus!" Harry moaned, his eyes half-closing with the intense wave of feeling that rushed through him as his prostate was pressed.

Ah, there it was.

Severus chuckled deeply and continued his task of gently stretching the no-longer-resisting opening. By now his hand was moving in smooth little in-and-out thrusts that made Harry's hips buck slightly in time with them.

Without pausing in his rhythm he shifted his hips forward and rubbed his cockhead against Harry's button-like asshole. "Do you want this?" He husked.

"Yes!" Harry squirmed, writhing against him, body taut and wanting.

Severus removed the probing digits and slid his hand along Harry's flank. "Tell me what you want me to do to you."

"Fuck me." Harry whimpered.

"If you're sure." The man whispered as he thrust forward, the head of his erection brushing against Harry's puckered hole in a teasing manner.

"Now Severus!" Harry cried, unsuccessfully trying to gain more friction as he fucked his hips into the mattress.

"Your wish is my command." Severus immediately encased his cock within the tight heat beneath him.

Harry groaned as he felt the enflamed cock jerk inside of him. He grit his teeth, trying to hold back his release. He felt so full, but with his prostate being pushed against he felt himself nearing the edge.

"Move." He panted, thrusting his hips back.

No further words were needed and Severus moved forward, the soft slap of his hips against Harry's rear loud in the otherwise silent room. He clenched his ass muscles as he thrust deeper and deeper with each move forward.

The soft pants and moans voiced by Harry were enough to spurn Severus forward, and he took pleasure in driving his hard prick into the fleshy ass.

He remained gentle throughout.

He contented himself with rubbing Harry's back and sides, while he smoothly buggered the warm, snug entrance. He caressed the back of Harry's thighs, tickling the soft hairs sprinkled across.

"Sev." The Gryffindor twitched.

Severus reached beneath the writhing body and grasped Harry's leaking cock in a tight hand and began to fist it roughly.

"Oh Merlin!" Harry screamed as the coiling in his crotch sprung free and released.

Harry's cum oozed over Severus' unrelenting fist, trickling onto his stomach. He continued to shudder in the afterglow of his orgasm, Severus reached down to rub the creamy warmth into his skin as he continued his slow thrusting.

Harry panted heavily, his face flushed with pleasure. He wanted Severus to cum too.

He slipped a hand down Severus' flank, urging him to go deeper. His prompting drove Severus wild with passion. His hips pumped frantically against Harry's, lifting him with each stroke.

Harry wasn't forced to wait long as he reflexively tightened his anus. His ass clamped down snugly on Severus' cock, while his muscles rhythmically pulled on the slicked erection.

Severus threw his head back and cried at the twitching muscles and immediately spilled his load. He pressed tightly against Harry's heaving body, clenching his eyes shut as his hips jerked in small thrusts.

"Harry!" He cried as he fell in a boneless heap atop the sweaty back of his lover.

Harry shifted and Severus pulled out gently as he moved to lie beside Harry. The sleepy eyes of the Gryffindor gazed into the equally tired eyes of the older man.

"Thank you Sev." He murmured.

The dark eyes blinked. "For what Harry?" He asked.

"For loving me, and for helping me to forget all the bad parts of my life." The boy murmured.

Severus smiled warmly. "Harry, you don't have to thank me for my love. I give it willingly and freely to you."

Harry sniffed in an attempt to hold back his tears of happiness. "Severus, will you stay with me? Help me raise James as his father?" He asked hopefully.

The Potions Professor lost his breath as he stared at this creature that he had come to care so much about. What Harry was asking, it would be such an honor to raise a child with him, even if it wasn't his own.

He leaned forward and kissed the boy's brow. "Yes Harry." He murmured against his skin. "I want to stay with you and James. I want to be a…family."

"Family." Harry tested the word on his tongue.

Yes, he liked that idea. He joyfully embraced Severus, holding on tightly with his love.

Severus smiled. "Let's go to sleep now Harry." He murmured against his ear. "We have an entire future together now that I've found you."

"I love you Severus." Harry whispered as he began to fade into sleep.

"I love you too Harry." Severus whispered. "I won't ever let you go, I promise."

The two lovers lay entwined within a warm embrace. They had finally been brought together by hardship, united by their emotions and similar need for love.

And Harry couldn't be happier, he had finally gotten the love he had always wanted, and a family to boot.

Life couldn't get better.

The End!

Author: Finally over! Sucky ending I know, I couldn't think of anything else though, I don't do "happy". Which is why a sequel will be soon to arrive. For those of you who don't mind angst, come along, 'cus I can't stand a happy ending, I need revenge. I hope to see some of you there, the title is The Truth Hurts. I luv you all, you guys gave me a lot of inspiration. I dedicate this to the fans! Have happy lives and stuff, see you, it was a fun ride!