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Dragons Make Better Masters After All

Chapter 1

The young golden haired boy stared up at the giant mansion in awe. He had never seen anything so large and expensive looking in all of his short teenage life. He sat in the back seat of the limo with his hands and face pressed up against the cool glass, oggling the enormous building before him as the sleek black car drove slowly up the long tree-lined driveway. Jounouchi was immediately impressed, and trying to see as much of this new and rich world as he could.

Seto Kaiba sat next to him, watching his new Puppy with an expression of bemusement on his handsome face. His new lover looked so cute like that, so innocent and pure.

Seto had long ago lost his own innocence; the awe of being in the lap of such a luxurious life had long ago worn away and lost its novelty, leaving only boredom and loneliness. But that was slowly beginning to change. Seto could feel the icy prison surrounding his heart beginning to melt, opening up and letting him live again.

Every short second he had spent with his Pup had already gotten to him, and he liked it. It was a change and a welcome one at that. It all had something to do with the golden Puppy who was now practically bouncing up and down in his seat, his breath heating a circle on the glass.

Seto grinned, shaking his head slightly. Jou turned around, his eyes glittering with innocent happiness. Seto brushed the blonde tresses out of the Pup's face, smiling warmly for the first time in what seemed a long time. Jou grinned stupidly, tilting his head adorably to one side. Seto sighed.

'I don't think Jou knows just how cute he looks when he does that.' he thought, shaking his own head slightly.

"Enjoying yourself, Pup?" Seto asked quietly. Jou grinned again and moved a bit closer to Seto.

"Yeah, o' corse! Why wouldn I be?" Jou replied enthusiastically, sitting up and gazing into Seto's deep blue eyes. "I'm jus at da most coolest lookin house in all o' town wit da sexiest guy I can tink of. Can ya blame me fer bein happy!"

Seto's eyes widened and he smiled warmly. He felt a sudden surge of excitement run through his being, as he saw no lies circling in the honey pools staring so intently at him. Jou wasn't lying to him.

Seto could tell everything the Puppy was feeling, just by reading his expressions. Unlike Seto, Jou wore his emotions on his sleeve. And deception and mistrust weren't present in the joyous young face of his pet. Seto had never felt this before. It was new…and felt odd.

Seto shook himself mentally. He took a quick look out of the window behind the blonde's head, before saying something he never would've thought he'd say to anyone, let alone the fiery street punk Jounouchi Katsuya.

"Well Puppy, if u like it so much here…" he trailed off teasingly, and Jou pouted, still not used to the now affectionate nickname. The Pup waved his hand in a circle, prompting Seto to go on. Seto grinned and complied, suddenly becoming serious.

"You're welcome here anytime you like, Jou. I mean it. Id like you to visit me…I…uh…I really would." Seto stuttered, blushed deeply and looked quickly out the window, realising what he had just admitted, and how weak and vulnerable he must have sounded.

Jou had never seen Seto show any emotions before, let alone say how he was feeling. He knew that Seto must be telling the truth, from the way that the usually cold businessman was blushing.

'Nd dat was a good firs' step.' Jou thought happily. 'Seto's bein honest…dats different.'

Realising what Seto was trying to say, Jou shouted with glee, causing the nervous driver to jump a mile out of his seat in surprise. Jou took no notice and gave Seto a massive hug, grinning like a hyperactive madman. Seto, unaccustomed to the mass show of affection, blanched and tensed up, but then encircled and pulled his Pup in, nibbling softly on the younger teen's ear. Jou giggled cutely and licked Seto's neck softly with the small tip of his tongue, being every bit the dog Seto had insisted he had been for so long.

Slowly the car pulled to a stop, and Jou pulled away to stare out the window excitedly. A butler was waiting at the door, ready for his master to come in from the cold. When Seto got out of the car and walked up the marble steps to the front of the mansion, the old man bowed deeply in respect. He had served the Kaiba family all his life, and so had those before him. He held Mr Kaiba in high regard, which was unusual regarding one such as his young age.

Jou was standing next to the limo, staring up at the gigantic house with wonderment on his boyish face. Seto looked back and a small smile curled his soft lips. The butler eyed the young teen with curiosity and a hint of distrust.

"Come on Pup. Do you want to stand out here forever?" Seto said lightly, motioning to the house. "It's warmer inside…"

Jou blanched and was brought back to reality. He bounded up the steps like an excited child and grabbed Seto's hand in a soft yet firm grip. Seto looked down in surprise, but Jou just smiled up at him and winked.

