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Dragons Make Better Masters After All


Chapter 4


The desperate yell of the eldest Kaiba rang through the elaborate mansion, the voice echoing after the younger of the brother's as he fled through the shadowed and suddenly unfamiliar halls of his home.

The loud and sharp voice of his only family rang through his ears, burning forever in his mind while his eyes burned with tears yet to be shed. The horrified and furious faces of his brother and his friend haunted his mind, their shocked and apologetic stares slithering through his vision even after he clenched his eyes shut in the hope of blocking out their astonished and sinful visages.

He sped through the mansion, blindly making his way to the only place he felt safe. His own bedroom was a few stories up, and racing up staircases the small boy numbly made his way to his solace.

Sobbing and panting, Mokuba suddenly tripped and fell, finally crashing to the floor and surrendering to the cold of the marble. Anguish and confusion filled his being, his heart pounding and spreading the despair through his young body. He let go of the tears and they fell freely to the cold floor, splashing and shimmering in the dim light of the hall. Rubbing his face free of the liquid, he looked down at the polished surface as it cruelly showed him the scared little child he was in its unforgiving reflection. He let out a sob and got heavily to his feet, the steady footsteps of Jou and Seto approaching.

Brushing his black hair over his shoulders, Mokuba began once again to navigate his way to his room, ignoring the smarting pain of his body where he had fallen. He could vaguely hear the voices and steps of the others over the racing beats of his small heart, so he ran ahead, leaving them far behind.

"I can't believe this!" panted Jou as he dashed after his lover in pursuit of young Mokuba Kaiba. They had watched in horror as Mokuba had sped away, his sobs ringing in their ears. Quickly they had grabbed their shirts and put them on hurriedly, missing buttons. They left the warmth and comfort of the room that they had consummated their love in and dashed through the hollow halls, following the footsteps of the traumatized youth.

Jou, panting with the sudden exertion of energy, slowed to a stop after they had reached the second floor stairwell and bent over double, gasping for breath. Seto didn't look like he wanted to stop, a panicked and worried look claiming his face, but he obliged and waited for Jou to catch his breath when the golden boy grabbed his sleeve. His blue eyes were wide and an empty helplessness swam in their depths. Jou stood up and grabbed Seto's hands, holding them reassuringly in his own.

He knew that Seto must be so worried about his younger brother. After all, Mokuba had just probably been scarred for life. Having seen his only brother having sex with another man would have been enough to frighten the innocent boy, but when the other guy is another one of his best friends it makes it about ten times worse.

'Poor kid!' Jou thought, grimacing at the thought of trying to explain this all. He looked up at his lover and sighed. Seto was staring up the stairs, eyes out of focus. 'He gets dat look when he's thinkin deeply.' Jou noted, knowing that expression very well.

"Look, Seto." He started, stepping closer and wrapping his arms around Seto's waist. Seto jumped and looked down at him.


"I'm sure it'll be fine." Jou reassured, smiling up at the brunette. He didn't feel the reassurance that he was trying to give off, but Seto looked like he needed to be told everything was going to be ok anyway. "We jus hav' ta explain dis all to him slowly 'nd calmly 'nd make sure dat he undastands, ok?"

Seto smiled appreciatively, but his eyes lost none of their worry and the smile disappeared as soon as it had come. "Sure…I guess it's good that he knows now, but…" he said slowly and then paused, looking lost. Seto sighed deeply, his shoulders drooping. He smiled sadly.

"…just not like this..." He murmured, more to himself than to Jou. Jou sighed and pulled the teen in, holding him close.

Suddenly there was a small thump from above them, a yelp and then the sounds of sobbing grew louder. Mokuba must have fallen over. Seto and Jou shared a concerned look and dashed up the stairs. As they reached the top the footsteps started again, faster. Listening to the motion and direction of the steps, Seto pointed upwards and to the left.

"He's running to his room." He said dully. "If he gets there before we do he'll lock the door…and we'll never be able to explain." He sighed and looked at the floor purposelessly. The energy and happiness Jou had been sensing back in their room seemed to have leeched out of him, to be replaced with a hollow emptiness.

Jou frowned, half at Mokuba's stubbornness and half at the decidedly depressed aura Seto was emanating. "Well, let's go den!"

