Everyday. Seriously everyday, that's what everyone talked about. 'Oh, did you see what Rinoa wore yesterday! Wasn't it fabulous!' 'Oh my god! You won't even guess who Rinoa's going out with this week!'

'What's so special about the blonde-in-disguise anyways? Sure, she's got a great smile and money and looks and...everything...so? Can't people get their own lives? Rinoa is not the center of the god-damn universe!' Fujin glowered at the passers-by who hurried on their way, least she get up and pulverize them.

In reality, it wasn't all about Rinoa. But it was enough to make her sick of hearing about her. In her opinion, after the way Heartily tossed Leonheart to the side like used shoes was a sin. He saved her pathetic life on more then one occassion and what thanks did he get? He was last weeks sale in Rinoa's book. No wonder the poor man never liked anyone.

"Oh, look." Rinoa's high pitched, sing-songy voice grated Fujin and she could feel the anger rising.

"NEED. WHAT." Rinoa snickered.

"Aw, is the little dog angry?" The group behind Rinoa laughed. Why? The remark wasn't even funny. Fujin clenched her fists and glared at Rinoa, knowing the girl was stupid enough to continue her pestering. 'Keep it up...'

" Do you think that patch makes you tough Kazeno? You know your just a scared little girl--" That was it. Fujin snapped. Her fists were aching to smash that pretty little face in and she lunged for the girl, making her squeal. However, Fujin never reached her target. Someone was holding her back. Rinoa didn't say anything as she and her posse hurried away. 'When I get a hold of her...' Fujin swore to inflict serious bodily harm upon the girl next time she saw her. For now, she would show whoever had stopped her the meaning of dead meat.

"WHAT!" She demanded of the man. He had no right to interfere...

"..." He stared back at her with deep crimson eyes and said nothing. He just looked at her. Fujin felt the anger inside replace surprise; felt it ache to be released.

"I don't know who you think you are--" Fujin stopped. She hadn't said a full sentence to anyone. Ever. And this...man...she'd spoken to him...

"LEAVE." Her eye was narrowed into a dangerous slit and the ebon haired man turned and left. Fujin watched him go as the fury built and she slammed her fist into the wall beside her, anger coating the pain of her knuckles shattering.

"Fujin?" Seifer asked, seeing the woman storm into their dorm, holding her wrist and kick a nearby chair into the wall. The bathroom door slammed closed and the shower turned on. Seifer looked to Raijin. Both shrugged but were equally concerned.

Fujin looked at her reflection in the mirror and once again thought of Rinoa. The whore had it all. All she had was anger, hate and pain.

Silver strands hung in front of her good eye as she glared at her reflection. Rinoa was perfect. Rinoa was normal. Those who were normal were accepted, loved. But not her. Never her. Once again the anger rose, the pure undiluted fury. All of it unreasonably aimed at Rinoa Heartily. The whore had been saved. By everyone. People had risked their lives to save hers. People cared about her. No one had ever cared about Fujin. No one had loved Fujin. And no one ever would.

Fujin's reflection stared back at her. It shifted and swirled into Rinoa's laughing face. That perfect face. And suddenly it was gone. Fujin climbed into the shower, leaving the shattered pieces of the mirror on the floor.

The sound of glass breaking startled Seifer and Raijin. Seifer began to pace nervously and Raijin lost all concentration, burning dinner. Finally the door opened and Fujin stepped out, bandaging her bloody knuckles witha grimace. Now both hands were as good as useless.

"Fujin, let me help." Fujin's ice cold glare froze Seifer in the spot. Fujin may want to be saved, but no one would ever do so and she would die before she let them see she needed anyone.

"LEAVE. ALONE." The door to her bedroom slammed shut and Seifer and Raijin were left to eat take-out alone again.

A.n: Ok I got sick of seeing all these stories about Squall and Rinoa. So I started writing a new Fujin fic, for which you all know me for :) Well I'm including Quistis and Selphie more in this, a lot more and Bashing Rinoa a whole lot more hehee let me know if you like so far!

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