Alright, this is my first attempt at a real, non humorous Lord of the Rings fic. I know this may be a goofy fic idea, but I hope you like it.

'Ada has been so tired lately,' Legolas thought as he watched his father enter the dining hall. The King of Mirkwood looked fatigued as he sat down for dinner. It had been apparent for weeks. The Elvenking was eating less and getting little sleep. Coupled with that was his worsening mood. He would suddenly snap at people without meaning to. The King was under much stress, but from what? There hadn't been any spider attacks lately, no raids, nothing. But it was easy to see that the King was tired. It could be seen in his mood, but less so physically. He just seemed a bit dimmed his aura less noticeable. Whatever the cause, it worried his son greatly. "Ada?" Legolas said quietly to attract his father's attention.

"Hm?" Thranduil looked up, slightly startled. "Yes?"

"Are you alright?" Legolas asked worriedly. It was hard to believe that he had startled his father.

Thranduil saw the worried look on his son's face and smiled, although the action was a bit forced. "I'm just tired, that's all."

"But Ada...," Legolas was cut off abruptly by his father. "I am fine, ion nin. You do not need to worry," He said firmly, signaling the end of the conversation. Legolas sighed lightly as the food was placed before him, knowing that he wasn't going to get any more answers. Dinner was a silent meal, too silent. After half an hour Thranduil stood up and left without a word to his son. What worried Legolas even more was that his father's plate was full, the food barely touched. After he finished his meal, Legolas went to see his father, but the door to his chambers was locked. He lifted his hand to knock, but with a sigh his dropped his arm. He knew his father needed rest so it was best not to bother him. Making his way to his own chambers, the Elf immersed himself in though. 'Why is Ada so tired? Is there something I don't know about?" Many thoughts plagued Legolas's mind, but none made sense. His father would tell him if something was wrong, not hide it from him. He looked up, shocked that he had reached his bedchambers already. Pushing the door open he entered silently, slipping his shoes and tunic off. 'If it was something important, he would tell me.' He assured himself as he pulled on his sleeping tunic. He climbed into bed slightly reassured, but there was still a nagging feeling at the back of his mind.

Thranduil paced back and forth across the room nervously. 'It will be time soon,' He thought grimly. 'I have to win over Scorpio tonight,' His thoughts were interrupted as a knock came at the door. "Galion?" he inquired as the door opened. It was Galion as the King had guessed. The Elf entered and Thranduil quickly closed the door and locked it.

"Must you go out again?" The butler asked a distressed tone in his voice.

Thranduil gravely replied, "Yes. Scorpio is acting up again and if he is not defeated, I fear that he may rile up Hydra." Galion nodded his expression grim. "But it would be much easier for you if you had Legolas's help.

Thranduil's eyes went to the floor. "I know, but I do not want to put him in such danger."

"There would be less danger if there were two of you." Galion put in.

"That it true," The King paused for a moment, "but I think that the mere though would terrify him. I am fine on my own."

Galion sighed and stood. "People are becoming suspicious. You are tired every day, you aren't eating enough... Sooner or later someone might find out. If you let Legolas help then it wouldn't be so conspicuous." Thranduil didn't reply. Everything that Galion said was true and he knew it. He just didn't want to scare his son. If he only knew...

"I will leave you alone now. It must be nearly time," Galion bowed his head to the Elvenking and left, leaving him to his own thoughts. Thranduil sighed. Galion was the only one who knew how important this was. He rubbed his forehead gently. 'It is time.' Rising, he left the room, carefully closing the door behind him. He looked down the deserted hallway to make sure that it was really deserted before taking off at a quick pace that was little less than a run. A few minuets passed and he quickened his pace. Thranduil knew full well that he could not leave though the front gates without being spotted by the guards, but he already knew how he was going to get out. He slipped quietly into an abandoned storeroom that was different than the others. Beside the fact that it was empty, it was one of the few rooms in the palace that had a window, one of even fewer that one could jump out without killing themselves. Thranduil did just that. He placed one foot on the windowsill then jumped, barely making any sound as he landed in the gardens blow. The sun had set a good three hours ago and the full moon was almost at the highest point in the sky. The stars glinted and glistened against the black abyss high above the earth. The King took a few moments to locate the constellation Scorpio before setting off toward the stables. The horses nickered and whinnied when he entered but quieted just as quickly as they started making noise. Thranduil approached his horse Linteath, a black and white stallion, and quickly mounted the horse. Without and hesitation the stallion took off at a good pace, only stopping to let his master close the stable doors. Once the doors were closed, Linteath took off at a wild gallop to the borders of the forest. Still, at such a hurried pace, it was a good hour before they reached the edge of the forest, much later than Thranduil had hoped. The moon was now high over the Elf's head, illuminating everything below it. "Hannon le, mellon nin." he whispered, patting the stallion as he dismounted. Knowing that his horse would stay in the thicket of trees until he returned, if he returned, he walked the rest of the way into the open. "This is it." he murmured, then fell silent. Moments later there was a rustling of the trees and a rushing of wind. Moments of silence passed, then the beating of gigantic wings could be heard, fading into the distance until all was silent.

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