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Date: June 2nd, 2005 Revised: 6/15/05

Summary: Chris Story, dunno where the story will go

Starting off Information: Starts of at the end of The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell when Chris secret is revealed. I wanted to try to show what could of happened after Phoebe dug him out and what could maybe go on from there….

The Journey of Chris

Chapter 1

Chris walked past the sisters at the P3 bar and continued towards the backroom known as his "room." The usual last night thoughts were swirling in his head as he made his way to the place he called home since he arrived in the past. He needed to stay focused on Wyatt, he knew that, but his family was getting to him. Chris hated lying and manipulating them all the time but he had to do it. What really got to him though was that his mom disliked, maybe even hated, him and that hurt more than anything. All he wanted to do was to save Wyatt and get back home but things were becoming so difficult. As his thoughts continued to run through his mind, he failed to notice Phoebe follow him into the back room.


Turning around Chris quickly hides his surprise of hearing Phoebe and changes his expression to his well-worn mask; the same emotionless, careless, but determined expression he has worn since arriving to the past. After the few seconds, that it takes him to put on his mask he spits back, "What did you come to yell at me too?"

Looking sadly at him Phoebe answers, "No Chris I didn't."

Not expecting to hear that Chris gives an "oh" expression and waits to hear what his aunt might say next.

"Can I ask you a question, no tricks, games, or lies just the truth Chris?" Phoebe asks in a pleasant manner.

Chris takes a few moments to think on the question. He then nods in agreement while saying, "Ok."

Phoebe takes a deep breath to prepare her to not only ask but also be ready to hear the answer. Looking up into Chris' piercing green eyes she asks, "Chris, are you Wyatt's baby brother?"

No, she did not just ask that, did she? I can't believe it, I must have heard wrong. This can't be happening, they can't know. I told her I would tell her the truth though. This is not good at all. Chris' mind was racing as to what he was going to say. Biting his lip, he looks up at Phoebe feeling as if he is going to cry but he has to answer. Letting out the breath he didn't realize he had been holding, he ruffles his soft brown hair a bit frustrated and tells Phoebe the truth, "Yeah, but only if I can get Leo and Piper back together in time."

Letting his words sink in Phoebe just stands there staring at Chris. He's really my nephew. I can't believe it. Oh god the poor boy, we have been treating him like trash.

Phoebe notices Chris silently move over to the couch and sit down. He places his head in his hands with his shoulders now shaking lightly. No sounds are heard as he tries to hide his tears that are not only falling on the outside but inside as well.

She moves over to Chris and sits beside him but is unsure of what to do. This nephew thing is all too new to her. Granted, yes, she had another nephew but he is only a toddler. How do you handle a 23-year-old neurotic nephew that has the weight of the world on his shoulders?

Phoebe slides closer to him and can now hear his soft sniffles. Chris notices her presence but doesn't care anymore. He cannot handle these emotions anymore it's just too hard.

All of a sudden, Phoebe is overwhelmed with emotions. Startled by the strength of the foreign emotions she doesn't realize they are coming from Chris at first. She can't believe her nephew is feeling everything from anger, to love, hate, care, and even fear. Phoebe's eyes start to burn with unshed tears. Turning to Chris, she grabs his shoulders and turns him in order to embrace him. Chris faltered at first but unable to pull away from his caring aunt gives into the embrace.

"I'm so sorry about everything. I didn't want to lie. I didn't want to make you mad, any of you. It's all my fault. Leo is an elder now but he shouldn't be. It's my entire fault. I shouldn't have done it," Chris began in overwhelming breaths. "I had to come back though. I have to save him. I'm so so sorry Aunt Phoebe. Mom hates me, Aunt Paige hates me and you probably hate me."

Chris finally breaks down allowing everything he had held in the past year to come out. He just couldn't hold it any longer.

Phoebe was astonished at how he had opened up to her so quickly when she was still trying to get over the shock of knowing Chris was her nephew. I can do this, Phoebe thought as she gently began to rub Chris' back and tell him soothing words.

"Shh…Chris it's ok. You did what you had to do. Nobody hates you. Your mother would be so proud of you. You're amazing. You're a brave young man and I'm happy to know you're my nephew." She says in whispers only meant to reach Chris' ears.

All Chris can do is smile at the words that spill from Phoebe. Someone is proud of him. Phoebe thinks he is amazing. Chris can't believe the words he heard. He looks up at Phoebe through his glistening tears and gives a shy smile. The soft word "thanks" falls from his lips.

Phoebe smiles when she sees the young half-breed's first smile in months. Her manners kick in and she replies, "You're very welcome," to her new nephew.

"I gotta go. I'm sorry." Chris says quickly getting up and wiping his face, embarrassed at his breakdown.

"Why so soon? Do you have to leave now Chris? This is such new news to me. What do I say to Paige and Piper?"

Chris turns sharply to Phoebe. "You can't tell mom, she isn't pregnant with me yet. Please Aunt Phoebe, try to stay quiet for a little while. I know you well enough to know you'll blow it sooner or later but please stay quiet for now."

Phoebe laughs he did know her well. "What about Paige?"

"Uh, tell her when the time is right I guess." With a sigh Chris says, "I still can't believe you know."

"I still can't believe you didn't tell us and we didn't see it." Phoebe says back.

"Don't sweat it. I didn't tell you because I didn't want it to interfere with everything. I have a mission. As for you not seeing it, you all were just too focused on kicking my ass and keeping me away from Wyatt because you thought I was a threat."

Phoebe's smile slips from her face as she remembers all the trash they had said and done to their nephew.

Seeing his aunt sad and knowing what is probably running through her head Chris shrugs while saying, "Don't worry about it Aunt Phoebe I'm used to it but I gotta go I may have a lead."

"That turns Wyatt evil yeah yeah I know just get going now will ya?" Phoebe waves her hand up in the air telling him to leave.

Chris smirks and orbs out.

End of Chapter 1


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