The Heart's Desire

Author: Writie

Summary: Brooke Davis has been hurt in the past, and Nathan Scott knows that kind of pain well. Will a friendship grow or do they share an undiscovered deeper connection? Lucas and Peyton grow closer. Much More. R&R.

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Brooke Davis sat in the back of the taxi, looking out the window and watching the scenery go by. A slight smirk played across her face as she fondly thought of her summer away from Tree Hill. She could remember only a few months ago dreading having to leave. The idea of having to be away from her friends for that long wasn't exactly thrilling. Her life was in Tree Hill, after all.

Lucas Scott had dropped a bombshell on her before she left. She remembered crying her eyes out afterward. She had sat in the back of the taxi just bawling, and now she was actually smiling. Lucas confessing he wanted to be with her brought on so many mixed emotions that she just wasn't ready to deal with at the time. For a while that's what she thought she had wanted, so shouldn't she have been happy?

She had felt anger, confusion, sadness, uncertainty, and most of all a pain she had tried to bury. She felt tears glistening in her eyes after thinking of it all, but she refused to cry this time. She had spent an amazing summer in California, and there was no way she was going to let these thoughts bring her down. The summer away had been good for her, and had put things in a whole new perspective. Brooke smiled as she played with the diamond necklace she wore around her neck. She had originally thought she would be miserable having to spend the summer away from Tree Hill, and with her parents, but she was wrong. Those past months were exactly what she needed.


Brooke had just finished unpacking after arriving at her parents house in California. She had gotten to see her parents for about two whole seconds, before they were too busy to deal with her. What was the point of her spending the summer with them anyway? It's not as if they would notice if she were there or not. Now she was in this large house alone, all by herself. It's not as if she weren't used to it. She had to admit the house was gorgeous and she loved her room. It was so her style, and if she actually lived there she could probably have made it look even better.

Unpacking all of her things had taken a while considering she practically packed her entire closet. She began to place some of the pictures she had bought with her on her dresser, and it just seemed to make her miss Tree Hill even more. She frowned as she placed a picture of she and Peyton hugging on the dresser. It hadn't even been 24 hours yet, and she already missed her like crazy. She placed a group shot of Lucas, Peyton, Haley, Nathan and herself right next to it. She couldn't help but smile while looking at it, it was taken one of the night's they were all at TRIC. The next picture she placed on the dresser was of Peyton, Lucas and herself. She felt herself tearing up and she had certainly already done enough crying. She couldn't stop thinking of what Lucas had said, and she never felt more confused. She shook these thoughts off and decided to explore the rest of the house.

She had really only gotten to see the living room and her bedroom. This house was definitely nicer than any house she had ever lived in, and she had lived in some really beautiful homes. She almost wondered if it used to belong to a celebrity, although she was sure her parents would never be around long enough to ask. She entered the kitchen which was just as amazing as the other rooms. After tapping her nails along the counter, she grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and decided to head out back. The backyard was huge, containing a large pool and a Jacuzzi. Everything about this house was incredible, it was just too bad it wasn't all in Tree Hill. Brooke roamed around the pool feeling overly bored and lonely. She really hated this.

"Are you gonna jump in?" Brooke took her eyes off the ground a bit shocked by the sound of an unfamiliar feminine voice. The voice belonged to a girl who looked about the same age as her. She had long dark hair that cascaded down her shoulders, blues eyes, an amazing tan, and a killer body. She honestly wouldn't have been surprised if this girl were a super model. Brooke quickly noted she was probably a cheerleader and maybe even the most popular girl in whatever school she attended. Brooke knew a thing or two about that. After a brief pause, the girl continued. It was almost as if she and Brooke were examining each other, sizing one another up, and taking mental notes.

"I live next door. My name is Blaire Hunter." She added introducing herself.

"And I care why? Listen, why don't you turn around and walk your ass off my property? I wasn't planning on taking a swim, but I have not problem pushing someone in." Brooke hissed immediately letting her claws out. Blaire reminded her of the type of girl that she would be in constant competition with.

"She has a mean bark, but can she bite?" Blaire smirked as she came closer and slowly circled Brooke.

"You wanna find out?" Brooke challenged with a sneer. Blaire stepped back with an amused smile.

"Your fiesty, I like that. You must be Brooke Davis, I have to admit I'm impressed. You didn't disappoint." Blaire admitted with a calculating grin.

"How do you know my name?" Brooke asked skeptically still not letting her guard down.

"Our parents have spoken a few times." Blaire explained.

"My parents actually remembered my name? It sounds like my parents have talked to your parents, more than they even talk to me." Brooke offered dryly rolling her eyes.

"We are going to have a lot of fun this summer." Blaire promised excitedly.

