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~Chapter Twenty-Three: Epilogue~

The 1st of September dawned bright and sunny, with the occupants of number twelve, Grimmauld Place planning to rise early, have breakfast early and be ready to leave for King's Cross Station early… well, planning to anyway.

Soap suds ran down a caramel torso. A groan of pleasure. Hands stroking.

"C'mon Draco, it can't take you that long to – aaah – run some shampoo through my h-hair…" Harry ended with another contented sound and closed his eyes.

"You know you love it," Draco smirked in Harry's ear, massaging his scalp and letting his fingers run through Harry's messy black locks.

"I know what else I'd love," Harry replied, a grin evident in his voice, and turned to meet Draco's lips in a hard kiss. Draco grinned while giving Harry many teasing kisses on the corners of his lips and pushed him under the shower faucet.

"You have to wash your shampoo out, and we're already running late!" Draco thought for a moment that Harry had conceded, as he flicked his hair out of his eyes and let the shampoo run with the water. But, of course, Harry wasn't going to give up that easily.

"So it won't matter if we're a little later," he said, moving slowly closer. Draco couldn't suppress a shiver as his thin resolve shattered. He pinned Harry against the shower wall and with familiar actions, eased himself into Harry.

"Mmm, blueberry," he breathed as he lent his face against Harry's sopping hair. Harry gave a laugh that quickly turned into a moan.

"Merlin Draco, hurry up…"

Draco teased Harry a little longer by moving his body gently, slightly, before he couldn't wait any longer, and began moving faster and harder. Harry was panting. His fingers weaved in between Draco's tightly. Draco moaned as he thrust into Harry, knowing he was close but wanting every last second to count.

They both came together and collapsed against the shower wall with laboured breathing. Simply letting the water run over them, still panting, and staring at each other… Draco smiled and lifted his hand to touch Harry's neck.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Draco. But now we're actually late."

When Harry and Draco arrived in the kitchen, they found that they were not the only ones a little distracted and running late.

"Guys! Ew! I do not need to see my best friends doing things like that!" Harry screwed up his nose and shielded his eyes. Ron and Hermione jumped as if scalded, both turned pink and quickly moved from their previous, compromising position.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm sure we can match them on that spectrum," Draco grinned, sliding his arms around Harry's waist and licking his ear.

"Hey, at least we're not so loud you can hear us from the first floor," Ron countered, and laughed when Draco let go of Harry and flicked a cornflake at him.

"Settle down children," a voice said from the doorway. Draco believed that it was Mrs Weasley for a moment but then an amused Ginny came into the kitchen, having done an impressive impersonation.

"So what if we're a bit adventurous," Draco said to Ron with mock indignation, and Harry groaned and covered his face with his hands. Draco and Ron looked at each other and laughed.

"It's alright Harry, we all have different tastes," Hermione tried to say with a straight face.

"Enough with the sex talk," Harry said through his hands. Unfortunately, the real Mrs Weasley chose this moment to enter.

"Please save the sex for on the train, for Merlin's sake, we're running extremely late! Quick, you'll have to make it a speedy breakfast!" And as soon as she'd entered she left, muttering something about 'typical teenagers'.

"Oh Merlin, kill me now," Harry banged his head on the table while the other four spluttered with laughter.

"Not a bad idea though, the sex I mean," Draco added as an afterthought, and was rewarded with a piece of toast being thrown at him.

Eventually all five of them had eaten breakfast, and the chaos really began.

"Merlin, how am I supposed to fit this all into my trunk?"

"Ron! You stole my diary!"

"Oh no, don't say I'll have to leave some books behind…"

"I did not, Ginny!"

"Don't crumple that Harry! It was expensive!"

"Did so, Ronald!"

"Ow! Draco, why did you leave your hair gel lying around, I just dislocated my toe!"

"Did not! Argh, don't point your wand there! Okay, okay, I may have, er, borrowed it…"

"Do you want me to kiss it better?"

Draco finished sorting his clothes into piles and sat back for a moment. Harry skidded out of the bathroom, his hair all mussed and eyes wide.

"I can't believe I've lost my toothbrush. I just had it this morning!"

"Harry, you're so cute when you're frazzled," Draco smiled and stood up to kiss Harry. Harry smiled through the kiss and deepened it, but they were interrupted when Ron ran into the room.

