Time Alone

Chapter One: No parents

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Bulma woke up by someone screaming for her from downstairs. She groaned and sat up. She stood up and stretched, she walked over to her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Holy shit! I look like a car ran over me!" Bulma said examining her face. Her hair ran in all different directions. Her face was pale and her eyes had big bags underneath. She yawned and brushed her hair. She let her long Blue hair down, and then she put on some facial makeup to make the bags on her eyes go away.

"Baka Woman! Hurry up!" Vegeta yelled from the kitchen. Bulma growled and said, "What the hell does he want this early? He normally doesn't call me unless he broke the Gravity Room." She fixed her nightgown, and went downstairs.

"What took you so long woman?" Vegeta said growling at her. Bulma put her hands on her hips and said, "Well, what do you want?" Vegeta started to get frustrated. "I want breakfast…" Vegeta said giving her a cold stare. "Well why are you asking me? Ask my mother!" Bulma said storming out of the kitchen.

"Your prissy mother or father isn't here…" This caught Bulmas attention. She turned around at the doorway and said giving him a smirk, "Well, since she's not here then I guess you shall be serving yourself!" Vegeta snarled and got up. He walked passed her almost knocking her down. Then she snapped back, "And you better watch where you're going!" Vegeta kept walking but Bulma had a feeling he was grinning. "Ass hole…" She said folding her arms.

Bulma walked over to the fridge and saw a note there. It said that her parents would be gone for 2 weeks. "2 WEEKS!" Bulma shouted. Vegeta came back in saying, "What the hell are you screaming about now woman!" She didn't answer him. Instead she leaned against the fridge wide eyed. "M-my parents are going to be gone for 2 weeks…2 damn weeks I have to be stuck with you!" she said throwing down the note. She stomped on the paper and left the kitchen. He picked up the paper and thought, '2 weeks? What the hell am I going to do for 2 weeks with her?' Vegeta got up and went to train in his GR. Bulma went up to her room. She was really frustrated. 'There's no way I can survive with him here by myself! He could kill me or do something to me!' She shook her head and said, "But if he kills me then that means no more meals for him, or if his GR breaks down who will repair it?"

She shook her head again and got that off her mind. She decided she might as well take a shower. She discarded her previous clothes, turned on the water and got in. She then thought, 'What will happen over the 2 weeks?' she shivered, she was quite scared.

In the mean time, Vegeta was training. He sent a ki blast at one of the robots in the room. That robot sent it to 3 different robots. Then it came right back at him. He struggled. He managed to deflect it. Then he fell on the floor. He looked up and growled. It came right back at him. Vegeta sent a ki blast to destroy the ki blast coming after him. The whole GR blew up.

Vegeta stood up and mumbled, "Damn it…" Then he was off into the house. When he got in he yelled, "Woman! Come down her! The GR is broken!" When she didn't respond he went upstairs and forced opened the door. "Woman…?" When he realized she wasn't here, He heard the water going. He smirked to himself. Then he walked back out the door.

When Bulma was done she wrapped a towel around her body. Then she remembered that she left her clean clothes in the dryer. She growled and went downstairs assuming that Vegeta was still training. When she got half way to the dryer she herd vegeta yell, "Woman! You're out of the shower now so come here! The GR is broken again!" When she still didn't respond he said, "Then I will come looking for you!"

Vegeta closed his eyes and followed her ki. ' Hmm she's close…' he thought. He followed it until he hit a basket. He moved it and she was behind it. He gave her a confused look and said, "What the hell are you doing?" She hesitated for a moment and said, "umm I was trying to get past you so you wouldn't see me like this…" She got up, opened the dryer, and got her clean clothes out. When she was walking back to her room Vegeta stopped her…

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