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Intertwined Destinies

× E P i L 0 G U E -- »

three months later.

Waves crashed upon the shore. The ocean, it was very much comparable to a person. It mirrored the characteristics of a human being. It gives, and it takes. It gave the sand moisture, causing a reflection of glittering wetness cast upon the creamy beige sand. It even graced the shores with a single starfish, perfectly arched into a dream nova, seemingly studded with soft, tiny pomegranate garnets—as if it were embedded with cherry-tinged diamonds. But then, there was the taking part. No matter the amount of beauty it delivered to the shores, it always had to take something back. It could not be satisfied with itself giving the gifts. And so, it swallowed the twinkling, pastel-shaded seashells, churning it backwards into the sea, gulping in the innocence of something so fragile and dainty.

Innocence. Fragility. Daintiness.

Those traits… they disappeared from that particular shore, that particular island. They evolved, transformed, changed over time. Metamorphosis. They were different, and they weren't there anymore. The waves could have just as well taken the children along with the seashells. Because it was the same thing. Just the same thing. The purity of the seashells had disappeared, and the smiles of the children had gone missing. That was it. They were missing.

The children were missing. But they were still there. Two spiritually, one physically.

Two on an adventure, and one un-destined to await them upon the beach.

She knew she was waiting for someone. She knew she was waiting for two people. But she only remembered one, the silver-haired adolescent with turquoise orbs. And somehow, it felt like she wanted to see the other one even more. It didn't seem right when she couldn't remember even the face of the other boy, but she could not help but keep waiting for him. She knew it had been a while. In fact, she knew the exact measure of time she had been on her own without these two boys beside her. She sat in her room, alone in front of her desk, a pencil in hand and a clean sheet of paper resting on the surface before her. The reason for doing this had escaped her, but sometimes you just had to listen to what your heart told you to do.


I don't want to go back.

That island… where we used to play on… together, all together… I'm not going back until I remember you. I refuse to. It's wrong, I feel so guilty. It wasn't right to forget you when I know you're someone really, really special to me. Your voice has left me, your face, everything. Who are you? I wish there was a way—some way for you to tell me who you are. And what we mean to each other. Because the thought of you has been haunting me to the max lately. I know I know you, and that you know me. It's just… these shadows in my heart aren't letting me remember… and I hate it. I hate not remembering you. I hate having to keep thinking, "Who is this boy?" and "If we cared about each other so much, why did you leave?"

Why did you let me go, Sor—?

It's like I've excluded myself from society. My social life has been devoured, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. I know you'll come back. Right? For some reason, you're giving me more hope than I've ever had. For some reason, I feel as though… that all my life, you've been the person who'd constantly assure me that everything would be all right, and to face the bright side… and that I was never really alone… and that—

Your name. The first syllable. It's 'So.'

Hey, you know what? I think I'm crazy. But… I asked Selphie something a while ago that I think you should know. Never name your child Akuji. I don't know. The thought just came to me, it happened last month. That name appeared in my mind, and I just couldn't help but ask Selphie what it meant, because she's an expert at those kinds of things. She looked at me weirdly, most likely because of the meaning. It wasn't like I knew, though…

She said it meant dead and alive.

Yeah, I am crazy.

I'm writing a letter… I don't know exactly why… but my heart is telling me to. And I only have the first sentence. Pathetic, huh? But the weirdest thing is… I think it's for you. In fact, I know it's for you. I just know I'll be able to recall you soon. One day. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the day after, or next week, or even next month. But I keep thinking… tomorrow.

Because tomorrow, it would be one year since I've seen your face, held your hand, shouted you something until we let go and broke apart.

Why did we let go, Sor—?

Wait. I think you promised me something. I think there's a promise that we've yet to fulfill. I think there's a promise that I'm supposed to believe in. I think I'm supposed to believe in you. And that's why I'm writing you this letter. That's why I feel this way. You make me feel… really…

I inhaled deeply and began to write.