Grasping a stronger hold on Seto's hand, Jou leapt up the last few steps and started to dash to Mokuba's bedroom, Seto soon close on his heels. They reached Mokuba's room a few minutes later only to find that the door was already closed. Jou grasped the handle, twisted and yanked on it a few times but it seemed that Seto's worst fears had been confirmed-Mokuba had indeed locked himself in his room.

"Go away!" came a small and shaking voice from inside the room. "Please…"

Seto sighed. "Mokuba! Please-unlock the door! Now!" he ordered, no trace of a threat or his usual commanding tone present. There was almost a pleading edge to his voice, and Jou could swear that his eyes threatened tears.

'Seto hates to hurt Mokuba, and this must be burning him up inside. He looks like he is about to give in and cry…' Jou thought, eyebrows furrowed in sympathy. He squeezed Seto's hand and leant down to the door handle.

"Yeah, common little guy. We jus wanna explain it all to ya!" Jou said into the keyhole loudly. There was a sniff and the shuffle of footsteps.

"I don't wanna know any of your excuses! Go away! Leave me alone!" Mokuba answered, his voice cracking with tears. Seto looked away, not wanting to hear his brother in so much pain and knowing it was because of him.

"It hurts…so much…to hear him cry…" Seto whispered to himself. "Too much…"

Jou straightened up again and scratched his forehead, thinking. It was obvious that Mokuba wasn't going to unlock the door anytime soon, so Jou had another idea. He was something of a master at picking locks, thanks to his life on the streets as a child. He didn't know if the high quality locks on the Kaiba mansion doors were pick-proof, but it was always worth a try. He let go of Seto's hand, whispered his idea into the brunette's ear and then hurried off. He came back a moment later with all the things he needed, and set to work with the lock.

The sobs coming through the door were soft and slightly muffled, meaning that Mokuba was probably on his bed. Sure enough, when the lock clicked and the door gently swung open Mokuba could be seen face down on his bed with his face in his pillows, crying quietly. Seto felt his heart break, and a knot twisted in Jou's throat.

'Dis is all our fault too.' Thought Jou dejectedly. 'It makes me feel about ten times guiltier!'

Seto walked over to the bed and placed a hand on the shoulder of the small form, feeling the gasps for breath in between sobs wrack his little body. He sat down gently next to him and pulled him up, turning Mokuba so that he was facing them. The huge brown eyes were watery and blurred, the colour turned deep with the tears streaming down his rose cheeks. His bottom lip was trembling as he fought the latest wave of misery.

"Hey…" murmured Seto softly, his voice quiet and comforting. Jou had never heard Seto use that tone before, not even for him. It was extraordinary to watch the ice king of the country be brought almost to tears by a small child. 'He's human after all.' Jou thought.

"Mokuba…im so sorry. Really I am. I didn't want you to find out this way. Honestly." Seto continued, Mokuba watching his face with a mixture of anger and sadness. "But you have to understand-"

"Understand? Understand what? That your gay, and that you now have a new person to love?" Mokuba interrupted, fixing Jou with a jealous and envious stare. "Now that you have a more important person to care about?"

Seto looked stunned. "W-what?" he stammered. "Someone new? Mokuba, Jou isn't going to replace you!" Mokuba scoffed and twisted out of his brother's grasp.

"Yeah, right." He muttered, wiping his face. The tears had stopped flowing, his sad face now replaced with one of envy and dislike, all of which was aimed at Jou. The stare that Mokuba had learned from his brother was now boring into Jou with power. Jou grimaced and then suddenly understood why Mokuba had taken this all so badly. Jealousy. The kid was jealous that now he was no longer the only one in his brother's life. Jou sighed.

'Now it all makes sense.' He thought.

"Look Mokuba, I don' wanna steal ya bro away from ya!" Jou said, walking over to kneel in front of the bed. He rested his arms on the bed and gave Mokuba his most sincere look. Mokuba frowned, but confusion was spread on his face. "You wanna know why I don' wanna 'av him all to maself?" he asked gently. The boy shook his head, and Seto softly brushed the black hair put of his face. He had remained silent, watching Jou with appreciation.

"I don' wanna 'av him al to maself coz dat wuld make him unhappy. And that'd be bad, right?" he said slowly. Mokuba nodded.

"But why would he be sad?" he asked, clearly not following where Jou was heading.

