Onegai! Tsunade-Hime

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Prologue: Tsunade-Baba?

It was another peaceful day in Konohagakure no Sato, well as peaceful as it can get for a village full of ninja that is. Let us draw our attention to one of the multitude of training areas within the village and focus upon the area in which one Uzumaki Naruto was currently training.

After collapsing for the tenth time that day Naruto decided that it was time for a break and wandered of into the forest. After waking for some time Naruto saw something which did not completely blend in with the whole forest setting. It was a gate, a big, grey gate and it looked to have been there for a while too because vines and moss seemed to be growing on the thing. Now normally someone would just walk away after seeing what appeared to be a very suspicious looking object but Naruto was far from normal.

Approaching the gate curiously, Naruto saw that that the gate did not connect to anything, why somebody would build a gate in the middle of the forest he did not know. Looking closely upon the gate he could make out the blurry inscription that was the kanji for gate or "Mon", he also noticed that upon the door right in the middle was an "ofuda" or a talisman. Reaching out to touch the talisman he was suddenly jerked back as he felt a strong pull from the gate "Wha-what's going on?" then he let out a scream of pain as he felt like he was being ripped apart. From a third person perspective we could see that Naruto was glowing with red chakra and that the gate seemed to be absorbing it. Because of the pain induced haze that Naruto was in, he failed to notice as the talisman catch fire then disintegrate and that the gate was slowly opening.

There was a bright flash and then the pain faded. Panting heavily, he tried standing up but failed. He fell like a ton of bricks thankfully though two "pillows" saved him from what would have been a painful landing. Wait how could there be pillows in the forest? Naruto thought propping on all fours he saw that the "pillows" were in fact the endowments of a beautiful young girl who looked to be no older than eighteen. A girl that was currently waking up "Uhhh-wh-where am I?" as she regained consciousness she noticed two things: One, there was a boy one top of her; Two, he was grabbing her breasts. Noticing the trickle of blood coming from the boy's nose her reaction was not pretty. "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HENTAI!" immediately noticing her response, Naruto quickly lifted his hands from their previous position "Wait, i-it was an accident I didn't mean to-" his reply was cut short however cause getting punched in the face tends to do that. As he flew into a tree and before he passed out all he could think was So Soft.


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