Season 4 Angel definate A/U 'cause I haven't seen too many episodes. Cordy isn't evil ect. Season 7 Buffy before things are too bad at first. Don't know if it will get really bad or not.

Connor sat staring blankly out of the bus window. His memories came flooding back one by one and he couldn't help feeling ashamed for all he had done. He had betrayed his father. He realized that now. Now that his mind wasn't muddled from sixteen years in a hell diminsion being fed lies, or at least past truths about his father.

Connor was now going to search about the truth about his father. He was going to search in the only place he'd heard about that he knew his father had aquantences and even from what he'd heard, an ex-girlfriend. That was hard for him to think about, that his father might now, and probably hadn't, loved his mother. He did want to know the women who had captured his father's heart.

"Welcome to Sunnydale" a sign on the side of the rode said. Connor smiled to himself and started to get his book bag from under the seat in front of him. Soon, the bus doors opened and he climbed out into the bright sunlight. He looked around finally realizing he was in a strange place and had no clue where to go. 'Well,' he thought. 'I better at least search for a hotel.'

L.A. -

Angel sat in his room at the Hyperian silently brooding at the dissapearance of his son. Yes, Connor had shoved him into a big metal box and thrown him into the ocean for months. That didn't however mean Angel didn't care about Connor. Angel sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"How are you doing?" Cordelia asked coming into the room. Angel gave her a small smile. She had somehow over the past three years not only changed into a better person, and even higher being, but she had also captured his heart, something he had given up on since leaving Buffy. He gave her a small smile as she came to take a seat across from his desk.

"He'll show up eventually you know Angel," Cordelia comforted him.

"I know he will," Angel assured her. "I'm just afraid how. He doesn't have the best behavior record as of now."

"I think he's realized what he's done," Cordelia said.

"I sure hope so." They sat together in silence letting just the presence of eachother comfort them.
For Cordelia was Connors mother in every sense of the word except biologically and she was just as worried as Angel even though she refused to let it show.


"Dawn," Buffy yelled up the stairs. " The vampires arn't going to wait for us."

"I know, I know, I'm coming," Dawn grumbled as she lugged a heavy weapon bag down the stairs.

"Right, let's go," the Slayer said heading out the door with her sister behind.

Buffy and Dawn were not the only ones out in the graveyard that night however. Connor lurked in the shadows waiting for any vampires to come near. He figured they'd be the best way to get any inteligiance about Sunnydale. They were also the only way he knew how to get any information.

He didn't see the vampire until it was right up on the girls. He was about ready to go and help until he noticed the older blonde girl had it totally under control. He'd overheard his father's friends at the hotel saying something about Sunnydale being located on a Hellmouth but he didn't know that meant that all the civilians knew how to fight off vampires. Why was a civilian in a cemetary anyway?

"Dawn, stake me," Buffy yelled to her sister. Dawn frantically searched through her bag of weapons.
Connor watched her frantic movements from in the shadows. He was captivated by her innocence for knowing about the dark side of life.

As he was watching Dawn was having a great deal of trouble finding a stake in her big bag of weapons. At the same time Buffy was being knocked around by the vapire since she was too preoccupied by watching out for Dawn. At that moment Connor made a decision and jumped out from the shadows joining in Buffy's fight against the vapire. A few moments later Dawn finally located a stake and threw it into Buffy's waiting hand. She instinctively slammed it into the demons chest and a cloud of dust was all the remained as proof of the struggle that had just taken place.

"Whew," Buffy sighed slumping down and then turning to her sister. "What took you so long," she asked.

"It's not my fault that you've jam-packed this bag full of weapons." Dawn said in self-defense.
It was then that she turned to Connor. The boy that in her mind had appeared out of nowhere. He was ruggedly handsome she noticed and then pushed the feelings down. Her last few crushes had not been of the best kind. She just kept remembering last Haloween and knew for a fact that Buffy wouldn't give up an oppurtunity to remember it as well. Fortunatly for Dawn Buffy also noticed Connor and unlike Dawn and made up her mind to interogate him.

