Alright. Now, people who loved this fic, I thank you very much for all of your wonderful feedback and kind words. I loved some of your comments, but unfortunately, I have to address a few of the negative ones.

For anyone who left a review that went something like this:

"OMFG! Eragon and Murtagh are BROTHERS so they can't be TOGETHER! That's so WRONG! EW! Why would you WRITE something like that? EW!11!one!"

Right. Yeah, there were a few of those. Now, not mentioning names, but if you were one of those reviewers, I'd like you to think about a few things:

1. Look at the publishing date of this fic. 6-02-05. JUNE 2nd 2005. Was Eldest out yet when this was written and posted? No, it wasn't. So did I know that Eragon and Murtagh were brothers when this was written and posted? No, I didn't.

2. And even if I did know that they were brothers when I wrote this, I probably would have written this anyways. So they're brothers, so what? You can't control the love that you feel for someone. It just doesn't work like that. Part of tolerance is accepting love in all of its forms—heterosexual relationships, homosexual relationships, incestuous relationships, it doesn't matter. Love is love, and that's all that's important. As far as I'm concerned, so long as all involved parties are aware and consenting, go for it. It's no one else's place to judge anyone else's relationships.

3. As far as the slash aspect of this goes, please note the summary of the fic itself. I quote: "They never said exactly what they meant. But Eragon and Murtagh understood each other. (slash)" See that last word? Slash. In other words: YOU WERE WARNED. So don't whine to me because you read about the naughtiness of two boys in love and didn't know it was there. BECAUSE IT WAS THERE.

4. One last thing. I realize that when I said "Reviews are appreciated", I didn't specify that they had to be positive reviews. I'm always interested in any and all feedback about my writings, positive or negative. But for goodness' sake, if you're going to leave a negative review, at least do it intelligently! There was one reviewer (no names will be mentioned, as always) who told me that she (I'm guessing at your gender, assuming you're reading this. If I have it wrong, I apologize.) didn't like or agree with the plot, but liked the writing of the story. She did this using good grammar and proper punctuation, and to whoever wrote that review, thank you very much for being honest. Now, I'm going to compare that to the guinea pig review above (which wasn't a real review, but was pretty close to what they really were). I had reviewers who criticized the story, made no comment on the writing, and did it all with either too much or no capitalization and poor grammar. I realize that you're all very upset because you didn't like the story, but would it really trouble you so much to hit the 'shift' button for proper nouns and the starts of sentences? I'm far more likely to pay attention to your opinions if you don't state them like a five-year-old sneaking onto your mum's computer.

Well, I think that's about it. For everyone mature enough to take the time to read this, thank you.

And now, because will delete this if there isn't at least a BIT of a fic in here, I shall give you a very short little ficlet. Because I just love you that much.


Rei's Tribute to Eragon/Arya and Eragon/Insert-Mary-Sue-Name-Here Fics


"I just don't understand!" Eragon wailed, sobbing into Saphira's shoulder. Even though considering the size of Saphira according to the canon, he wouldn't be able to reach her shoulder. But hey, attention to detail is for real fanfic authors, right? "Why doesn't Arya like me?"

There, there, little one; Saphira soothed, nuzzling his shoulder. It isn't your fault you acted completely recklessly even though she told you again and again that she doesn't want you.

Eragon blinked up at her, eyes red and puffy from crying. "Do you really think so?"

Of course. She'll come around, you just wait and see.

Bursting into renewed tears, Eragon hugged her. "I love you soooo much! You're the only woman in the world for me!"

Yeah, yeah. Stop your sniveling, kid.

He jerked away. "What?"

Ah...sorry, love. Brief moment of the author taking over my mind to make me say what she'd say if she was in my position.



Eragon turned at the sound of his name. Could it be—was his beloved Arya back for him? Had she changed her mind?

No, it wasn't Arya. But it was a woman, just as beautiful as the elf princess. Wait—the girl was an elf princess. She was tall and slender, with a perfect figure and perfect skin and perfect, if a bit unnatural, proportions. Her hair was the shimmering shade of moonlight on water, and her eyes were the clearest blue he'd ever seen. In short, she was perfect. She wore a blue gown that seemed tailored to her body, hugging her curves and dipping quite low in the front. "Hello, Rider Eragon;" she said demurely, in a voice that fell from her lips like a fountain. "I've wanted so very much to meet you. I wanted to see you, because I never thought that I'd meet another Rider."