The butler stood motionless, astounded that such a ruffian would even dare to act like that around the multi billionaire, let alone be bold enough to actually come into contact with him. He looked expectantly at Seto, waiting for him to snap and push the youngster away harshly, but no such reaction prevailed.

Instead, Seto smiled the first true smile that the butler had ever seen and winked back. The old man nearly fainted. He hadn't realised Mr Kaiba even knew how to smile!

Noticing the lack of motion as the butler stood frozen to the spot, Seto cleared his throat to get his doorman's notice and motioned towards his young partner with his spare hand.

"Meet Jounouchi Katsuya." He said shortly, introducing him without a shred of guilt. When no answer followed, he glared at the old man for not showing proper respect.

Noticing the irritated glint in Mr Kaiba's eyes, daring him to even try to ask why such a punk was on the grounds, the butler gulped. Remembering to bow, he said a quick "welcome to Kaiba Manor" and hurriedly held open the door. Jou just shook his head.

'Seto has his staff on their toes.' He thought, chuckling. 'Typical.'

Seto walked imperiously into his manor and Jou trailed along behind him, staring in amazement at the remarkable décor. The butler walked in after them, shut the door quickly and hurried off, anxious to get out of Seto's way. Or perhaps to the kitchens to gossip with the day-maids. Not that Seto could care. As long as they did their job, they were worth keeping.

The inside of Kaiba Manor was even more impressive than the outside. It was large and roomy, filled with expensive furniture and beautiful art. Jou felt like he was in a palace with all the bells and whistles. He walked slowly behind his master, peering about curiously. Seto's pace sped up and led him through a couple of side rooms off of the main hall, tugging at his arm slightly to encourage him to keep up.

His heart skipped when he realised that Seto hadn't let go of his hand. Being in such close contact made Jou feel almost giddy. Noticing the drag behind him, Seto slowed down, squeezed the hand in his own in reassurance and smiling over his shoulder.

He practically dragged a gawping Jou through a labyrinth of corridors, hallways, stairs and rooms. It was like a massive maze. Jou was astounded.

Finally they stopped outside of an oak door in the west wing, on one of the higher rooms. Seto opened the door proudly and Jou couldn't suppress a gasp of surprise and wonder.

They were standing at the only entrance to a majestic high-ceiling room, lined with bookcases, old tapestries and expensive artwork. Tall roof-to-floor windows lined the wall facing west, letting the bright crimson light of the setting sun bestow the room with a deep glow. Set in the wall in front of them was an extravagant marble fireplace, roaring with a large fire that sent heatwaves through the door to the couple. The carpet was a deep blue and a large animal fur rug lay on the floor in front of the fireplace. On either side sat two large high-backed recliner chairs with tables on either side. A couple of old and well read books sat on the long medieval style tables on either side of the room, seated by a number of high-backed comfortable looking chairs. Two chandeliers hung from the ceiling and candelabras lined the walls. The whole room seemed inviting, cosy and relaxing.

Jou was immediately charmed. He'd never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He looked at Seto, his eyes wide, and Seto just smiled affectionately and gave Jou a warm hug. Jou buried his head in Seto's chest, and Seto patted his ruffled hair lightly.

"This is my favourite room in the whole house. No one but me is allowed to enter through here. Well, now it's only you and me." Seto whispered slowly, his eyes trailing over the boy in his arms. He felt Jou shiver slightly. He smiled slowly. "Come on, let's sit by the fire. It's still a bit cold huh?"

Jou looked up and nodded, his eyes shining. Seto took Jou gently by the shoulders and guided him into the room. They sat down in front of the fire, letting the warmth wash over them. The increase in temperature affected them both soon, and the couple peeled off their stifling jackets, throwing them unceremoniously on the left armchair. They settled back on the rug and a content silence lingered in the warm air. The fur rug was warm, comfortable and soft, and Jou felt instantly at peace.

'Dis is da life' he thought, closing his eyes and breathing deeply.

Seto watched the firelight play on Jou's handsome features, wondering why he had never noticed how exquisite the teen was before. Sure, Seto was gay, but he had never thought of the Golden Puppy in that way. He hadn't even known Jou was gay either. That might have been why he had never considered the boy as a partner.

