Chapter 1: The Institution

Tohru Honda sat on the couch, watching the news. All alone in the small room, she had the sound turned on full blast. Her "neighbor" repeatedly rapped against the thin wall, attempting to make her turn it down, but it was to no avail. Nobody in the Institution knew why she would always turn the sound up so loud; only Miss Honda knew.

She was trying to drown out the music. She had been at the Institution for almost twelve years now, and she had begun to recover from her… condition… but she was still far from complete recovery. It wasn't as bad as it used to be, however- the music now only consumed just a small portion of her mind, and she could usually silence it by turning the TV up, banging on the walls, or any means of loud noises besides the music.

She then heard another noise, apart from the loud blaring of the news, down in the hall. She also smelled something sweet, like homemade cake, or brownies, or something. The fresh, sweet smell reminded her of earlier days, when she used to live in that house, cooking for the three men who loved her- Shigure, Yuki, and…

Tohru slammed her head against the wall. She couldn't even think about Him, without hearing the God-awful music. The music that had been playing itself over, and over, and over, right before she… killed him. She began to wail loudly, as she did quite often, when she thought of Him. She screamed, disturbing everyone else in the institution. An uproar had begun, and now there were many squealing voices besides her own, yelling for their parents, their lovers, or anyone whom they thought still cared about them. But no one cared about Tohru. The only person who loved her was dead- she had killed Him. She had killed Him. She had killed Him. The thoughts ran over and over in her head, and she heard the music again, which grew louder and louder and louder and-

Her gruesome thoughts were interrupted by a light touch on her shoulder. She turned around, now with her guard up, expecting to see Him. But instead, there was Dr. Sherman, the head doctor in the Institution.

"Miss… Honda," the doctor said, with her friendly, almost cheesy smile, "we need you to calm down now," Tohru was shaking. She didn't like the feeling of human touch. The doctor looked like she was half afraid of Tohru, half sympathetic. "Once you calm down, we have a special surprise for you." We? Tohru looked beyond Dr. Sherman, and saw two teenaged girls behind her, holding a big, chocolate cake. 'Most likely volunteers,' Tohru thought to herself.

"Do you know what today is?" Continued Sherman, speaking as though Tohru were four years old. Tohru shook her head. She had no idea what was going on- she just couldn't seem to keep track of things these days.

"Today," said one of the volunteers gleefully, "is your twenty-eighth birthday!" Then Tohru remembered. She looked at her flower calendar, and sure enough, it was her birthday. How could have the time gone by so fast? It didn't seem like she had been here for two birthdays already…

"And," declared Dr. Sherman, "We have someone special here to see you…" Tohru turned around, and her eleven-year-old son stepped into the room.

"What's her condition?" inquired Doctor Sherman, peering at Hatori from where she sat in her large armchair.

"I… don't know," Hatori stated, "but she won't stop screaming, and muttering about some sort of music,"

"It sounds like it could be a rare type of Schizophrenia," said the doctor. Hatori mentally chuckled- that would certainly make sense, wouldn't it? "We'll have her tested as soon as possible. Does this girl have any parents? Legal guardians?" Hatori shook his head. Dr. Sherman frowned. "This is not good news…"

"Why not?" Inquired Hatori, "I would be happy to check on her from time to time- I am a doctor, you know."

"We're not worried about her, necessarily," she continued, "it's the baby that we're worried about…"

"Baby?" Hatori exclaimed, eyes widening.

"Oh yes," The doctor said, "we have recently discovered that Miss Tohru Honda is pregnant."