Yu-Gi-Oh!: Return of the King!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Daniel Pilkington, Deondre Anderson, CJ Anderson, & Rikuo Amero, are property of the Wolf General. Kai Knight is property of Guardian Master; Kell Zephyr is mine, but he was inspired by Vyser Dragoon.

Author's Notes: I have used every card in Legendary Warriors. There will actually be a checklist. The newest set of cards: Emblem of the Heroes is where my original cards come from now (Unless I otherwise state)

King Arthur turned. Wolf and Buffy had been whispering behind his back ever since the first turn defeat of Weevil and Rex.

"Is something wrong?" the King asked.

"It's just that," Buffy stammered. "The way you defeated Rex and Weevil. That was scary."

The emperor sighed. "They were not very skilled duelists, so I decided to take them down as quickly as possible. It's not an issue is it?"

"You held back against me didn't you?" Wolf asked.

The king said nothing as they approached their next opponent.

"You challenge Bandit Keith?" the duelist said.

"He did," Wolf said slowly…

"I set two cards face-down and attack your Quicksilver Knight with my Guardian Kay'est," Kai said. The weak water monster pointed her Rod of Silence at the small silver warrior.

Ice froze over the card, which shattered apart.

Asriel grinned. "When Quicksilver Knight is destroyed I can summon Quicksilver tokens to my field. Their attack and defense points match your monsters attack and defense points."

Two small silver suits of armor appeared on Asriel's field. (500/2200) (1000/1800)

Kai frowned, and then signaled ending his turn.

"I sacrifice my two Quicksilver Knights for my Dark Magician!" Asriel said sliding the card onto her duel disk.

Since its creation Dark Magician had received more attention than any other card in the game. Several editions of the card had been printed, and it had more potential evolutions than any other card in the game.

There was the Purple Dark Magician, which Yugi Muto used. The Red Dark Magician which was played by the magician Arkaina. Davis's Dark Magician, which was unique to him, and the Violet Dark Magician, which was the one that Asriel used.

The armor on the violet Dark Magician was jagged, pointier. The purple Dark Magician, as well as Davis's had a more round and organic shape to it's armor. The Red and violet Dark Magicians all seemed to be triangular.

"Dark Magician!" Asriel exclaimed. She pointed at Guardian Kay'est. "Dark Magic Attack!"

"Active reverse card," Kai said. His two face-down cards flipped up. "Tailor of the Fickle. Tailor will re-equip Backup Gaurdna with the Rod of Silence. Kay'est can't be attacked, so your attack goes to my Gaurdna. (500/2700)"

The purple beast and the mermaid shimmered and then swapped places. The magic attack struck the beast and rebounded back hitting the magician but not causing serious injury.



"What's with the Dark Magician?" Kai asked. "I thought that you ran warriors. Don't tell me you suddenly changed types on me."

"I run knights," Asriel responded. "And every court has a powerful magician advisor. King Arthur had Merlin, I've got Dark Magician."

Kai shrugged. "Whatever."

"I set two cards myself," Asriel said. "Now let's see what you've got."

Kai grinned and drew.


Eden Sidi Hotel, at the mouth of the Ambinanimananano Atsimo River Madagascar:

Leo sighed at the ghost crab that scuttled by his feet. He doodled some images in the sand. The hotel's lemurs chattered in the trees nearby, hoping that tourists would give them some bananas.

The Eden Sidi was about as far away as Leo had been able to get. Leo couldn't stand cities anymore. Having spent six years of his life under the control of the demon Legion, Leo was now sensitive to demonic presences. Most people didn't even realize it, but demons, fallen angels rather, were everywhere.

They were especially drawn to cities; every major city in the world had some kind of powerful demon running it, like some kind of Underworld Kingpin. They knew about Leo's sensitivity to their presence. They hunted him like a dog.

Leo's only recourse had been escape. He'd left the States; he'd left the major countries. That's not to say that there weren't demons in third world countries, their were, but they were fewer, and of much lower rank than demons like Apollyon, Beelzebub, Balthazar, and some of the other demons he knew of through Legion.

Leo didn't like being cut off like he was, but he also felt he had no choice.

"I hope Davis got my package," he wondered out loud. Then his senses tingled, a cold chill went down his spine.

Leo leapt to his feet and spun around. There was the presence. He wasn't very tall, maybe five foot three, he wore a red outfit, a sort of dated pirate costume complete with hat. He had a large bushy black beard, and wore a duel disk on his left arm. Leo didn't recognize the duel disk; it had to be one of Kaiba's new ones.

He knew that Kaiba was hosting a tournament in New York, and he'd even been invited, but New York was the last place for someone with Leo's sensitivities to be.

"Who are you?" Leo demanded of the "man" walking up the beach towards him.

"My name is Edward Teach," he said. "Perhaps you've heard of me?"

"You don't fool me," Leo said. "That's your host's name. Who are you really?"