"We?" Brooke asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, we. Cali doesn't stand a chance with the two of us together. I'm actually having a party in a few days and your coming." Blaire stated. Brooke slightly smiled barely masking her interest.

"Maybe I'll make an appearance." Brooke shrugged as if she was bored. "...if your lucky." She smiled placing her hand on her hip.

"I'll see your around Brookie." Blaire smirked as she backed away, turned around and sauntered off.

End Flashback

Peyton Sawyer sat on her bed drawing her latest sketch. She looked up from her work to see Lucas sitting across from her reading his book. She loved how they could do something so simple like this and just enjoy each other's company. No words were needed. The second she looked up, his eyes met hers. He smiled warmly at her, and she returned the smile slightly biting her lower lip as she adverted her eyes back to her art. She was drawing a picture of Elizabeth, the woman who had claimed to be her mother. She felt Luke's eyes on her and she couldn't help but smile. He just seemed to have that effect.

They had pretty much spent their entire summer together, and she had never felt closer to him. They had managed to drift apart towards the middle of the school year, but had rebuilt their relationship over the passed few months. She felt like she could trust him again, and had gradually started to let him back in. She had confided in him about Jake's departure, the creepy messages she had received, and about Elizabeth claiming to be her mother. She in return had been there for him in the same way.


Peyton stared blankly at this woman who claimed to be her mother.

"What?" Peyton uttered.

"I'm your mother." Elizabeth repeated.

"No. T-that's impossible. My mother passed away when I was 9 years old. She died in a car accident. Listen lady, I don't know what sick game your trying to play but I want you to leave me the hell alone." Peyton snapped.

"Peyton please, hear me out ok? I know this is probably hard for you to believe but..." Elizabeth began to try and explain.

"That's because it's not true!" Peyton exclaimed.

"Peyton, I am your mother. I understand why your upset, just please let me explain." Elizabeth pleaded. "Please, I want to be in my daughter's life." she continued desperately.

"I'm not your daughter! I want you to leave me the hell alone. I mean it, stay the hell away from me!" Peyton snapped as she slammed the door.

"Peyton!" Elizabeth called, but there was no use. Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and reluctantly walked away.


Lucas stood across from Peyton in his room with his arms folded across his chest.

"So, let me get this straight...this Elizabeth woman comes to you claiming to be a magazine editor, it turns out she really isn't a magazine editor and she tells you she's your mother." Lucas began. Peyton sat on his bed and nodded.

"...and at the same time I've been receiving these creepy instant messages." Peyton added.

"So, do you think she was the one sending you the IMs? You think she's a stalker or something?" Lucas questioned.

"She didn't seem to know what I was talking about when I mentioned the IMs. Whoever has been sending the IMs has been watching me on my webcam. If she lied about being a magazine editor, who knows what else she could be lying about." Peyton offered.

"Peyton, this sounds serious. You should report this to the police." Lucas suggested, concern evident in his features. "Have you disconnected your webcam?" he asked.

"I just keep it covered up. Lucas, I really don't want to make a big deal out of this. It might not be her, and I doubt the police could do much seeing how I have no idea who it could be." Peyton answered. "Besides, I haven't received any IMs in a while." she added.

"If it starts up again, I want you to tell me." Lucas insisted. "So, what about Elizabeth?" he inquired curiously.

"What about her?" Peyton asked.

"Peyton, she knew your middle name. Maybe you should ask your dad about it and then talk to her." Lucas offered.

"Luke, it's not hard to find out someone's middle name, and I have tried contacting my Dad. I e-mailed him, no answer yet. I don't remember much about my mother but I know there's no way she's alive. Losing her was one of the hardest moments of my life and it still hurts till this day." Peyton admitted emotionally. "I don't know what type of game this woman is trying to play but it's wrong." she frowned. Lucas walked over to her and she stood up and hugged him. He sighed, it felt so good to hold her again. It felt like it had been forever. He wrapped his arms more securely around her and she felt as if she had let herself melt into him. Peyton opened her eyes and nuzzled her face into his shoulder.

"I remember that." he heard her say. Lucas opened his eyes as he felt her pull away. He followed her gaze and his eyes rested on a box that was lying on his bed. As soon as he laid his eyes on the box, he knew the contents like the back of his hand without even having to look in it. Peyton pulled out a picture from the box that she was referring too. She quickly realized these must have been the things Brooke found in Luke's room. "We had a lot of fun that night." she added with soft smile as she studied the picture.

"Yeah." Lucas answered awkwardly remembering the excuse he had given Brooke for keeping all of those things. It was almost as if these passed few months he had felt like he needed to be with Brooke, but now he realized he had been wanting Brooke for the wrong reasons and perhaps that was selfish.

"You kept my little random notes." Peyton laughed in surprise.

