Yu-Gi-Oh: Return of the King

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New York, Central Park: 12:03AM

The mists on the lake parted as a mysterious figure emerged on a small skiff. He wore a golden crown on his head and wore archaic armor, similar to that of Roman Legionaries. A golden colored shield he wore on his chest, with a dragon crest emblazoned onto it.

He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, and sported a brown beard with just a touch of gray in it.

"City of Wonders," he whispered climbing out of the boat.


Warren "Wolf" Andrews and Buffy Summers were making out by the lakeshore. Wolf slowly began reaching up Buffy's blouse for her bra-strap.

"Wolf," Buffy his breaking her face away from her boyfriend, "I told you no!"

"But Buffy," Wolf said, "Everyone is doing it…"

"Well I guess you're nobody 'cause we're not!" Buffy said.

"Back away from her knave," the mysterious figure declared stepping out of the mists. "The lady said no."

"One," Wolf said, "She's my girlfriend and I wouldn't ask her to do something that she wouldn't want to do. Two since when is it any of your business?"

Wolf snarled and bared his teeth. The man cocked an eyebrow now getting a good look at the Wolf's features. Wolf had snow-white hair, sharp fangs and two pointed ears on top of his head.

"A wolf demon eh?" the unnamed stranger said.

Wolf cocked his head in surprise; most people could not recognize him for what he was. Many would just stare at his ears or worse. Wolf had had to deal with much growing up but he had kept his demon pride.

"I'll have you know that I am a direct descendant of Rikuo Amero," Wolf said proudly.

The bearded man gave a sot of half smile, "Many demons of the Wolf Tribe claim that they are Rikuo's descendants. Most are just illegitimate descendants of Terra."

"How dare YOU!" Wolf growled at the insinuation of being descended from the wolf demon thief. He lunged at the bearded man with all of his demon strength and power. Buffy looked on from the sidelines.

To Wolf's complete surprise the man easily dodged him spun around and smacked him on the head, knocking the wind out of him.

"What?" Wolf asked not completely certain of what just occurred. "That does it buddy," he declared, "I challenge you to a Duel!"

"A duel?" the man said. "Like the sorcerer's duels that my mentor used to hold? What is the present medium for such games?"

Wolf wasn't sure of what the man was asking, but he calmly placed his duel disk on his arm and activated it. He then drew six cards.

"Cards?" The man said. "The so be it. Activate Soul Duel Disk!"

There was a brief flash of light and a pure white duel disk appeared on the mystery man's arm. It looked somewhat like the Chaos Duel disks that Buffy had once encountered. She prayed that this man wouldn't play The Seal of Oricalcos against Wolf.


Mysterious Figure-4000LP

"I'll go first," Wolf said, "Mother Grizzly in attack mode. (1400/1000) and two cards facedown. That'll be it pops."

A blue colored grizzly bear appeared in front of Wolf and growled at the mysterious man.

"I summon Sir Lancelot the Ill-Made Knight in attack mode (1900/1400)," The mysterious man said, "And when Sir Lancelot is summoned I can summon one more card from my hand with Knight in it's name, so come forth Sir Galahad the Pure Knight!" (1400/1500)

The first knight to appear looked somewhat like the Marauding Captain, save for the black hair and the armor: which looked like it had been slapped together at the last second. Wolf noticed a small look of regret in the mysterious man's eyes as he played the card.

The second knight looked a great deal like the first except that he was blond and wore silver armor that looked almost like overkill.

"Lancelot," the man declared, "Attack his Mother Grizzly!" The knight rushed forward with his rusty sword and sliced through the bear.


Mysterious Figure-4000LP

"Now by my Mother Grizzly's Effect," Wolf said, "I can summon another one! (1400/1000)"

A second blue grizzly bear appeared in front of him.

"I know," The man said, "I was counting on it. Galahad attack!"

"They tie!" Wolf yelled, and sure enough the two monsters grappled with one another and shattered apart.

Another Mother Grizzly appeared in front of Wolf. (1400/1000)

"When Galahad is destroyed I can summon two monsters with "Knight" in there name to the field," the man said.

"Sir Tristram the Brave Knight, (1600/1500) and Sir Percival the Grail Knight (1800/1900)"

A tall knight with a fire red sword and red armor and a blond knight with a goatee wearing blue armor and holding not a sword but a small wooden cup appeared.

Wolf's eyes widened in surprise. "They were summoned as new creatures during the battle phase!"

"Indeed," the man said smiling. "Percival attack Mother Grizzly!"

A single beam of light erupted from the water and struck Mother Grizzly down. She shattered apart and no new monsters came to take her place.


Mysterious Figure-4000LP

"Tristram direct attack," The man declared. The red knight rushed forward and struck the wolf demon, sending him flying backwards.


Mysterious Figure-4000LP

"I set one card facedown and end my turn," the man said.

"That does it," Wolf snarled, "I summon Fenrir, by removing from play two Mother Grizzlies in my graveyard. (1400/1200)"

White mist poured out of the ground and a single gray wolf appeared on the field.

"Next I summon my Wolf Axewielder," (1650/1000) Wolf said, slapping the card onto his duel disk.

A biped wolf wearing American Indian garb appeared. He had a shield and a large battle-ax.

"Wolf Axewielder attack Sir Tristram!" Wolf growled. The Bipedal Lupine rushed forward and sliced Tristram in half.