Thinking of you, wherever you are

My fingers reached up and breezed past my ruby-stained hair before lowering and smoothing out my blue and white skirt. I was still in my school uniform. My eyes, my crystalline periwinkle eyes, they wandered over my room and caught sight of a pink outfit, with a dark hood and lined with zippers, hanging in my closet. It was new. I picked it out because it gave me a wonderful sensation of adventure drawing near. Maybe, just maybe…

Maybe… waiting isn't good enough.

We pray for our sorrows to end,
and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

If only there was a way, for me to find you. Maybe you're not supposed to find me. Maybe I'm supposed to get out there and seek you out. Maybe it's supposed to be like that, instead of this. Just waiting isn't right. Because if I wait for too long, maybe it'd be too late for things to be normal again… or too late for my memory to be normal again. I know you exist. I know you're not some dream boy I fantasize about.

You're not a dream.

This is real.

I don't know if I think of you romantically, or as just a friend. But what I do know is that you're important to me. You're… one of the most important people in my life. I just need to know who you are… oh, God, I don't even know who I'm talking to anymore…

I need to get out there. Find you. Bring you back.

Bring you back home.

And who knows.
starting a new journey may not be so hard
or maybe it has already begun.

I don't want to go back.

I don't want to go back to that island.

I won't let myself, and I'm not going to.

Not until I remember you. Not until I find out who you really are, and what you mean to me, and what our true relationship is, and why I feel such a surge of emotion just by the thought of you.

There are many worlds.
but they share the same sky

one sky, one destiny.

I couldn't think of a right way to end it. Sincerely? Yours truly? Your friend?

I shook my head, printing my name firmly and neatly at the bottom right hand corner of the paper.

K a i r i

… I wish I could send this letter to you, wherever you are. But I just wish you were here, so I wouldn't have had to write this at all. Your absence… and the impact it has on me… it's brutal. I wish you could stand next to me. I wish you could be here, walk me to school. See, I have so many… plans for us… I've dreamt about you that much. But never have I seen your face. Amidst those reveries, fantasies… you'd come to my house for breakfast, suffer sophomore and junior year with me, take the long way home with me, sit at the docks and talk about life, race across the sand, draw on the walls using rocks, blossom secrets and just be there for each other.

I want you to be here for me. But most importantly, I want to be there for you.

I miss you, Sor

And I wish I knew your name. I wish I could hear your voice, see your face.

Because I think I love you.



"Riku, order me a cheesecake, will ya?"

I nodded, moving my head in a motion that would rid the front of my face from my silver bangs. I could tell that His Majesty had already left me to find the restroom that was probably placed way on the other side of the diner we'd just entered. I guess even a mouse has to use the bathroom at one time or another. I sniffed to myself, not in any particular type of thought, inhaling the delectable mixture of diner foods drifting amidst the air.

I felt around and swiftly dropped myself onto a tall, circular swivel chair, feeling the cold metal counter in front of me. I couldn't see anything of course, because of the blindfold I've always felt obligated to wear. I don't like speaking about the blindfold, so whenever someone asked about it, I always have to refrain myself from bashing their face in.

All right, that seemed too cruel.

Over the past months, I've sort of… changed. It's weird. The changes started when I "fainted" at the Twilight Path. King Mickey gave me this black, leather overcoat along with the blindfold. God, I'd never thought I'd see the day: "Riku changes personality because of new accessories!" Well, it's not really like that. Maybe it was this blindfold, being shielded from certain things, in which the experience has changed me. To make it clearer, after I was sealed behind Kingdom Hearts, conceitedness and cockiness started building up inside of me.

I became self-absorbed.

I was like that for a while, until I fainted. I don't know how some stupid faint could make my personality different. Maybe it was the dream that went along with it. I don't remember much of it, but I remember an adventure… a whole new journey… and this girl. Some amazing girl. I don't know who she is, and that was the part that miffed me. It ticked me off that I couldn't remember her face, or her voice, or her name, or anything.

I usually just shrug those types of things away. Then I found out that I couldn't.

My God. What's taking the King so long? He'd better not be constipated. Heh, that would be a laugh.

The King's stuck on the throne.

Damn, did I just crack a joke to myself?

Oh, the cheesecake.