"He'd be sad coz he wouldn't 'av his little bro. He loves ya more dan ya know…he's not gonna forget ya." Jou said softly, running a hand over Mokuba's face comfortingly.

"Never?" Mokuba asked quietly; hope glimmered in the fresh tears in his eyes.

"Never in a million years," Seto said warmly, puling Mokuba into a hug. "How could I ever forget you?" Mokuba wrapped his arms around his brother's neck and buried his head in the strong shoulder, small sobs emerging from under the hair. Seto patted his back gently, a single tear running down his cheek.

"Im sorry." He said into the hair, his voice cracking. "Please, forgive me?" Mokuba looked up in time to see the tear glimmer on Seto's chin. He brushed it away and smiled.

"Ok Seto. I forgive you. Just tell me next time you decide to bring a boyfriend home, ok?" He grinned for the first time, and Seto couldn't help but chuckle.

"I promise." He said, feeling a weight lift from his heart. As the tear had been brushed aside, so had the pain and guilt he had been harboring in his soul. Mokuba was ok now…it was all ok. 'Thank god.' Seto thought with a sigh. Jou sat back and watched with relief as the smile spread on both their faces.

"And don't ya worry little buddy-ill make sure he dusn't forget ya!" Jou said with a wink, patting the boy on the shoulder. "Ya can count on me!" He laughed, and the sad atmosphere broke. Mokuba giggled and gave Jou a hug as well. Seto sat back and watched his little brother and his new boyfriend with a swell of relief and happiness. Mokuba sat back on his bed and dried his tearstained face with his shirt. Seto and Jou smiled at each other-there was only one thing left.

"Mokuba…" Seto started. Mokuba peeked out from over his shirt. "There's just one thing you gotta understand." Seto looked over at the golden boy who was still sitting on the floor and nodded. Jou got up and sat on Seto's lap, snuggling into the warm body beneath him. Seto continued, "You have to understand that Im in love with Jou. With all of my heart."

Jou blushed and felt his heart beat stronger-Seto had just said that he loved him! A happy bubbly welled in his chest and the blonde turned to look Seto in the eyes, pure content shining in the blue orbs of his partner. Seto wasn't kidding-he had just said that he loved Jou for the first time! Seto felt the sigh of content seep from the boy in his arms, but he focused on finishing what he was saying.

"But I can love both of you." He said, ruffling Mokuba's hair. "I will always love you-you're my family and my friend. There's no way I could ever stop loving you, ok?"

Mokuba nodded, slightly off put by the show of affection between the two men. 'It sure will take some getting used to!' he thought, shaking his head. He looked down at his hands and noticed the time on his watch. It was late, and Mokuba suddenly realized how tired he was. It was well past his bed time anyway.

He yawned pointedly, and Seto looked down at his own watch. Eyes widening, he patted Jou's thighs and they both got up. "Its time for bed, I think." Seto recommended as he and Jou started to walk towards the door. "You have school tomorrow!"

"So do you!" Mokuba retorted, grabbing his pajamas from the floor. Seto and Jou chuckled.

"True, but we're older, so we can stay up later! Now bed!" Seto said with a smile. Mokuba pouted and gave his brother a hug goodnight. After some hesitation he also hugged Jou and then clambered onto his bed.

"Goodnight Mokuba." Seto said softly, flicking the light switch on the way out.

"G'night kid." Jou whispered as they both walked out of the now shadowed and darkened room. "Sleep tight."

The door clicked shut and Jou grabbed hold of Seto's hand before the teen could walk away. Seto looked back at the blonde, whose face was now shadowed in the dark halls. Through the darkness he could see the golden honey eyes he loved so much shining with happiness.

"What is it, my sweet puppy?" Seto asked softly, opening his arms in question.

Jou smiled and jumped into Seto's arms, burying his head in the dip of his neck. He could feel the heat of his partner's body and the steady rhythmic beat of his heart pulse through his body. He felt content; finally at peace with the world. Seto ran his fingers through the golden tresses and the boy sighed. He nuzzled the shoulder gently.

"I love you too." Jou whispered.

Seto smiled and looked down, moving Jou's face upwards with a gentle caress. He didn't need to answer with words. He kissed his golden god gently, one thought swimming through his mind.

'Ill love you forever…'


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