Tai sat his bedroom, thinking to himself. Now fifteen, and living in a new place, going to a different school, he did not often look back on the past. But today, on a rainy day, with nothing better to do, thinking back was about the only thing that came to mind.

He remembered meeting his real mother, Tohru Honda, on that fateful day that was now just a vague memory. He remembered discovering who his father was, and how horrified he had been. If he had not been so distracted, trying to save Tohru, he probably would have become suicidal or gone into some kind of deep depression. But his life moved forward so fast, that he never really had time to.

What he remembered most vividly was the burning building, watching it crumble to the ground. He remembered hoping, with all of his heart, that his real mother was safe, and that he could have a family again. Now, he realized, that his hopes were unrealistic. Even if his mother had survived, (and the chances were very slim; there were only two survivors: a middle aged man who suffered major injuries, and an old lady, Penelope Johnson, who was not harmed at all) he would probably not have been able to leave the loony bin until he was already grown. And he would most likely never had a father…

That same day that the building burnt down, Tai had met his new "mother", or caretaker anyway, Saki Hanajima. He had now been living with her for four years. At first, he was rather frightened of her, but he'd come to like and trust her. His "father", Kureno Sohma, had become extremely depressed after his wife's death, and had gone on a long journey. He had informed Tai that he would be back in a year, but three years had passed and he had still not returned. At first, he used to send letters, but that had stopped after about a year and a half. Tai wasn't even sure he was alive any more. Or maybe he had just grown tired of his "son".

They had mostly moved away to escape the memories, of his old house and of where Green Oaks Mental Institution had once stood. Tai told "Hana" (that was what his new caretaker had asked him to call her) that he could handle staying in his neighborhood, but she wouldn't hear of it.

"I can see that your heart has been deeply wounded from this. If you stay, it will not heal," she had told him.

So here he was, inside his new bedroom, in this new life. He was beginning to feel a bit melancholy, contemplating the past, when thankfully, Hana called,

"Tai! I wish for your assistance in cleaning the attic!" Tai obeyed, and soon stood beside her in the small, dusty room upstairs. Their attic was filthy, and full of very old things, because the house belonged to Hana's grandmother before they moved in. She had passed away, and in her will left her the house.

Tai started in the corner of the room that was the most cluttered. His job was to sort out the junk that could be kept, and the junk that had to be thrown away. He brushed away the dust and found a basket full of electronics. He found a lot of old games, that most likely once belonged to Hana. There was a Game Boy, a Nintendo64, and a Playstation2. There were also a variety of games in the basket: but the one that stood out to him the most was a brightly colored case, that was labeled in huge letters, "Dance Dance Revolution".