He gaped at her, while Saphira snorted something that sounded very suspiciously like Oh, here we go again. "Wait—you're a Rider too?"

"Of course." Because really, who paid attention to the part in the books where there were only two dragon eggs left? It's not like that's important to the plot, or anything. Something like this was totally feasible. Because hey, maybe if enough insane fourteen-year-olds write it, Chris Paolini will write it too.

Uh-huh. Sure. Right.

Now, where were we? Oh, yeah. The new Rider.

"Anyway;" she continued, as if she hadn't been blatantly shot down by an extremely annoyed author; "My name is Kalai Mariana Selena Zuramine. I'm the princess of Ellesmera."

Eragon blinked. "I thought Arya was the princess of Ellesmera."

"She is. I'm her twin sister."

"…You look nothing like her."

"…Fraternal twin?"

Even Eragon wasn't stupid enough to fall for that one, and Kalai Mariana Selena Zuramine sighed. "Darn." With a faint pop, she disappeared, and suddenly reappeared, looking completely different. Now, her hair was a honey gold, pulled into a ponytail (except for the few locks that framed her face conveniently) with bright green eyes. She wore hip-hugging jeans and a tank top, and looked around, confused. Her eyes settled on Eragon.

"Like, oh my God!" She squealed, and somehow sounded perfect (watch, now, as the author cringes from overusing this adjective) despite the hysterical, almost fangirlish tone to her voice. "Like, how did I get here? I mean, like, one minute I was, like, watching TV/walking in the park/hanging out in the mall/making out with my boyfriend who's actually putting me through several traumatic experiences that you will conveniently make me forget and/or comfort me for, and now I'm, like, HERE! Like, what's going on?" She paused for breath. "By the way, I'm Allison/Katie/Amanda/insert generic American female name here. Who are you? Sweet dragon. OMG, I feel such a strange, magical connection to her! And all other things unique and magical!"

Saphira raised a non-existent dragon eyebrow. You have got to be kidding me.

I think she's lovely; Eragon replied.

You think? Oops. OOC author slip. (sarcasm)Won't happen again.(sarcasm)I mean, sure, I guess she's okay.

But without warning, an arrow came from nowhere, piercing the girl's back. She dropped to the ground in a pool of her own blood.

Somewhere, a slash writer is rejoicing.

(Author: What? Me:whistles innocently: )

And out of the forest came Arya, bow in hand. "Eragon!" She cried. "I've changed my mind! You are the one for me! I love you, and only you, and there's no way this decision could ever be a liability to us or our mission!"

Eragon felt tears well up in his eyes. "Oh, Arya!" He ran to her, but just as they were about to embrace—

Thorn dropped out of the sky, Murtagh on his back, and promptly crushed Arya under his foot. And yeah. She died. Let's all pretend that matters.

Murtagh slid off of his dragon's back, landing gracefully on his feet. He took of his helm and shook his dark hair free, eyes glinting in the suddenly present sunset. "Hey, Eragon. Miss me?"

Eragon looked from Arya's dead body (the remains of which Thorn was now scraping off the bottom of his foot), to the body of Allison/Katie/Amanda/insert-generic-American-female name here, and back to Murtagh. Without warning, he threw himself at the other Rider, sealing their lips together ina kiss.

What? If you can all write your Mary-Sues, I can write my slash, darn it.

As they toppled backwards, Saphira sighed, stepping forward and taking out a conveniently placed "CENSORED" sign and placing it in front of the two Riders. She turned to Thorn. So...they'll probably be at it for awhile.

Thorn nodded. Yeah.

...Wanna go get a latte or something?

Do we have lattes in Alageasia?

Who cares? It's not like this is canon.

--The end.


Well, for all of you who are still here, thanks for reading. Much love to all, whether you hate me or not, and once again, ALL reviews are appreciated.

Happy Halloween.