"They were cute." Lucas shrugged with a smirk.

"You still have the mix I made you." Peyton remarked looking through the box a bit more.

"Well, it' the best mixed tape I have, that and the other one you made me." Lucas smiled. Peyton softly giggled sheepishly and she was actually blushing.

"You know I kept all the things you gave me too." She admitted.

"Even though you were with Jake?" Lucas questioned.

"Yeah." Peyton nodded.

"Why?" Lucas asked curiously.

"Why what?" Peyton replied a bit confused.

"Why did you keep those things?" He inquired.

"Because as wrong as the circumstances were, it still meant something to me. You meant something to me." Peyton admitted looking away. "I know we hurt Brooke and I regret that, but it doesn't change the way I felt about you." she continued. "Why did you keep these things?" She asked after a brief pause, finally looking up at him. He didn't know exactly what to say, but he didn't want to lie to her.

"I told Brooke I kept those things as a reminder of how I screwed up with her." Lucas confessed. "I told her I wanted to be with her before she left." he admitted. Peyton looked away trying to act un-effected, registering what he had just said. She plastered on a fake smile and looked him in the eye.

"That's great. You've both really changed, and I think you'll be really happy together." Peyton offered trying to smile even though it was killing her. It wasn't so much the thought of Lucas and Brooke being together, it's what he had said about his relationship with her. How could he say that? She never could have said something like that about him, because it would be a lie. Yes, she regretted the circumstances and the fact that they hurt Brooke, but she could never regret him. "But is that really how you feel? That our memories were a mistake? That we were?" She asked. She was hurt and not matter how much she tried to fight it the pain shown through in her features.

"No. I think the way it all happened was a mistake, the choices I made and the person I turned into was a mistake." Lucas admitted. "I shouldn't have worded it that way, I shouldn't have said those things to Brooke. The truth is, I think I've been lying to myself. For a while all I've had was Brooke. When I reached out to you, you didn't want anything to do with me. I understand why, you needed time. You moved on with Jake and I was happy for you, because all I've ever wanted was for you to be happy." He explained. "I wanted to move on too, and I think I tried to force myself to have feelings for Brooke, for a while I really believed I did. It just made it all easier. Brooke had become a different person, and she was the only one that was there for me. I guess for a while I was confused." he admitted. Peyton stared at him intensely, processing every word and trying to make sense of it all.

"Lucas, do you have feelings for her or not? Because if you do I want you to know that it's ok..." Peyton began.

"I care about her as a friend, I was just confused. I was alone and I needed somebody." Lucas answered cutting her off.

"So, you lied to her and you've been leading her on?" Peyton replied angrily moving to the center of the room. "Lucas, you can't just play games with her like that. It's not fair. Now what if she comes back wanting to be with you? You need to get your head straight." she cried outraged. There was no way she could watch Brooke be hurt again, and she was almost certain Brooke still had feelings for him.

"No..I didn't mean to...I didn't plan for this. When I said it I thought I meant it, I thought that was what I wanted. I was confused...I was lying to myself, trying to make myself feel something that wasn't there." Lucas desperately tried to explain.

"I have to go." Peyton murmured feeling more than upset. "Luke, if this is about us...all we'll ever have is friendship, and it seems to be hard for you to even keep that." she added coldly.

"Peyton, no..." Lucas began, but it was too late. She was already out the door.

End Flashback

Brooke smiled as she fiddled with her necklace. Tree Hill was only a couple miles away. She couldn't help but think of Blaire and all the cool people she had met in California. She was so grateful to have met someone like Blaire, someone who could help her see the light. Brooke knew what type of woman she wanted to be. Blaire helped her in more ways than she probably even realized.


Brooke had been spending almost all of her days in California with her new friend Blaire, and this day was no different. They had so much fun together. At first she had figured, she didn't have anything better to do and Blaire knew her way around California so what the hell? But over the passed few weeks she and Blaire had really grown closer and became friends. They spent half the day at the beach, which Brooke didn't mind because she was working on her tan after all. While at the beach, they amused themselves by flashing horny teenage guys that didn't stand a chance.

It didn't take long for Brooke to notice all the gorgeous guys, and there seemed to be an over abundance in California. She loved how they all seemed to flock to her and Blaire, not that she could blame them. Brooke had to admit she loved the attention. She and Blaire collected a couple of phone numbers from some of the hotties, and had even more fun rejecting the guys they weren't interested in. After they were done at the beach, they went shopping, and of course they both took advantage of their credit cards. Brooke had scored so many amazing things, she really loved shopping. After grabbing some ice cream cones, they drove back to Brooke's house, in Blaire's flashy BMW. Both girls climbed out of the car, carrying handfuls of shopping bags and wearing huge smiles.

