Chapter 4: Fun…

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When Bulma got downstairs, she saw Vegeta washing off his plate. Very quietly she went up behind him and said, "You can do that later…" She smirked and put a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and looked at her. His eyes widened.

She turned him towards her. Vegeta just stood there shocked for a moment then got away from her. "What do you think your doing to the Prince of Saiyans?" Vegeta growled folding his arms. She just giggled and went up to him again.

"I don't know I thought I could give you a 'fun' night…" She put a finger on his face. She traced his face gently. He said nervously, "What do you mean by fun woman?" She just smiled and said, "You know exactly what I mean…"

"So what if I do? I wouldn't want it from a woman like YOU!" He said with sweat going down his face. ' Ok so maybe I thought wrong, maybe she is like this…' Vegeta thought. 'I might as well give in…' Then he put his arms around her waist.

"See, I knew you'd give in…my prince…" She grinned. "Ok, so maybe you over powered me…or at least in this game you did…" He smirked. Bulma raised her head and kissed him softly. He struggled for a moment put kissed her back. Vegeta took them both to his room. As they were flying they were still locked in their kiss, with their tongues sparring with each other.

Vegeta broke the kiss to set her on the bed. After he did that, He ripped off Bulma's nightgown. She was wearing a black-laced bra with a black G-string to match. Vegeta gazed at her perfect body, Curves and all. She looked up at him and smirked, "What are you waiting for? You know you want this…" Bulma said lying her head back down. Vegeta just smirked.

He slowly unhooked her bra. Then he went to suck on her nipples. He went to one side, then the other. After that he kissed her on the lips. Then moved down to the neck, chest then her flat tummy. He decided to tease her a little bit.

He licked her stomach, and went to her lower abdomen. He gently licked her there. She bucked her hips begging him to go lower. He smirked at this and decided he should do what he was told.

He went to her G-string and took it off by his teeth. It was somewhat wet from her wanting him. He inhaled a big smell of her flower. He gently licked her citreous. Bulma started to moan softly.

He licked her all around, and then stuck his tongue inside her. Burning at first Bulma tightened her walls inside. But getting use to the pleasure she let him continue. After he was done sapping up her juices, Bulma flipped him over.

"You didn't think you could have all the fun did you?" Bulma tried to pull off his blue spandex but was having a rough time. Vegeta helped her. Then Bulma went on what she was going to do. First she looked over the saiyan body that was in front of her.

The only thing left on him was his Dark blue boxers. She kissed him on the lips passionately. He closed his eyes hoping to savor every moment that happened. She moved downward leaving warm trails of her kisses on his body. She reached his abdomen and decided to tease him since he teased her.

She licked where the lining of his boxers were. He said in anger mixed with impatient, "W-woman! Hurry up!" She said while licking him, "Nope, you did this to me so I'm doing it to you…" She smirked knowing he wanted more. She decided to get on with it before he got to mad.

She took off his boxers and marveled at his size. She put her hair up in a hair tie. Then licked all around the 8 inch. Vegeta barely got the words out but said, "Woman…faster come on!" She smirked and took the thing in her mouth. She sucked hard. In seconds she had clear liquid running down her face. Vegeta was moaning in pleasure.

He flipped her over and said, "Step 3…" She smiled at him. Vegeta put his member at her entrance. He slowly put it in. Then slowly took it out. Then Bulma said while moaning, "Vegeta, uhh go faster!" Vegeta smirked and said to her, "Now that's what I'm talking about…"

He moved in and out really fast. Bulma grabbed the frame of the bed to hold onto. Vegeta was moving really fast. They went on for about 30mins doing the same thing. Then they both reached their climax. He spilled his liquid into hers. Then they both collapsed beside each other. Vegeta had just enough energy to do one more thing.

"Bulma, you're my mate now…" He said panting. She smiled and said, "Yes, I know that…" He went to her neck and sucked it for a moment. Then he said, "If we are going to be mates, I need to bite your neck, after I'm done you need to do the same." Bulma froze and said, "You have to bite me?... ok I suppose…" Bulma closed her eyes shut. He took his teeth and bit into her neck. She screeched then stopped. Vegeta lapped up her blood and said, "Ok you do the same." Bulma got on top of him and bit into him. Thinking it would taste metallic she closed her eyes. But it didn't taste like that. It tasted sweet.

'Wow you guys really ARE aliens…' she thought. After she sapped up his blood she laid her head on his chest. "Vegeta..?" Bulma said quietly. "Yes..?" "I love you…" Vegeta froze for a moment and said, "I love you to." Bulma and Vegeta smiled and fell asleep.

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