And So I Conclude

Link's eyes opened slowly. It took him a moment to realize that he was floating on the ocean with sleeping next to him. She awoke a few seconds later.

The two finally noticed that something was repeatedly hitting and bouncing off their heads. They looked forward, only to find themselves facing Prince Komali, who was hovering above the water and throwing rocks at them.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE -- oh, you're awake," he said.

"Yeah, and you can stop throwing rocks at us now!" Link snapped.

Komali threw another rock at Link's head, then at Tetra's before he told them, "Look behind you."

Link and Tetra turned around, and do you know what they saw? I know what they saw. Do you know what they saw? They saw Tetra's pirate ship. That's what they saw.

Everyone seemed to be aboard the ship. Aryll stood at the crow's nest; waving; Niko was humping a wooden beam on the ship, Medli and Makar were doing eachother on the sure was a party.

Link peered at Medli and Makar.

"Hey, Komali, isn't that your girlfriend having sex with a turnip?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah, I know. I'm gonna go join them in a second," Komali replied.

"Ew..." Link muttered as he tried to get the terrible pictures out of his mind.

Tetra said, "Well, that's really disturbing, uh...what's your name?"

"Prince Komali."

"Right. Well, Prince Komali, how long have you been watching us?"

Komali said nothing, which gave Link and eerie thought...

Had he been there, staring at them for maybe hours? Link pushed this thought out of his mind, too. He then realized that being within five feet of Prince Komali could cause severe brain damage. I mean, over-exposure to Komali could make one go insane or zap away their intelligence!

A few hours later, the party continued on at Outset Island. There was an amazing variety of alchoholic beverages, and of course, Link over-indulged. After all, he had to party hard, for there was much to celebrate! He had defeated Ganondorf, and the best possible thing happened -- the King of Red Lions commited suicide!

Or so he thought...

Tetra walked up to Link, who stood on the beach. In front of him sat the King of Red Lions' lifeless boat form.

"Hey, Link, I was wondering if you wanted to join my pirate crew, because I need a new slave... The other ones are starting to bore me. So, do you accept?" she asked.

Link hiccupped and swayed.

"I accept, Princess Leia!" he slurred as he lit a match and set his boat on fire.

Tetra watched in amusement.

"Ok then. Happy hangovers to you, and welcome to the crew!" she said, slapping him on the back and walking away. Link puked all over the sand.

Aryll trotted over to her older brother and hugged him.

"Big brother, I missed you!"

"Hey, stop humpin' my legs, you maggot!" Link said.

Aryll looked up at him.

"I love you, too," she replied cheerfully.

"GET OFF!" Link barked, shoving Aryll to the ground before passing out.

Aryll stared at him, shrugged, and went home to watch Prince Komali, Makar, Medli, and her grandmother perform a foursome on the kitchen floor in the house.

The day had been saved, thanks to a young boy, a pirate, a rapist/vampire, a nudist, some guy who's in Disney World, and a princess who is the exact same person as the pirate, which doesen't make sense, 'cause you can't be two people at once.

Ah, what a wonderful world we live in, eh?


It's over. It's finally over. I want to thank all those who read and love this story, and I hope you will enjoy the sequel just as much. This is hard to finish, but it had to happen some time... I hope you like the ending. Thanks again, I love you guys. Not romantically, of course, but the way an author loves a reader. That still did not sound right. Well, I'm so depressed about ending the story, I'm almost in denial... Oh, shit, I might start crying here... Well, read the sequel and review it. That'll make me feel better. The Wind Waker had a good run, thanks to you guys. You're the best! This is tacochickenwings, signing out!