"That outfit is going to look so hot on you, and I have these amazing stiletto heels that will go perfect with it. When you walk into the party, the guys are going to be drooling." Blaire gushed. Over the passed few weeks, the two of them had thrown and attended countless parties. Brooke offered a playfully cocky smile.

"Yeah, I tend to have that effect on guys." Brooke laughed. "Your gonna look just as hot, we're gonna have to fight them off with a stick." she smirked.

"Or, just a good kick in the balls." Blaire laughed.

"Blaire, where have you been?" A masculine voice called walking towards them coming from Blaire's front door.

"Yum, who's the hottie..." Brooke whispered. "...with the hideous and tacky shirt." she cringed. He was wearing a floral shirt, which was indeed hideous, and tacky. He had sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and a muscular build.

"Oh, that's just a scumbag." Blaire answered simply as they continued to walk towards Brooke's house. "Chad, Elton John called and he wants his shirt back." she hissed letting out her claws.

"Nice one, extra points for style." Brooke laughed.

"Blaire, will you please just talk to me?" Chad called as Blaire ignored him and led the way into Brooke's house.

"What was that all about?" Brooke asked as she shut the door behind them.

"Nothing, he's my stalker." Blaire answered with a smile as they made their way up the stairs to Brooke's room.

"You have a stalker?" Brooke laughed as she placed her bags down.

"Actually, he's my ex." Blaire replied also placing her things down and scanning Brooke's room. "Not too shabby." she remarked with a smirk.

"It's pretty nice. So, is there a reason he's your ex?" Brooke asked curiously.

"Of course, there's always a reason isn't there? Your nosy, just like me. I love getting in other people's business." Blaire smiled walking over to Brooke's dresser. "There's a damn good reason he's my ex, and it's not that ugly shirt." She added.

"Although that would be reason enough." Brooke joked with a laugh.

"Nice pictures." Blaire remarked looking at the pictures Brooke had placed on her dresser.

"Yeah, those are my friends from Tree Hill." Brooke replied with a smile.

"Mmm...who's the stud? I wouldn't mind if he broke me off a piece of that." Blaire asked picking up the group picture.

"Which one?" Brooke laughed.

"The guy with the dark hair, nice body..." Blaire began with a suggestive grin.

"That's Nathan, he's sort of married." Brooke answered with a smile.

"What? Your kidding me. He looks about our age." Blaire exclaimed in surprise.

"He is our age, and he's married to her." Brooke replied pointing out Haley in her picture. "Her name is Haley." she added.

"Now, how could he be sort of married?" Blaire asked feeling confused.

"Their kind of having trouble, it's a long story." Brooke explained with an exasperated sigh.

"It's a shame, they've barely even lived their lives yet. No wonder their having trouble. At this age your still trying to figure out who you are, where you belong. They'll most likely break up." Blaire predicted. "Have you two ever hooked up?" she asked with a grin.

"What? NO!" Brooke exclaimed with a surprised laugh.

"Your blushing. What about the other guy?" Blaire inquired.

"Have we hooked up?" Brooke questioned. Blaire nodded her response. "His name is Lucas. He's Nathan's brother. Lucas and I used to be together but we broke up." she explained looking away sadly. She honestly hadn't even thought about Lucas for weeks, until now.

"So, good looks run in the family." Blaire remarked. "Is there a reason you and Lucas broke up?" she pressed.

"He cheated on me with my best friend." Brooke admitted uncomfortably. "I don't really like talking about this." she added. It still hurt, and she had successfully buried it all a long time ago. She tried so hard not to think about it, it made it easier to act as if it all never happened.

"I understand why." Blaire nodded sympathetically. "Who's the blonde with the curly hair?" she inquired.

"She's my best friend." Brooke replied. "Her name is Peyton." she added.

"With a best friend and a boyfriend like that, who needs enemies right?" Blaire remarked. "Do you still talk to Lucas and Peyton?" she asked.

"Peyton is my best friend, she has been since we were little kids. Our motto has always been 'hos over bros,' and it still is. I know she regrets it and that she's sorry. It happened months ago, and thankfully we've been able to put it behind us. Lucas is the only guy who has ever come between us. After a while I was finally able to forgive her. No guy is worth losing a friendship over." Brooke explained.

"Did you forgive him?" Blaire asked with the raise of an eyebrow.

"Eventually, it took a while but now were finally friends." Brooke nodded.

"Just friends." Blaire remarked eyeing her. She could tell right away by the look on Brooke's face that she didn't know how the answer.

"He told me he wanted to be with me before I left Tree Hill for the summer." Brooke confessed. "For a while that's really what I thought I wanted. Now I don't know what to do." she admitted.

"This guy cheated on you with your best friend, and your actually considering taking him back?" Blaire exclaimed feeling outraged.

