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Intertwined Destinies

× P R 0 L 0 G U E -- »

The water lapped gracefully at the sand. The waves whispered gently, in synch with the slight sound of palm tree leaves swaying in the cool breeze of dawn. The sun was not up yet. The sky was an array of moony colors: black, light gray, lavender, and streaks of a sugary-like, light blue color wiped itself across the horizon. The bountiful amounts of lush green plants that dotted all around the island seemed to be shadowed with grayscale shades, saving its emerald beauty for the break of day. There were plenty of miniature waterfalls, purring lusciously as they cascaded over a slope and down into a quaint pond. Everything was tranquil.

Destiny Islands seemed to be a reliquary, a sanctuary, and a sacred shrine to all of Mother Nature's wonders. The island was a grand place, whether it was dawn, morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

It was not quite night, and it was not quite morning. The Islanders were most likely asleep, although one person was wide-awake, wistfully gazing out of her bedroom window.

I'll come back to you, I promise!

Those words were said to her over a year ago. The promise had not come true, at least not yet. But the girl was confident; she knew that he would return to her sooner or later. There were important things to be done before the two could truly be together. But if only…

She sighed. It was hard not to think about him. Especially at school, where one often daydreams when one is bored, and she was bored all the time—therefore she daydreamed a lot… and when she daydreamed, she thought about him almost every time. Although, daydreaming whilst at school wouldn't be the brightest idea, for when one does not pay attention during a lesson, one's grades go down the drain.

Which was happening exactly to Kairi.

Turning away from the window and picking up her history textbook, Kairi opened it up to the current chapter she was learning, more so trying to learn. Kairi was accustomed to being a good student, with hardly any grades lower than an A-. The problem was that most of her grades were already A-'s, so she understood that it was time to buckle down before her 4.0 GPA slipped away.

Studying history was a bore, one gigantic yawn not worth trying to hide. But Kairi still concentrated on learning it, her grades were important to her. She sat down at her desk and started to read. The chapter was about Destiny Islands, where Kairi lived, and how it came to be. She came to a paragraph where she learned that the origin of Destiny Islands was still unknown, even though it was a pretty old island. Also, how it became populated was still a mystery, though there were countless, ancient tales explaining how Destiny Islands formed and how there came to be people. The tales ranged from absolutely ridiculous to some things that seemed possible, something that was worth thinking about.

Kairi picked up her pencil and drummed the blunt, eraser end of it against the pages. The constant tapping of the pencil severed the silence of Kairi's bedroom, though she hardly cared.

Whoa! Give me a break, Kairi.

Sora, you lazy bum. I knew I'd find you snoozing down here.

Slamming her pencil down on her desk, Kairi let out another sigh.

No, this huge black thing swallowed me up! I couldn't breathe, I couldn'tOW!

Are you still dreaming?

Kairi's head began to ache terribly. Her textbook slipped from her lap to her soft carpet with a thump.

It wasn't a dream! Or was it? I don't know. What was that place? So bizarre.

Yeah, sure.

She brought her hands to her throbbing head, wishing that whatever was happening would stop.

Say, Kairi. What was your hometown like? You know, where you grew up.

I've told you before, I don't remember.

Nothing at all?


You ever want to go back?

Well, I'm happy here.


But you know I wouldn't mind going to see it.

I'd like to see it, too. Along with any other worlds out there! I want to see 'em all!

Kairi shook her head violently, rubbing her forehead. She inhaled deeply. Holding her breath for a few seconds, everything that had happened nearly two years ago whirled in her mind at an extreme speed. Kairi even felt what she had felt on that fateful day where her life took a drastic turn, creating a crevice in her heart… the pain, the longing, the loneliness, the confusion, the mistakes, the exhilaration, the battles, the quarrels, the lies, the betrayal, the calamity, and the truth…

When she finally exhaled, her headache was gone. Kairi struggled to keep the tears back, the hot tears that threatened to fall. Her words were only a mere whisper.

"Well, you got what you wanted, Sora."

end of prologue.