The man seemed taken aback. "Very well Leo, I was once a Principality named Kaym guardian of the gates, but now I go by Lord Kaym."

"Kaym?" Leo asked. "You're an awfully long way from New Orleans Lord Kaym."

Leo had heard Kaym's name mentioned several times in the course of conversations between Legion and Apollyon. As he understood it, Kaym was the demonic ruler of New Orleans.

"You know much," Kaym said. "But enough idle chat boy. Where is the key?"

Leo shook his head. "You'll never get that information from me."

"Oh I beg to differ," Kaym said. "I know it sounds clichéd, but we have ways of making you talk."

Leo stepped back; he knew he was in trouble. Behind him was the river, and there was no way he could swim it. And Kaym was between him and the hotel. He glanced at his book-bag on the ground beside him. He lunged and grabbed the duel disk from the back and placed it on his arm.

Kaym smiled. "You think you can duel your way out of this one do you?"

The fallen angel began speaking words that Leo did not understand, in a language he'd never heard before.

Flames erupted in a circle around them and then faded away very quickly. There were scorch marks in the sand in the shapes of twisted and wicked symbols.

"I've just initiated a Hell game," Kaym said. His duel disk clicked into place as did Leo's. "Darkness games, Sage's Games, they're all pale imitations of this kind of game, because there is nothing worse than a Hell Game. In this game, the loser goes to Hell!"

Beads of sweat covered Leo's forehead as he realized the implications. He'd heard Apollyon and Legion speak of Hell in hushed tones. They feared it. Hell was a place of eternal torment and damnation to be certain, but it was for all those who were enemies of God, demons included.



"Then I'll go first," Leo said, fear still guiding his actions. "I summon Gamma the Magnet Warrior in attack mode." (1500/1800)

A pudgy magnet warrior appeared in front of Leo, a light hum came from his body, and Leo was sure that he could smell iron. His monster was 100 real. He was sure of that. Small metal objects like a paper clip in the sand slid forward and hit the magnet monster.

"I set a card face-down." Leo said cautiously. "And that's my turn."

"Well then," Kaym said smiling. "I summon Skull Mariner in attack mode!" (1600/1200)

An enormous pirate ship appeared behind Kaym. Its cannons rolled to the portholes and popped out.

"Fire!" Kaym yelled!"

"Activate Polarity Switch!" Leo said gesturing to his facedown card. It flipped up showing an image of the three magnet warriors placing their hands in a circle.

"An Emblem of Heroes card?" Kaym asked in surprise. "That's a bran new series, how did you get that card?"

"EBay," Leo responded happily. "What it does is activate when you attack a Magnet Warrior. I can special summon another Magnet warrior and redirect the attack to that warrior. Come forth Beta the Magnet Warrior!" (1700/1600)

A yellow magnet being appeared in front next to Gamma, the cannonball swerved in midair and flew towards Beta, who's magnets hummed and launched the cannonball right back at the Pirate Ship. The ship exploded and pieces of the boat fell scattered onto the field, but the boat did not shatter into digital pixels or fade away.

It was then that Leo was certain. This game was for keeps.


"I activate Guardian's Armory," Kai said. "This card becomes the equipment card for a guardian monster in my hand."

Asriel pursed her lips. This meant that he could summon any guardian monster without need for its equipment card on the field.

"Guardian Aiatos," Kai said flipping the card around. "I don't have her equipment card in my hand, but she's the monster that I'm summoning."

He placed the guardian on the field. A beautiful angel appeared in a flurry of feathers. She wore American Indian garb, and though she was powerful, she seemed quite gentile. (2500/2100)

"Without her equipment card you can't overpower my Dark Magician," Asriel said, unsurprised that Kai had summoned her without a tribute.

"True enough," Kai said. "I've got three cards in my hand, and I'm setting all three of them."

Three giant images of the cards appeared in front of Kai.

Kai signaled the end of his turn. Asriel drew.

"I play the Allied Forces," She said, a giant image of the card appeared behind the Dark Magician, and the Magician's staff began to glow.

"This allows Spellcasters and Warriors to share each others power," Asriel said. "Though Spellcasters don't get a boost my Queen's Knight does! (1900/1600)" The female member of the royal tri-knights appeared next to Dark Magician.

"It's amazing the kind of power that comes from team work," Asriel said winking.

"Can't beat Aiatos," Kai said shaking his head.

"True," Asriel said. "I'll just place two cards facedown."

Kai stiffened as he drew. He knew Asriel had something big planned.

"I activate Gravity Axe-Grarl," Kai said. "Then I set two cards facedown and summon Guardian Grarl!" (3000/1000)

A large dinosaur wielding an ax appeared by Kai. "With attack points that match that of a Blue-Eyes, my Guardian will take out the Dark Magician!"

The enormous lizard lifted up his ax and lunged at Asriel's Magician. Dark Magician never flinched as Asriel countered with her Negate Attack.

Kai smiled as she drew. "What's with you and Knight cards anyway?"