"We're both different people now..." Brooke began to insist.

"Bullshit." Blaire stated cutting her off.

"Excuse me? You don't know me or anything about my life." Brooke snapped.

"No, but I do know common sense. I've been hanging out with you pretty much the entire summer, I consider us friends and I care about my friends. Your not at all the girl I thought you were." Blaire admitted in a disappointed tone.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Brooke demanded.

"Your weak, pathetic, spineless, foolish, idiotic, cowardly, and your a push-over, or at least you will be if you take that jackass back." Blaire answered being brutally honest. Brooke glared at her outraged. How dare she judge her like that! "Don't look so mad, it's true. Any girl who would take back a guy who hurt her the way Lucas hurt you, is pathetic. He's not even worth your time Brooke. I can see it in your eyes, it still hurts. I don't know why you would be willing to take him back after everything he put you through. Look at this." she insisted grabbing the picture off of the dresser. "He's looking at her like that, not you. If he was willing to cheat on you and cause you that kind of pain, he doesn't deserve you." she insisted pointing out the way Lucas was looking at Peyton. Brooke grabbed the picture heatedly.

"My life is none of your damn business." Brooke snapped snatching the picture out of her hand and placing it back on the dresser. She herself couldn't even understand why she was getting so angry about what Blaire had to say.

"It's understandable that your pissed. Most people don't like hearing the truth, no matter how much they claim they do. I'm just trying to help, I just don't want you to be that type of girl, your better then that." Blaire insisted. Brooke's back was still to her and she was still trying to calm down. She honestly didn't know why Blaire's opinion had upset her so much, she usually didn't care what people think. Brooke realized there was a reason she was getting upset, a reason she didn't want to hear it, a reason why she spent most of her time trying to pretend it all never happened. Blaire was right.

"My ex-boyfriend, Chad cheated on me." Blaire added, distracting Brooke from her thoughts.

"Really?" Brooke asked turning to face her.

"Yeah, luckily it wasn't with my best friend, because then he'd really be eating his balls for lunch. Cheating sucks to begin with, but the whole best friend factor makes it even worse. Chad cheated on me with some nasty bitch from a different school. He could beg and plead, and I would never even consider taking him back. If a guy can hurt you that badly even once, then he doesn't deserve a second chance." Blaire explained.

"So, you think that I should reject Lucas?" Brooke asked.

"I think that's what's best for you. You'll feel so much stronger and better about yourself if you do. I think you know that deep down inside." Blaire replied. "When I first met you I thought you were this feisty, strong, occasionally bitchy, confident girl that doesn't take shit from anybody." she admitted.

"And now you think I'm not those things." Brooke replied in a low tone with her head down.

"I think that's up to you." Blaire answered with a smile. "So, the party starts at 7." she added.

"What about your parents?" Brooke asked, a question she had been wondering for weeks.

"Their never home. Haven't you noticed? I could set the place on fire and they'd never know." Blaire shrugged.

"You remind me, of me." Brooke joked.

"Correction, you remind me, of me." Blaire smirked.

"Come on, we can get ready together." Brooke giggled grabbing Blaire's arm.

End Flashback

Peyton looked up from her drawing once again and quickly noticed the time. She felt excitement brewing in her stomach. She wasn't used to being away from Brooke for a whole week, let alone an entire summer. Despite not having her best friend around, the summer had been pretty great. It had given her and Lucas the opportunity to grow closer. Things hadn't been all drama, and angst the whole time, they had actually managed to have fun.

"Lucas, it's almost time to pick up Brooke." Peyton announced with a smile, distracting Lucas from his book. He looked up and over at the clock.

"I guess we should get ready." Lucas smiled, although he honestly wasn't sure if he was ready to face Brooke after what he had said to her before she left. He almost wished he hadn't said anything.


Peyton had refused to talk to him for a while, he completely disrespected what they had shared by what he had said to Brooke, but his confusion also had to potential to hurt Brooke. After a while, Peyton finally forgave him and was able to understand it from his point of view. She still wasn't happy with his actions, but they were at least friends again.

"Lucas Scott, put me down!" Peyton demanded barely able to sound serious. Lucas had scooped her into his arms, and was now walking towards the cold beach water.

"I am going to put you the water." Lucas laughed.

"Lucas, no!" She screamed as he lowered her towards the water. She continued playfully kicking and screaming. He finally dropped her in the water, but she pulled him in with her.

"There was no way you weren't coming with me." Peyton laughed splashing him.

"Oh, so you wanna splash now?" Lucas teased. "This is war!" He declared splashing her back. Peyton giggled as they continued splashing each other. Lucas grabbed her and dunked her under the water. Peyton laughed and jumped on his back, dunking his head under. She splashed him one last time before swimming away.