I absentmindedly drummed my fingers on the tabletop in front of me, wondering if I should call an attendant or wait for some employee to ask if I wanted anything. That didn't matter anymore when I heard a bone chilling voice before me. Not the creepy bone chilling kind of voice, but some sort of familiar bone chilling voice. It was strange. Really. That voice…

"What can I do for you?"

Yeah. Definitely bone chilling. So bone chilling, in fact, that I reached up and slipped off my blindfold to scrutinize the waitress in front of me. I tried not to let my teal eyes show any surprised emotion I felt. Because I never really did that.

She had her blonde hair up in a casually relaxed high-ponytail, some stray strands falling over her jade-lime eyes. That hair. I looked at her hair again. It was almost stained with some sort of blood-red tinge at the tips. Those eyes. I examined her eyes again; so green, almost reflecting yellow in one eye, but not quite. Her uniform was sleeveless—a slightly loose apron with simplistic lace bordering the hem, and a tight-fitting black dress that reached above her knees that had a green neckline. Her eyes glittered with some sort of mysteriously blissful look, and her vibrant fuchsia lips stood out from the rest of her pale features. A corner of her mouth curved upwards, forming something between a smirk and a grin.

I guess I was staring too much, for she cleared her throat and placed a hand on her hip, tilting her head at me and blinking twice.

"You want cheesecake?" she offered, now setting both her hands, palms down, upon the counter she stood behind—the same one I sat in front of.

"How did you know?" I questioned easily, showing slight interest.

"I saw you walking in with the mouse."

We both laughed. And then I realized… I actually laughed. When was the last time I'd done that with someone? Because this was a real laugh. Not one I had to force out because of King Mickey's "humorous" story about a steamboat named Willie.

We looked at each other for a moment, before I nodded to her, wetting my lips.

"Riku," I said plainly, introducing myself.

The blonde waitress leaned back, her hands resting at her sides. Something glinted in her eye. She looked at me in some enigmatical way, as if she was trying to recall something. She was examining, staring, and studying me. It wasn't even that "checking-out" sort of way, because she was all seriousness. Was there something familiar about me that she couldn't recall?

Because there was something familiar about her that I couldn't recall.

I waited for her to introduce herself, and she simply pointed at the nametag pinned to her apron. I felt like an idiot. How hadn't I seen that before? Sure, Riku, pay attention to everything but the nametag…

My eyes shifted in the direction of the plastic rectangle that shone slightly in the diner lights.



I swallowed hard and found myself reaching out a hand. "Nice to meet you… Alex."

Alex smiled at my uncertainty and took my offered hand. She had a firm grip, not like any other girls I've met, because she had a good hold instead of some weak oh-can't-break-a-nail characteristic. And her hands weren't ultimately soft, like the other girls, who hadn't worked a day in their life. She had working hands, experienced hands that knew how to tackle chores.

And when I somehow expected her hands to be cold, they were warm instead.

We held hands longer than we needed to. Our eyes locked. Oh, it's that bone chilling feeling again.


"Hey, Riku! Got my cheesecake?"

I frowned, startled when I heard the King's voice behind me. Alex and I immediately let go of our hold on each other's hands, and I turned in my swivel chair to face King Mickey. I looked straight forward and didn't see him until I cast my gaze downwards. He beamed at me, his hands jammed into the pockets of his own overcoat. He didn't seem to mind that I had my blindfold off.

"Sorry," I mumbled in reply, smirking a little. "I forgot… about the cake."

"Oh, it's all right. Forget it. We need to get going, anyway," King Mickey piped, beckoning me with a gloved hand and walking in the direction of the swinging, ching-a-ling-linging doors. I frowned again, glanced at Alex, and then looked back at His Majesty.

"Gotta go," I told her, hesitating, standing up and reaching for my hair. I pushed it back. "It was good meeting you—Alex."

Instead of returning the words, Alex nodded in the King's direction before looking at me. "You follow him all the time?"

"Well—for now, yeah, pretty much."

Alex stuffed her hands into her apron pockets. She shrugged, smiling brilliantly at me. "Don't you ever just want to be your own person?"

Taken aback, I blinked repetitively, forgetting to lessen the emotion in my eyes. "Wh-what?"