"Hide me, Ginny's after my blood! And get a room!"

"We are in a room, Weasley, you just ran into it," Draco smirked. Ron rolled his eyes and opened his mouth, but froze and paled dramatically when a shriek of "Ronald Bilius Weasley!" reached them. Without another word he ducked into their bathroom.

Harry grinned and lent in to kiss Draco again but Ginny then burst into their room.

"Tell me where he is and no one gets hurt," Ginny threatened with narrow eyes and a wand pointing at the boys finer parts.

"He's in there," Draco answered immediately, jerking his head to the bathroom.

"Malfoy, you sellout!"

"She was pointing her wand at my wand, you'd be scared for your life too!"

The boys tuned the fighting pair out and Draco laid his head on Harry's shoulder.

"I wish I could have experienced sibling rivalry," he said after a moment. "Although I suppose it is sort of like that at Hogwarts, although I definitely wouldn't want to call Crabbe and Goyle my siblings."

"Me too," said Harry softly. He let out a cool breath into Draco's neck, and then spoke again.

"What's going to happen, you know, when we get there. Even on the train."

"Well, I know who I'll be sitting with on the train, or maybe sitting isn't such an accurate description of what we'll be doing…" Draco lifted his head and looked at Harry. "Hogwarts isn't going to stop us Harry. Neither will Crabbe, or Goyle, or any other Slytherin. I won't let it."

"The Gryffindors will support me, no matter what they think of you," Harry smiled.

"Of course, with that Gryffindor chivalry." Draco nudged Harry playfully.

"But, I don't want the Slytherins to give you a hard time," Harry continued in a serious tone.

"It's alright. They're scared of me. Or they used to be. I'll be able to handle them anyway. They won't be able to try anything sinister." Harry bit his lip.

"But that's just it, with your – Lucius dead, maybe they won't fear you anymore. What if…" Draco opened his mouth to reassure Harry, but Harry placed a finger his lips, determined to finish. "I won't have them hurting you."

"Well that's enough protection for me," Draco smiled, although Harry didn't look too convinced. "No point in worrying about it now. We just have to face it as it comes."

Harry didn't say anything, but after a second kissed Draco. The kiss was warm and soft, and overwhelmingly full of protection, of care, of love that Draco felt his eyes burn a little. He knew he didn't have to say it, Harry knew how he felt.

They broke apart and smiled at each other, foreheads pressed together. Content to just be. And then Ron stumbled out of the bathroom.

"Sorry to interrupt your moment, but I could use a little help here." Harry turned to Ron and attempted to remove Ginny's Bat Bogey Hex while Draco walked over to his bed.

"Harry, here's your toothbrush," Draco placed it in Harry's trunk and grinned at Ginny as she strode out of the bathroom. "I admire your handiwork."

"Thank you Draco."

"Hey, Ginny it's not funny. Well, it is. But those flappy things are starting to freak me out. They don't suit Ron at all. C'mon, please remove it? For me?" Harry gave Ginny his best winning smile. Draco smirked at Ginny and began packing again.

"Oh no, you're gonna have to beg harder than that, Mr Potter. Ronald has committed a serious crime."

"Why, what do you have written in your diary? Is it that bad?" Harry ducked a jet of light from Ginny.

"Wait, hold it! This is serious!" Draco said, frantically looking around the room. "I can't find my belt, my favourite belt!"

"Oh?" Harry raised an eyebrow, looking decidedly not innocent.

"Yes! Oh shit, I can't lose that belt…" Draco muttered, not noticing Harry's smirk.

"What would this belt happen to look like?"

"Silver, with a serpent on the buckle, and little gems at the front…"

"Oh, and makes a really nice clicky noise when you undo it…" Harry said dreamily.

"Too much information," groaned Ron, with the Bat Bogey Hex still upon him.

"Yeah I've seen that belt today." Harry hooked a finger under his shirt and lifted it so that Draco saw his belt on Harry, and a good inch of Harry's delectable stomach.

"You little bitch," Draco narrowed his eyes, but a smile curling his lips.

"You'll have to come and get it," Harry grinned.

A split second later they both took off, leaving Ginny and Ron to exchange bemused looks.

"Now Ronald, hand over my diary…"

The End.

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