"You can't catch me, I win!" Peyton teased playfully sticking her tongue at him. Lucas swam after her, trying to catch her, then turned around.

"Fine, I'll just have to destroy your sand castle." Lucas exclaimed with a laugh running up the sand towards the sand castle she had made. Peyton's mouth dropped open, he wouldn't dare! Peyton quickly got out of the water in an attempt to stop him.

"Lucas, no!" Peyton called running after him, but it was too late. He had destroyed the sand castle with his bare foot. "Your evil!" Peyton exclaimed pushing him, then playfully pouncing on him. Lucas fell over into the sand with Peyton on top of him and he began to tickle her. "That's cheating, that's not fair." she squealed.

"Yes it is." Lucas laughed. He continued to tickle her and she tried to squirm away while laughing hysterically.

"Don't forget, I know where your ticklish too!" Peyton warned in between giggles, tickling him right back. They both continued to tickle each other and laugh rolling in the sand, until Lucas was on top of Peyton tickling her like crazy.

"Lucas, I'm gonna pee my pants!" Peyton laughed trying to fight back. Lucas pinned her arms above her head with a chuckle. The laughter subsided, and they gazed at each other with happy smiles.

"You two seem to be getting along." They both turned their heads and spotted Haley, standing above them. Lucas and Peyton both stood up brushing the sand off their bodies.

"Hey, Hales. Is everything ok?" Lucas asked with concern.

"Just fine." Haley shrugged nonchalantly.

"Have you talked to Nathan?" Peyton asked.

"Not since he left for High Flyers, and even then we didn't really resolve much." Haley admitted sadly.

"I'm sure everything will work out. He's been hurting without you, for months. He's been through a lot. He just needs time." Lucas reassured pulling her into a hug.

"I'm sure you guys will work this out." Peyton offered in a comforting tone also hugging her.

"I'm not so sure. Part of me feels like maybe I should have stayed on tour." Haley answered.

"I'm glad you came back. I missed my best friend, and I really didn't want to lose you." Lucas smiled rubbing her shoulder.

"I missed you too." Haley nodded squeezing his hand. "So, what were you two doing before I came by?" she asked trying to change to subject.

"Lucas was ruining my sand castle, which by the way, I crafted very carefully." Peyton grinned.

"Now Luke, that's just evil." Haley scolded playfully.

"Crafted carefully? You used a bucket and sand." Lucas laughed.

" I wonder if Lucas can handle the both of us." Haley pondered glancing at Peyton with a mischievous smirk. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she smirked, and Peyton smiled right back knowing exactly what she was thinking. They both pushed Lucas and he fell over onto what was left of the sand castle. Both girls giggled and ran away with Lucas chasing behind them.

End Flashback

Brooke smiled happily as she spotted a sign that read 'Welcome To Tree Hill'. Although she had enjoyed her summer in California, she really had missed Tree Hill. She would also miss the people she had met in California. To her surprise, while she was in California she barely even thought about Lucas. She was too busy enjoying herself. The car came to a stop and she had reached her destination. She was back in Tree Hill.


Everyone in the party chanted chug, as Brooke downed a cup of beer. She couldn't believe this was her last party in California, and in just a few days she would be back in Tree Hill.

"Brooke, your leaving in couple days, and I know you sense the sexual tension between us. How about a little goodbye sex?" Jeremy suggested. He was one of the many hot guys Brooke had met while in California. He had been trying to get in her pants ever since he laid eyes on her.

"Jeremy, you've been trying to get in my pants all summer long and every time I tell you to go service yourself." Brooke answered with a smirk.

"I'm persistent." Jeremy shrugged.

"Well, she's not interested." Blaire laughed as she approached looping her arm through Brooke's. Jeremy walked away reluctantly.

"I swear, you make out with a guy once and he expects you to have sex with him." Brooke shrugged.

"That's all he thinks about, he has a one-track mind." Blaire smiled.

"Don't all guys." Brooke smirked.

"Well, someone just arrived that you might be interested in." Blaire gushed and Brooke knew immediately who she was talking about.

"Yeah, he's fun to fool around with." Brooke smiled.

"Well, it could be serious if you'd stay." Blaire insisted.

"My life is in Tree Hill." Brooke replied in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Brooke Davis." Colin Myers called as he approached and wrapped his arms around Brooke. She and Colin had been vibing on each other all summer long. Blaire had informed Brooke that most of the girls in her school would have killed to have Colin crushing on them, he apparently was very popular. He was the star quarterback, so that wasn't too surprising

"Your friendly tonight." Blaire remarked with a smile.

"I can't believe in a few days your not gonna be here." Colin frowned.