Mysterious Figure-3950LP

"My other monster is too weak to attack," Wolf said, "So it's your move."

"I draw," the man said. "I summon Gawain the Courageous Knight. (1350/2400) in defense mode."

A single small but spunky looking knight with a large shield appeared in front of the mystery man.

"I then switch Lancelot, and Percival to defense as well. Your move"

"Then I draw," Wolf snarled snapping the top card from his deck. He looked at it and grinned. "I play Raigeki! This blows away all three of your monster!"

A bolt of lightning shot down and struck the man's field, blasting all of his monsters into oblivion.

"Now I sacrifice my Fenrir and Wolf Axewielder for Behemoth King of all Animals (2700/1500)"

The twin wolves shattered apart as a gigantic purple wolf with horns appeared in their place.

"Behemoth," Wolf growled, "Attack his life points directly,"

The beast lunged forward and struck at the man. Despite the large claws pawing at him the man never once flinched, but instead in one cool motion dodged the attack without missing a beat. The creature tried to strike his target but was unsuccessful. He sauntered back over to Wolf's side and whimpered.


Mysterious Figure-1250LP

"I draw," the man said, not even acknowledging the life points lost. "I summon Mordred the Dark Knight in defensive mode. (0/2100)"

A single black knight with a wicked looking sword appeared in a crouching position.

"End turn," he said.

"Then this is over," Wolf snickered. "I summon Saber Wolf (1750/2000) in attack mode."

A pure white wolf with long Saber-toothed tiger-like fangs appeared. He growled at the man.

"Behemoth attack Mordred," The purple beast lunged and struck the dark knight. There was a flash of black lightning and Wolf's field was empty.

"Do you know nothing?" the man asked, "Mordred was the traitor. When he fell the whole kingdom of Camelot fell with him. As did his father."

"Why should I care about some dusty old legends?" Wolf growled.

The man smiled, "All myths have a seed of truth in them, didn't you know that? You have a valiant soul, and perhaps you and your lady there shall be the first of my neo-knights. I sacrifice all of the cards in my graveyard Lancelot, Galahad, Tristram, Gawain, Percival, and Mordred in order to summon Nexus the Conqueror."

An armored warrior emerged onto the man's field, (3500/3000) but despite the high attack power Wolf didn't look worried.

"Your apparent lack of concern causes me to believe that your facedown cards are traps, so I activate the Facedown card I played on my first turn. Return from the Different Dimension,"


Mysterious Figure-625LP

Tristram, Percival, and Lancelot appeared on the man's field (1600/1000) (1800/1900) (1900/1400)

"I sacrifice these three noble warriors for the single most powerful creature in my deck The Once and Future King: Pendragon! (3500/3000)"

Instead of a holographic representation of the monster appearing however, the man stepped forward onto the field himself. It was then that Wolf realized that the man looked exactly like the picture on the card.

"I have not yet recovered my sword," Pendragon said, "So this will have to do." He held up a wicked looking mace.

"But before I attack I play Polymerization to fuse myself with Nexus," Pendragon said as the two of them flowed together into a vortex. When he emerged he still appeared to be Pendragon, but he wore the armor of Nexus.

"I am now The Return of the King: Pendragon the Conqueror. (4500/3500)" he said, "And when I am summoned I destroy all face-down spell and trap cards on the field. I have none, but you have two."

Wolf's two facedown cards shattered to pieces. "It can't be!" he whispered.

"I finish this," Pendragon said and swung his mace.


King Arthur Pendragon-625LP

Asriel Coffin awoke with a start. She looked down at her sleeping husband. He unborn child stirred within her.

Ever since she had gotten pregnant she had been having strange dreams. This was just the latest in a long series.

"Honey," Davis said stirring, "go back to sleep, Kaiba's second annual Battle City tournament is tomorrow and we need our rest."

"Uh huh," she said standing up and sliding out into the kitchen leaving her husband to rest.

"What are you doing up at this hour?" Griffin Heart, Asriel's uncle said. He glanced over his niece as he poured the milk into his cereal. He then decided to answer his own question.

"You had another dream didn't you?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "This once was strange…it was right here in New York. It was a duel. Normally I wouldn't think much of a dueling dream right before a big tournament like this but these dreams have got me rattled."

"When are you going to tell your husband about them?" Griffin asked shoveling a spoonful of Lucky Charms into his mouth.

"Never," she said shaking her head, "He's been worrying enough with this baby coming and the tournament…I just don't want to put him under that kind of stress."

Asriel looked at her uncle and cocked her head; "Does Aunt Christy know that you're raiding the cereal?"

Griffin began coughing and sputtering as he choked on his cereal. "No! And don't tell her, I promised her I wouldn't touch the cereal again."

Uh huh," She said putting her hands on her hips. "So long as you don't tell Davis about my dreams."

"All right," Griffin said, "But you should."

Griffin placed his bowl in the sink and wandered off to his bed. Asriel stepped out onto the balcony and looked out into the New York nightline.

To be continued…

Original Cards:

Sir Lancelot the Ill-made Knight

Sir Galahad the Pure Knight

Sir Tristram the Brave Knight

Sir Percival the Grail Knight

Sir Gawain the Courageous Knight

Sir Mordred the Dark Knight

Saber Wolf

The Once and Future King: Pendragon

The Return of the King: Pendragon the Conqueror

Original Cards by Wolf General

Nexus the Conqueror

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