Asriel looked surprised at the question. "Don't you know about the Knights?"

Kai shook his head.

"Before he created Duel Monsters," Asriel said. "Pegasus journeyed around the world, gathering up legends and stories of monsters that were summoned to do their masters wishes. In great Britain Pegasus encountered a mysterious old man, who told him to make the Knights."

"King's Knight," Asriel said. (2200/1400) "And Jack's Knight! (2700/1500) In attack mode. (QK: 2300/1600; KK: (2400/1400)

Kai was beginning to look concerned.

"Jack's Knight, attack his Guardian Aiatos now!" Asriel declared. "Royal Slasher!"

The blond warrior lunged at the Angelic Guardian, but she vanished in a shower of light before he could reach her.

"Monster Recovery," Kai said. "Shuffles Aiatos back into my deck."

"Why?" Asriel asked surprised.

"I'm the Card Guardian Asriel," Kai said. "You know that from the Washington D.C. tournament. What kind of Guardian would I be if I simply allowed my monsters to be destroyed? A guardian deck focuses heavily on preventing monsters from going to the card graveyard."

Kai had no hand, so he couldn't draw any new cards.

Asriel nodded in understanding as Kai Knight drew his next card.

"King's Ransom," Kai said holding it up. "Costs One thousand Life Points but lets me draw four cards."



Kai picked up four cards and looked over them carefully, surveying his options. "I set one monster in Defense mode," Kai said. "End turn."

"Awfully cautious," Asriel responded. "Particularly for someone who claims that they won't let their monsters go to the card graveyard."

Kai said nothing.

"I sacrifice my Tri-Knights," Asriel said. "For Gilford the Lightning!" (3200/1400)

The trio of knights vanished from the field as one of Asriel's most powerful warriors appeared in its place. The Lightning warrior raised his sword to the sky; volts of electricity launched into the air and came crackling down towards Kai's field.

"NO!" Kai exclaimed, he punched a button on his duel disk and then shoved his monsters aside, leaping to the center of the field. The lightning bolt struck him, and not his monsters.

"What?" Asriel yelped in surprise.



Kai gasped. "My quick-play spell card: My Body as a Shield lets me take damage to my life points instead of allowing them to die."

"Wow!" Asriel said, genuinely surprised. "You're really committed to this whole not allowing your monsters to be destroyed thing."

Kai nodded, moving back to his original position. "Card Guardian, Asriel."

"I'm sorry," Asriel said. "It's quite the noble quest, but I've got to clear your field to win."

Kai just smiled.

"You've only one more trap card face down," Asriel said. "Let's see what it is. Gilford attack his Grarl!" The lightning warrior raised his blade and launched the attack across the field.

The lightning bolt hit Grarl, but the monster was not destroyed.

"Saving Play," Kai said. "Prevents destruction of one monster."



"Dark Magician!" Asriel said. The Spellcaster understood and launched his attack against the face-down monster.


"My Paladin Defender," Kai said.

Kai drew and glanced at his card. A smile crossed his face. "This is it! My ultimate spell card. A continuous card that will shuffle monsters sent to the graveyard as tributes or through battle back into my deck."

"Recycling Swordplay," Kai said. The card didn't seem all that ominous. Its image showed a Kuriboh hovering above a recycle bin.

Asriel's eyes narrowed. "I have another ax for my Grarl," Kai said grinning. "The Axe of Despair!"(4000/1000)

"Gilford is no more," Kai said. The dinosaur lunged and with his two axes sliced the lightning warrior in half, his body collapsed and disappeared into the card graveyard."

"Your monster may be powerful," Asriel said. "But this duel is far from over."

To Be Continued…

From the Dairy of Maximillion Pegasus:

Jan 8,

I have traveled quite far in these past four years, and have found many inspirations for my new card game. The most noteworthy was of course in Egypt, where I believe that the game originated. The most significant of these cards are the Dark Magician and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I have decided that they'll have 2500 and 3000 attack points respectively.

In India I discovered the spirit monsters, and in Japan, the Demon Lords. I also met Wayfinder in Japan, the stranger has inspired me to create a whole set of dimensional monsters. The more I travel, the more monsters I discover.

I was at Stonehenge last week, and at that site I met the strangest old man. He wore a green cloak and had a long white beard. He told fantastic stories about the Knights of the Round Table and of other Knights I'd never heard of. He told me about the Invincible Knight Gearfried.

But that was not the strange thing. The strange thing was after he'd told me all of these amazing stories; he gave me a scroll with all of the statistics that these knights were to have in the game. Every single one. It's as if he knew that I was creating a card game and he wanted to make certain that these Knights got their names in the Game.

Original Cards:

Guardian's Armory

Quicksilver Knight

Polarity Switch

Original Cards Created by Time Mage:

King's Ransom

Original Cards Created by Seeker of the Soul:

Saving Play

Original Cards created by Wolf General:


Original Cards Created by Guardian Master:

Paladin Defender