"Don't be a party pooper." Brooke insisted grabbing another drink. She and Blaire made their way to the dance floor and began to dance. The summer was almost over so they might as well live it up. They were bumping and grinding and all the attention seemed to be on them. Colin cut in and began dancing with Brooke. Meanwhile, Blaire was dancing with a stud named Steve that they had met over the summer at the beach.

"You look so good tonight." Colin whispered to Brooke. Brooke smiled seductively and without a word, led him up the stairs.


Brooke fell back on the bed and Colin's muscular frame crashed on top of her. His mouth consumed hers in a fury of lust. He felt so good, and she hadn't been with anyone since Felix. His hands traveled up and down her sides, as his kissed her. She couldn't shake the feeling that this was wrong, that she shouldn't be doing this. She had been the one who suggested coming up stairs, did she really even have the right to say no and change her mind like that? It really wasn't fair to him. She loved the way he felt, she just couldn't shake this feeling.

He left a trail of hot kisses down her neck as his hand crept up her thigh. He began to work on the buttons of her shirt after pulling his own shirt off. He had an amazing body, but he was a football player after all. So many thoughts were racing through her mind. It's not like she had never casual sex before. Did she really wanna be this type of girl, the one night stand? She abruptly pushed him away and sat up on the bed.

"What's wrong?" Colin asked obviously confused.

"I can't do this, I'm sorry." Brooke answered. She felt bad, but at the same time she was also proud of herself. She enjoyed sex and there was nothing wrong with that, she wasn't ashamed. Just because she enjoyed sex didn't mean it had to be meaningless sex, with random guys.

"It's ok." Colin nodded a bit disappointed.

"We should get back to the party." Brooke suggested taking his hand with a smile.


Brooke had packed the last of her bags, and it was finally time to go home, back to Tree Hill. Blaire frowned with her arms crossed over her chest as Colin put Brooke's things in the taxi.

"How did you get your parents to agree to let you go back anyway?" Blaire inquired sadly and annoyed.

"I begged them." Brooke admitted simply. "I explained how it was my last year of high school and that it was only fair." she smiled. Blaire rolled her eyes obviously not thrilled with the idea of losing her friend. "My life is in Tree Hill, and it's not like you and I will never see each other again." she added.

"You mean that dick is in Tree Hill." Blaire retorted.

"Lucas is not my life." Brooke declared.

"Just please find a guy who's worth giving your heart to." Blaire advised.

"You mean guys like that still exist?" Brooke joked with a laugh.

"Their hard to find but worth the wait. Surround yourself with people who truly care about you, and call me if you need anything." Blaire offered sincerely.

"Thank you for looking out for me and making this summer so memorable. I was dreading spending the summer with my parents, but now I wouldn't take it back for the world." Brooke admitted. Blaire smiled teary eyed, and Brooke displayed the same emotion. Blaire unclasped the diamond necklace around her neck, and placed it around Brooke's.

"My father gave it to me as a birthday gift. I figure if you have something of mine you have to come back next summer." Blaire explained with a smile. Brooke laughed and pulled her into a hug.

"All your bags are in the back, and the taxi is ready." Colin interrupted as he approached them. Brooke turned around and also gave him a hug.

"I'm glad I met the both of you." Brooke smiled as she let go, and Colin placed a kiss on her lips. They said their goodbyes, and Brooke climbed into the taxi leaving California a different woman from when she had first arrived.

End Flashback

Brooke smiled as she climbed out of the taxi, she was home. She grabbed her bags and was surprised to see another taxi drive up next to her. Nathan Scott climbed out of the backseat, and Brooke's mouth dropped open in pleasant surprise. She didn't think they would both be arriving back in Tree Hill at the same time.

"Nathan!" Brooke exclaimed putting her things down and giving him a hug. Nathan smile in surprise as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Hey Brooke." Nathan smiled as he let her go. "Damn, you look pretty hot." he smirked playfully. She did have an amazing tan from lying on the beach in California.

"Thanks, but I've I always been hot." Brooke shrugged jokingly. "Your not looking too bad yourself." she commented. Nathan had always been a gorgeous guy, with a great body, but he seemed more toned.

"High Flyers really kept me in shape, that camp is no joke." Nathan laughed.

"Yeah, how was your summer anyway?" Brooke inquired with a curious smirk.

"It was awesome. High Flyers was kind of like boot camp, but I think it was exactly what I needed. It put a lot of things into perspective for me." Nathan answered. "How was your summer? I know you weren't exactly thrilled about leaving." he remarked with a smirk.

"Surprisingly, it was awesome. I met a lot of really cool people. I hung out with this girl named Blaire for most of the summer, plus I made out with some hot guys. Blaire and I had so much in common it was kind of scary. I learned a lot about myself this summer, about the person I wanna be. I guess you could say being away from Tree Hill put things into perspective for me too." Brooke admitted.

