Written By: DrewFullerFanLife & Pinky Barbie

Date: 2006-01-16

A/N: Well Pinky Barbie has offered to help me write this story, let's see if it will be continued sha'll we?.. Erin

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Chapter 4

Meanwhile, in the underworld the Goth demon was hatching a plan to distract the Charmed ones. So he could then get to Chris. But what they didn't know was that Chris was there listening to all of it, his head was racing with everything he had heard not knowing what to make of it either he went back to the manor and prepared for them to strike or he could take them right here and now but there were too many of them there was no way he could do anything without getting hurt.

Chris quietly walked around a corner and orbed out back to the manor where Phoebe and Paige were waiting for him to tell him all about the ideas they had for how he could be conceived.

"Where have you been", Phoebe asked with concern.

"The underworld" he said shrugging off her worried glance.

"I'm so sorry about before Chris. I never meant to hurt you it just never clicked about the fact you are in fact Leo and Pipers son", Paige spoke after a moment's silence

"Don't worry about it Paige. It's something I'm very used to. In the future and in the past." he said with absolutely no emotion in his voice and in a very bitter tone, which scared Phoebe and Paige.

"Okay let's get down to business, I was thinking maybe a love potion and then we could slip it into their dinners?" Paige suggested trying to change the subject.

"Um, how the hell is that going to work seeing as Leo is never here to eat?" Chris asked her, kind of baffled at the thought of a love potion but knowing this was a discussion on his very existence.

"Okay then mister got any better ideas?" Paige shot back at the young witch/white lighter.

"Well I wouldn't be asking for your help if I already knew of something now would I Einstein" he retorted

"Okay, okay children back to the matter on hand. Which is getting Piper and Leo into some action"

"Ew, you did not need to describe the matters of my parents in bed together like that", Chris shuddered

Phoebe shrugged

"So what we going to do?" Paige asked looking up from the Book of Shadows

"What's who going to do", Piper asked walking in the attic with Wyatt

"Err, what Chris is going to do with his new lead", Phoebe said a little to fast

"Yeah Chris's new lead", Paige backed her up

"Okay and why don't I believe that?" Piper asked scanning each of the other three's faces.

Remembering about the Goth demon Chris said, "I got to check up on something I'll be back later" before he orbed out.

"What is up with him he annoys the crap out of me!" Piper said looking at her shocked sisters, "what… what did I say"

Before either of them could say anything the portal opened and two very young brown haired, green-eyed girls came flying out and crashed against the bookshelf!

"Ouch" mumbled the younger looking girl as she placed the palm of her hand on the back of her head. The older girl looked up dazed and asked the other "Where are we."

Paige, Piper, and Phoebe looked at the young girls. They looked about the ages of eight and nine and looked very dazed and confused. Piper spoke up, "Your in my home is where you are."

The older of the girls looked up a Piper and her eyes grew wide. She turns and whispered to the other. "Do you think it's her from daddy's pictures?"


What do you propose should we continue? I know this has not been updated in forever but with two heads thinking up ideas it's an improvement.