Title: Leap of Faith

Author: fatedtoflames (DJ)

Pairing: Chastine

Rating: PG-13 thus far

Summary: Chas takes the ultimate leap of faith to help John.

"No, John, no! No fuckin' way! Look, I'm dedicated and all, I'd go to Hell and back to help, but this is too far, John!"

John simply watched with an amused expression, idly smoking a cigarette as his apprentice paced the room like a caged tiger. Chas's fists were clenched, his jaw was set, and he was blushing furiously.

"Just one week, Chas. You can handle it," John said gently.

Chas groaned. "A week? Why don't you do it?"

"I could never pull it off, kid…you took an acting class in high school, didn't you?"

Chas gave John an incredulous look. "John, in high school theater classes they don't cover miniskirts and bikini waxes."

John simply smirked. "Stop making excuses, Chas. Any demon in that place would recognize me in an instant. Miss Chastity Ann Carmichael, however…"

Chas's face paled. "Oh, no. Oh, hell, no."

John shrugged, putting out his cigarette. "Fine. If you can't pull off a simple undercover operation like this one, I'll assume you can't do any of the others either. Looks like you're stuck bein' a driver, kid…I'll call BZR and tell them Chastity changed her mind," he said, standing up and moving to leave the room.

Chas watched him, his mind torn. He really wanted to impress John, show him that he could handle anything thrown his way, but this…going into BZR, undercover, as a teenage girl doing summer help…

It was humiliating. It was beyond humiliating. But he didn't want to look weak.

"Fine, fine. I'll do it. But you owe me, John, you hear me? You owe me."

John turned, a triumphant smirk on his face. "Good. Let's go see a friend of mine, Chastity."

An hour later, Chas was screaming in agony.

"Oh, honey, stop with the screaming. I'm almost finished," the man standing above Chas said, scooping more hot wax out of the jar beside him. The man was Karlos, an extremely gay man who seemed to know everything there was to know about disguises…and leg waxing. John watched on from across the room, barely holding back laughter at the whole situation.

"John…you're dead…you're so dead…" Chas muttered, yelping in pain as another yank tore another strip of hair from his leg.

"Well, you can't exactly wear a skirt with that much hair on your legs…" John said apathetically with a shrug. "I don't plan on you looking like a drag queen. I plan on you looking like a girl."

"Don't you worry, Chas. It will be a…liberating experience," Karlos said, stepping back to admire his work. "And you do have really nice legs, you know," he added after a moment, and Chas scowled, slowly sitting up.

"Why can't I wear pants? Why do I have to wear a skirt?" He asked, pouting.

Karlos clicked his tongue. "Well, the corset wouldn't work as well or look as good in pants."


"Well, you don't exactly have natural feminine curves," John said quietly, and Chas glared at him. Before he could say a word, however, Karlos grabbed him by the jaw and tilted his head toward the light.

"Alright, let's see what I have to work with," he said, running his fingers roughly down Chas's jawline. "We'll need to accentuate your cheekbones…add some false eyelashes…you really need a nose job, but that can wait…"

"Hold on a second, a nose job? And you're gonna do what to my eyelashes?"

Karlos grinned. "Oh, the eyelashes are the easy part. Just wait till you find out what we have to do with your fake chest and ass."

He left the room, probably to get more supplies, and Chas looked up at John, absolutely horrified. "You aren't gonna let him do all that…are you?"

John just smirked.

When Chas walked out of the makeup room, John's jaw practically hit the floor.

The person standing in front of him wasn't a skinny teenage boy; far from it. In front of him was a doe eyed curvy young woman with long, wavy brown hair, a glowing complexion, a generous amount of cleavage, full glossed lips, and a form fitting black skirt and red tank top.

He started to say something, stopped, rephrased it, started again, stopped, and ended up just staring. Karlos was absolutely beaming, one hand on Chas's shoulder.

"Isn't he gorgeous? I mean, I did what I could with the canvas you gave me, but it turned out better than I hoped," Karlos said, and Chas timidly looked up at John, so meek and innocent-looking that it was hard to believe who it actually was.

"Karlos…you're a genius," John finally said, shaking his head as he circled Chas…well, Chastity.

"Now, he can't wear open-toed shoes, because no amount of makeup and waxing are going to make his feet look feminine. And he'll have to check the wig often to make sure his own crazy hair isn't peeking out. Other than that, it's just his etiquette, posture, voice, and walking in heels," Karlos explained.

Chas sighed, obviously exasperated. "There's more?"

"Lots more, darlin'. You may look like a poster girl for Elle magazine, but the first word and first step are gonna give you away if I let you leave like this," Karlos pointed out, and John chuckled.

"This could take a while, then," he said, and Chas glared at him, though it wasn't as effective now that he looked so damn girly.

Karlos ignored the glares and snide comments alike. "In that case, let's start with walking."

Chas snorted. "I know how to walk, asshole."

"No, actually, you don't. Also, refrain from cursing while in drag, it's not good for your general feminine appearance, hon. Now, walk across the room."

John raised an eyebrow. Chas was in heels; that ought to make this interesting.

And it did. In about three steps, Chas was flat on his face on the floor.

The next hour was a slow process of trying to teach Chas how to walk, sit, climb stairs, and talk. John suddenly felt sorry for all the women he'd ever met who gave a damn about the way they looked; they had a lot to think about, everything from how to sit in a skirt to how they could lean over.

Nuts. Insanity. John was so very glad at that point that he was born male.

By the time the sun went down that night, Chas was utterly exhausted, and Karlos was about to shoot him anyway. They decided to call it a night even though Chas's first day at BZR was the very next morning- and John still wasn't sure if the kid could pull it off.

He looked the part, but acting it was a whole different story…