"I know what you mean." Nathan nodded. "You know, before I decided to go to High Flyers, Whitey said the game would help heal my heart and I think he was right." he admitted. Brooke frowned and touched his arm sympathetically.

"I'm sure you and Haley will work things out. She came back, didn't she?" Brooke offered.

"I'm not so sure." Nathan shook his head. "I met a lot of talented guys at High Flyers. They were cool just to hang out with. They were all around my age but none of them were worried about their wife or an annulment. They were enjoying their youth, a lot of them were still trying to find themselves and figure out who they are. I'm just like them, trying to find my way." he admitted. "Sometimes I think maybe I grew up too soon." he added.

"It's not like you had much choice living with Dan Scott. I know what it's like to grow up too fast, my parents never really cared what I did." Brooke admitted sadly. "You were on your own and married before we were even seniors." she remarked. "Do you regret it?" she asked curiously.

"No, I never could." Nathan answered honestly. "I knew what I wanted, and even if it didn't work out the way I wanted it too, I could never regret it." he explained.

"Nathan, why did you tell me all of this?" Brooke asked curiously. "I mean, we're not exactly close." she shrugged.

"Because I knew you'd understand." Nathan smiled simply. He picked up his bags and also grabbed some of her heavier ones. "God, what did you pack in these things?" he exclaimed with a laugh. Brooke giggled grabbing her other bags.

"I'm a girl, Nathan. I needed enough clothes and make-up to last me the entire summer. Not to mention, the amazing things I got while I was in California. I got this absolutely adorable Gucci bag, like the ones you see all the high-profile celebrities carry." Brooke gushed happily as they continued to walk.

"Ok, Jessica." Nathan joked with a laugh and Brooke slapped his arm playfully.

"Hey, I'm smarter then her, I know the difference between chicken and tuna!" Brooke exclaimed with a giggle. The conversation stopped when they spotted Peyton, Lucas, Haley, and Nathan's mom Deb all waiting for them. Lucas and Peyton were facing each other touching and laughing. Nathan looked over at Brooke, feeling concerned.

"I'm sure it's just innocent. Their friends." Nathan reassured. "I'm sure you can do better than him anyway. You and Peyton both." he added.

"Honestly, for the first time, it doesn't bother me. I'm not jealous or envious, I don't even care. Lucas is not the center of my world, and there's a lot more out there than guys. I'd rather have my self-respect and dignity." Brooke proclaimed. "Besides, Lucas is your brother remember?" she added with a smile.

"Good for you." Nathan nodded with a smile. "That brother crap is ancient history." he snickered.

"Brooke!" Peyton cried when everyone spotted them. Brooke dropped her bags as Peyton ran towards her. Brooke met her half way and they jumped into each other's arms. The others also came forward all wearing smiles, and Nathan put down the bags he was holding. Brooke and Peyton hugged each other tightly until Brooke was sure she was about to pass out.

"Peyt, your suffocating me." Brooke laughed as Peyton released her.

"Dude, I missed you so much." Peyton exclaimed.

"I missed you too." Brooke replied with a happy smile.

"Where'd you get the necklace?" Peyton asked noticing the diamond necklace around her neck.

"This hot girl that lived next door to me in Cali." Brooke grinned wiggling her eyebrows.

"Should I be jealous?" Peyton asked playfully.

"Of course not, you know your my only boo." Brooke teased giving her a hip bump. Peyton went to hug Nathan, while Lucas approached Brooke.

"I'm glad your back." Lucas smiled hugging her.

"Me too." She smiled releasing him. Nathan looked at Haley, his face emotionless, and she offered an uncertain smile.

"Hey, Nathan..." Lucas began with a smile, but Nathan ignored him coldly, and walked passed both Lucas and Haley giving his mother a hug.

"Oh, I missed you. How was High Flyers sweetie?" Deb smiled hugging her son tightly.

"It was awesome, exactly what I needed." Nathan grinned. Haley approached him with her eyes on the ground.

"Hey." Haley offered looking up at him.

"Hey." Nathan repeated. They looked at each other silently for a moment. "We need to talk." he added seriously.

"Yeah." Haley nodded before wrapping her arms around him and pulling him into a hug. Nathan stood still for a moment, before wrapping his arms around her returning the hug.

"Brooke, about what happened before you left...we should probably talk..." Lucas began as he turned to her.

"Later." Brooke answered cutting him off. They began putting her things in Peyton's car, and Nathan threw his bags in his mother's car. Brooke looped her arm through Peyton's with a smile. "Home sweet home." she remarked.

"And the hos are reunited." Peyton laughed.

They all got in their cars and prepared to drive home. Summer was pretty much over and the first day of school was right around the corner. So many things had changed over the summer. What lies ahead was anyone's guess.


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