Did I just… stutter? Getting out of character, Riku…

"Being your own person." Alex closed her eyes and breathed in, stretching her arms overhead, her body almost cat-like. "It's an awesome thing, I love it."

I was quiet for moment. I looked down, biting my lip. I heard Alex drop her hands to her sides and felt her emerald gaze piercing into me.

"Was it… something I said?" Alex asked, a sorry tone in her voice.

I lifted my head and forced a smile. "No, of course not. It's just—I don't know, I think someone special to me had something to do with that."

"Oh." Alex looked away. "Someone special to you. Okay."

We stared at each other. I broke the gaze first and lifted my hand in a semi-wave, and that's when I turned around to follow the King. Mickey had already made his way outside, looking up at the dark sky, as if he were contemplating on our next destination. I wondered, too, where we were headed off. The purpose of this journey had still yet to truly dawn upon me. All I knew was that—we were looking for someone. I was looking for someone.

And King Mickey warned me: someday soon, I'd be battling an Organization member.


I pushed at the glass doors and stepped out of the diner, paying no heed to the violent breeze that assaulted me, tousling my hair and causing it to whip around my face as well as the tops of my shoulders. I was about to reach up and tie on my blindfold, until I heard—once again—the annoyingly shrill clinging of the bells attached to the diner doors behind me.



I whipped around, confused. "Alex…?"

The blonde rushed up to me, biting her lip. She had let loose her hair so that it tumbled past her shoulders. Now this really looked familiar. Her platinum blonde hair tipped with vermilion… I just couldn't forget how much it mesmerized me. I looked at her, trying to drain the flooding bewilderment in my eyes, but the anxious thoughts kept coming and coming.

"I just wanted to… thank you." Alex averted her gaze, deeply inhaling once. "I don't know why. Call me crazy—but, thanks."

Chills ran down my bones.

"You're welcome…?" I stopped myself, and prepared myself to repeat the phrase so that it didn't sound so much like a questioning statement. I leaned down and gently pushed my lips against her wind-bitten cheek. "You're welcome."

I stepped back and Alex's eyes widened, her hand immediately going to her cheek in shock. I was shocked at myself, too, for doing that. So, we both stood there in pure shock, the frigid breeze spinning around us. Three, five, seven seconds… and we ended up smiling at each other.

"See you… someday," Alex chimed simply, again shoving her hands into the pockets of her apron.

I laughed, giving her a single nod, tossing my silver bangs upwards. I turned around to follow King Mickey, not wanting to keep him waiting.

"Someday, maybe—"

I paused, knowing that I was out of earshot.



The wind played with the blades of grass jutting out of the fertile soil. They did a dance, causing the slivers of green to whip and tangle against each other, as if they were doing a rapid tango. The wind was strong—strong enough to knot the blades together, hopelessly stuck, mercilessly intertwined. Wind was like Destiny. Wind was like Fate. Always, always intertwining things. Creating a dance. Coordinating life. But can one ever coordinate one's own life? Make their own dance, with their own moves, own choices, and own decisions?

Could you really help whom you forget?

Or is it just a matter of Fate's plan for you?

The wind settled down into a caressing breeze, and the tango slowed to a waltz, no longer a whimsical whirlwind. It ended its mysterious twists and splendor. It softly pirouetted, and allowed the grass to detangle and separate. Fate could be flexible. Fate knew, the full capacity of a person. Maleficent was wrong. Fate knows not of only Life and Death. Fate knows of more.

Fate knows of Love.

The Keyblade Master slept peacefully on the grass, dreams gracing his mind, his heart.

Sora, remember your promise? I've been waiting…

Bright, delighted blue eyes.

Shimmering, just like the water surrounding the beautiful island. Her laugh… it was so charming and friendly. Oh, and the way she'd get frustrated at me for being a "lazy bum" or a "silly procrastinator"… all those times she'd find me dozing at the island shore… that look she'd give me! Her dark red hair would get in her face and brush against her eyes whenever she was overwhelmed with any sort of feeling… but then she'd smile… oh, how that smile warmed my heart. You could say that I lov—

My eyes slowly blinked open. I sat up and whispered quietly to myself.

"You could say that I love her."


x xxxxxxxxxxxx x

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