Jou, sensing he was being watched, turned his head and opened his large honey eyes. They glowed and glimmered with light, looking almost angelic, and his hair was reflecting firelight, setting it on fire. Shadows and bars of light played on his young face, and Seto felt his heart throb.

'I don't think he can look any more like a god than right now.' Seto thought suddenly, his heartbeat quickening.

And then, unexpectedly, Jou smiled. Brightly, embossed with happiness and innocence, his already beautiful face lit up and Seto's eyes widened.

'Damn-I guess I was wrong.' Seto thought, blushing. Jou gave him a questioning look, causing Seto's blush to deepen.

"What?" was all that the golden god could say.

Seto blushed deeper, and moved closer to his lover. Jou grinned inwardly. He stayed still as Seto leaned in and pressed his lips against his partners in a soft loving kiss, asking for nothing but recognition. Jou pushed into the kiss, and Seto widened it, moaning as Jou moved his hands to the older boy's shoulders, lightly running his large hands over the hot skin of Seto's neck and face.

Suddenly there was a loud rap on the door and it resounded through the now singly fire lit room-the sun had long gone down, and the first stars had already appeared in the deep blue night sky.

Jou pulled away in alarm and Seto growled loudly in annoyance. There was another series of knocks and a pause. Jou looked curiously at Seto, who had a pissed look on his face. Jou pitied the poor fool who had gotten Seto angry. Maybe it was the butler.

A small voice echoed throughout the room as the interrupter tried to speak through the heavy door.

"Big Brother? Are you in there? It's me!"

Seto swore under his breath and got up, straightening his shirt. He strode over to the door and flung it open to reveal a rather startled Mokuba making the motion of knocking on the door again. His eyes wide with surprise at the look of suppressed rage on his brother's face, Mokuba took a step back. However, the younger Kaiba discarded it almost immediately and flung himself at the teen, hugging him as if he'd never seen him in years.

"Big brother! What are you doing in here?" he asked, his voice muffled by the hug. "And why are you home from work so early?" he added accusingly, looking up. Large brown orbs suddenly bored into Seto, looking for an answer.

Kaiba motioned to the previously unnoticed golden boy sitting at the fire with a hand. "I have a guest 'Kuba. That's why I'm home early."

The brown gaze drifted across the room to where Seto was pointing, and they widened when they saw who was sitting there.

"Jounouchi! But…I don't get it…why? What are you doing here?" Mokuba asked stupidly, blinking in confusion. Jou waved a hello and then looked over at Seto, who was shaking his head at his ignorant younger brother.

Mokuba shook his head and his black hair shook. "Anyway, it doesn't really matter right now." He smiled before continuing. "I came to see what you wanted for dinner, Seto."

Jou heaved himself to his feet and wandered over. Seto paused and looked at Jou in a silent question. Jou just shrugged and gave the other Kaiba Brother a hug.

"Nothing for the moment, Kuba." Seto answered. He paused as Jou's stomach growled softly. "Have a bottle of our finest red wine and some sandwiches sent in." he added, grinning. Jou grinned sheepishly, and Mokuba hugged his brother and bounded out the room to complete his new mission.

The door snapped behind him and Seto looked apologetically at a smiling Jou. 'Well, that ruined the mood.' Seto thought irritably. Suddenly he had an idea. '…Maybe the pup can stay for the night? Hmmm…'

"Well, shall we go back to the fireplace?" he offered, suddenly nervous. Jou nodded in agreement. Seto frowned slightly. 'Why am I so nervous all of a sudden?' he thought, annoyed and also a bit confused. 'There's nothing to be awkward about!'

Swiftly the corporate giant inside pushed the nervousness aside and the tall man led Jou delicately by the hand back to the fireplace, deliberately keeping close to the smaller boy. Jou smiled with eyebrows raised and allowed himself to be led back to their earlier position.

Sitting back down, the familiar ease swallowed Jou and he suddenly felt really tired. Seto pulled the boy in for a warm embrace, sitting behind him with the teen sitting in between his legs. He rested his head on Jou's shoulder and stared pointlessly into the fire, letting the thrill of another being so close to him take over his senses. Jou breathed in deeply, feeling the strong scent of his master wash over him. Seto smelled of cinnamon and musk, an overwhelming combination. He smiled serenely and muttered something that Seto heard and felt resonate through the boy in front of him.

"…love ya, Seto…" he sighed happily and the golden god fell asleep in the strong arms of his lover.

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