"Who are you," Buffy asked him.

"My name's Connor," he said for once using his given name.

"Okay, now what are you doing here," Buffy asked.

"Seeking information," Connor told her.

"Why arn't you cryptic. I think I know someone you could have a competition with in that. Where are you from?"


"Alright, well you're coming home with us for now then. I'm Buffy by the way and this is Dawn"
Buffy, Connor thought. for some reason that name triggered his memory but he could not think of where he had heard the name before. He was sure that wherever he heard it, it must have been refereing to this Buffy for Buffy is not an entirely common name. Dawn stumped him though. This Buffy seemed to be a good fighter but he could not come up with a reason as to why a young and beautiful girl like this Dawn would be out risking their lives if not for survival. For the sake of curiosity he did not put up a fight with Buffy's demand.


The sound of the ringing phone woke Cordelia and Angel from their sleep. They had fallen asleep in Angel's bed while talking about past times. Not that falling asleep in Angel's bed was anything new to either one of them.

"I got it," Angel grumbled climbing over Cordelia to get to the phone of the beside table. "Hello," he ansered the sleep still evident in his voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry Angel did I wake you? I didn't think you'd be asleep yet you know with," Buffy trailed off. Back in Sunnydale Connor was giving her a weird look. He had heard none of the conversation but he was curious as to who she was calling so late at night. He figured since it most likely had something to do with him he had the right to know.

"Buffy," Angel asked in confusion. This grabbed Cordelia's attention and she sat up straining to hear the conversation going on.

"Yeah, I just wanted to ask if you know a kid named Connor," Buffy said.

Angel hesitated in his response. He'd never told Buffy that he had a son and he really didn't want to. He was afraid of how she'd react knowing that he had moved on with his life even though he knew she had done likewise with hers. He knew there was nothing to be ashamed of with being in love with Cordelia and having a son, even he was Darlas', but Angel knew he could be treading on dangerous ground if he got her angry since she was the slayer.

"Yes I do," Angel told her finally. "Why what's up?"

"I was just on patrol and was holding off a vampire while Dawn was looking for a stake. I'll admit I got a little distracted because I was afraid taht she might get hurt. Suddenly, this kid just pops out of nowhere to help. It was great timing actually. He said he lived in L.A. though so I thought I'd run it by you to see if you knew anything. New people in Sunnydale usually have to be checked out first. Escpecially with the looks my sister was giving him." Buffy finished relating her story.

Angel sighed in relief. Connor was safe. "I'll be down there tomorrow night Buffy," Angel told her.

"Oh, you don't need to come down I've got things under control. I just wanted to make sure this kid wasn't a big threat or something."

"I'll be down tomorrow night Buffy, see you then," Angel said hanging up.

"Well," Cordelia pushed.

"We're going to Sunnydale tomorrow night to get out son back."


"Alright then," Buffy said walking back into the living room. "I guess we'd better come up with sleeping arangements." Right at that moment Spike stormed in through the front door.

"Stupid bloody," he was murmering to himself before looking up and seeing the others in the room. " Oh sorry, just came to get some blood there's none left at the whelps and I know you have some,"Spike said going into the kitchen. "Who's the kid," he asked coming back in with blood in a mug.

"First off if you get any blood on the carpet there is gonna be some serious heck to pay. Second, he's Connor that's all we know and we're right now we're trying to figure out sleeping arangements."

"Why doesn't he just come stay with us," Spike asked. Buffy gave him a look. "It makes sense. This the girls house for the scooby gang you, red, and bit. Xanders is the guys whether I'm considered part of the gang or not."

"He actually makes sense Buffy," Dawn said.

"Thanks bit," Spike said grinning and taking a big gulp out of his mug.

"Alright fine Spike, he can go with you," Buffy said. "But first thing in the morning he needs ot be back because we have some business to take care of."

"Fine come on kid," Spike said as he started to head out the door and Connor followed after a small nod from Buffy.