"What are you doing in my room" 19 year old Scott Tracy said to his 15 year old brother Alan. "did you come to burn it down" After Alan left he figured that what he had said during their conversation had made things worse.


"Did you come to burn it down" as soon as he said that a dark shadow passed over Alan's face, putting on a hard cold mask. It was very rare that Alan would show emotion, most of his bothers rarely saw any emotion from the youngest Tracy. Scott couldn't even remember ever seeing Alan show his weaknesses, he didn't show his fear, or his anger, and worst of all he didn't show his pain. All he ever had on his face was a blank expression, like always; like now as soon as the cold look came on his face it was gone replaced with nothing. "Ha, Ha, very funny" as laughed for a couple seconds. Even for those few seconds Scott felt really cold. The laugh like his eyes were cold and unfeeling. At that very second Scott was wondering if Alan had ever felt anything. "So what did you want" "Why would I want something from you" he shot back "who I don't know. maybe because your in my room "Scott said trying to be patient, with his younger brother. " So I was looking for dad thought he might be in here since I couldn't find either of you, then I remembered that he was gone for the week."he said with an empty tone. "OK, rthen why are you still here then" Scott said with a confused lokk on his face. " Dad said whie he was gone you were in charge of everything including… my training… right"he said in a wondering tone

Ok peeps it has been awhile on all my stories this is really,really short but it is just the start so there is a lot more to come I am going to put chap 2 on later today

Bye oh also movie-verse Scott is 19 Virgil is 18 John is 17 Gordon is 16 and Alan is 15 well got 2 go bye