Balladeer – "Welcome to Hazzard County or as I like to call it, Land of the Camshaft and Bootleg Whiskey. If you look closely, you will see two of Hazzard's favorite sons, Bo and Luke Duke and up the road apiece is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane pretending to be the closest thing to the law here about. What he really does here is chase the Dukes and despite the practice they give him, he's not getting very good at it."

The orange Dodge stock car charged over the dirt country roads with the speed and roar of the ancient beasts that once conquered this land. Rabbit and squirrel heard the roar of eight pistons pounding and the loose gravel and dust being thrown up by spinning wide tires moments before the orange metallic beast roaring over bare earth. The young man at the wheel cheered to hear the car tearing up the countryside around them. The Confederate flag image emblazoned in paint to the roof sometimes seemed to wave in the breeze pouring over the vehicle and the black 01 trimmed in white seemed to slide down the side in the rush of fuel and exhaust. A few second more and the orange beast of metal, glass and rubber would be a vague blurred memory. Even in their minds, they knew the spirit of General Lee conquered these hills and valleys.

"Whoa," Bo grinned excitedly at the steering wheel. "The General has never sounded this good after a tune up."

"Yeah, uh, was it my imagination," Luke Duke looked back behind them through the reflection in the rear view mirror. Or was there a stoplight dropped from down out of that tree?"

"A stoplight?" Bo wondered about it. "In the middle of no where?" He then heard the sirens and lights flashing in his rear view mirror.

"Rosco." The chorused together then pressed the General Lee to reach his limits.

"Hot pursuit, I'm gonna get them, I'm gonna get them!" Rosco giggled so fast his snickering and giggling overlapped. His basset hound named Flash on the seat by him groaned from the excitement and watched Rosco's foot hit the gas and felt the patrol car shot forward from the bushes eager to put the boys in jail. He'd been chasing them since they were boys stealing apples from Old Man MacOrdle's orchard and snatching free meals from the diner. In his heart, he knew they were good boys, but there was a lot of strained rivalry between them trying to do what was better for the good of Hazzard.

The General Lee roared over the unpaved back roads of the county throwing up a breeze of leaves and loose brush while Rosco tried to keep his vehicle to the road on the curves. Ahead of him, the boys in their over-charged stock car disappeared and passed in and out of view behind trees and foliage with the omniscient tunes of bluegrass chords following closer on their heels than the bulky and unwieldy patrol car behind them.

Balladeer – "Now you might figure this was just another day to Bo and Luke, but let's not forget, they're Dukes, and if they don't find trouble, then trouble finds them. Huh, what'd I tell you?"

Coming toward the chase on the same stretch of road was a figure on a motorcycle obscured by helmet and leather jacket. The cycle was red and chrome and over-packed with the belongings of someone planning a lot of out door camping and aimless traveling. It's driver was experienced enough to tilt the bike far enough to speed through curves unfazed without tipping over too far. Still a mile ahead, the unlikely and unconstitutional chase of Coltrane and Duke came closer and closer into view.

"Bo," Luke looked to his cousin. "Turn off here at the Old Mill Road; I think we can lose Rosco if we… Bo, look out!" Bo looked up quickly and jerked the wheel back to the left side of the road too late. The motorcycle driver looked up too slowly as well and was overwhelmed by the physics of two objects crashing into each other with deadly force. A crunch of metal and rubber hit the front bar of the General Lee and an all too brief image of the motorcycle driver flung forward over its hood, windshield and roof to continue flying headfirst over them and off the side of the road. Bo hit the break trying to stop and forgot the patrol car behind him. Rosco peered up briefly and saw the General's brake lights before him as he turned as well before slamming side to side against the General Lee. Flash just yawned to the jarring crunch of steel against steel.

"Rosco!" Bo sent him a dirty look.

"Don't mind him!" Luke was pulling himself up through the windows of the welded shut doors of the General and struck boot to dirt road. "That guy might be hurt." He looked in the direction the motorcyclist had flown and rushed surely but slowly down the dry leafy incline down from the road. The ground was soft with years of layered mulch and dew under the shade of the hundred-year-old trees that covered the roadside. The cyclist had flown head first and flipped over in mid air to land on their back into the soft earth and then sliding down clear to the bottom undeterred by the broken limbs and random bushes and saplings sticking up the leafy undergrowth.

"You boys durn went too far this time." Rosco followed up the rear behind Bo Duke. "If you hadn't been speeding you wouldn't hit that guy on the motorcycle."

"Rosco," Bo looked at him again. "May I remind you that if you hadn't been chasing us we wouldn't have hit that guy."

"Oh, yeah, well, if you…" Rosco lost his train of thought in the fog of logic while Luke reached the bottom. Hastening to the prostrate leather clad figure laying on the ground, he dropped to his left knee and looked into the tinted visor on the helmet of the motorcycle rider and hoped they weren't dead. He heard gasping and groaning noises and sounds from the figure wracked in pain.

"Here," Luke carefully unfettered the helmet from their head as a lot of long blonde hair fell out of it. "Let me get you out of that and, whoa…" He found himself looking down on a lovely young lady with brown eyes and long golden locks wracked in pain. Bo stopped where he was and found himself in love a second after trying to shake his senses back to accept what he was seeing. Even Rosco P. Coltrane stopped short and found himself admiring the lovely young beauty.

Balladeer – "I wasn't expecting that. Now ain't that a feather in your hat…"