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Part 4

Zack paced worriedly about Logan's Uncle's cabin in hopes that he would be able to relay exactly what he was thinking
to Original Cindy and Bling. He had previously thought that they would be able to pull this off by themselves, but he didn't
want to be putting Max in any more danger than was deemed necessary.

"Okay, here's the plan," he began, "We are going to head down to Arizona but we aren't going to go into the state using
the same route. I think they are scanning that road for possible friends of the two they've captured. If they were captured,
which is the most likely thing that could've happened to them. We are going to have to use your car, Bling. All I've got is
my motorcycle, and that's not going to get all three of us someplace without attracting attention to ourselves."

"How are we going to get them out once we get down there? It's not like we know exactly where they are hiding them,"
Original Cindy asked, trying to hold back the fear of losing her best friend.

Zack pondered that a moment before he answered. He didn't want her to lose hope because then he would have one
more problem to deal with. And he needed all the help that he could muster up.

"We are going to search starting at the roads that enter the state around where the two of them came in. If I see either of
their vehicles, then I will know if we are at the right place or not. If I don't, we'll have to try another approach. Do you
know which road he took?"

"He took this one," Bling showed him on the map that was neatly laid out in front of them. "How do you know that they
aren't looking for you or us as well? What if they find us and we are caught trying to get them back? What are you going
to do if that happens?"

"It won't!!" he exclaimed a bit louder than he intended.

"Dude," Original Cindy directed at Zack, "we know you want to find her, so do we. We will help you, we are just as on
edge about this as you are."

"I told her if she stayed around here she'd get caught and she didn't listen to me. I should have just dragged her over to
Canada with me when I had the chance. Now I have to go save her." He started to pace again, looking very disgruntled.

"Not that you would mind, right?" Original Cindy asked, "You like saving her, don't ya?" She grinned even though the
mood didn't allow it.

"She wouldn't come to me though. She might be thankful, but she'd still run back to miracle boy. I told her she was one
day going to get herself killed."

"Before you get any more wound up than you already are, would you mind enlightening us as to what the rest of your plan
is?" Bling asked, trying to get Zack's mind off his pride.

Zack snapped out of his wallowing and finished explaining his plan.


"So let me get this straight. You want me to stay here and you're gonna speed around on your little bike until you find their
vehicles and then you're gonna radio in to the van here and I'm gonna be relaying signals or whatever to y'all?" Cindy
asked, summing up the plans that Zack had made for her.

"Basically, yeah," he replied.