Onegai! Tsunade-hime

Chapter 13: Zensou (Prelude)

"One more time!" Tsunade shouted, much to the dismay of the three genin.

They were training in the woods near Tazuna's house and were, in Tsunade's opinion, making very little progress.

She should note however that the little progress only applied to Naruto.

"Dammit!" Naruto shouted for the nth time as he looked at the results of his attempt, none.

A few hours earlier….

It was day number two in the week before Zabuza was supposed to attack again. Deciding that just sitting around would do nothing for them, Tsunade decided to get some training in.

"You already know the tree climbing technique…" she started as she used her crutches tp place herself next to a tree "…now I will teach you a more…attack related charka control technique" she raised her hand extended her pointer finger "Like I said before, proper charka control can have devastating results on your opponent" she said and then thrust her finger at the tree.

Her finger went through the wood, causing a small crack which then grew larger until the tree was split cleanly down the middle.

All the genin, except Sasuke looked at the demonstration with shocked expressions.

"However, this technique is still beyond your level" she said, which provoked a disappointed "eh?" from Naruto.

"What we will be doing is a variation, which will simply involve gathering charka in one specific part of your body to make your attacks stronger and to lessen the damage receive from an enemy's attack.

She then walked over to a tree and slapped her hand on it, creating a very deep hand imprint "Pick a tree and practice on it" she said and walked over to a nearby boulder then sat down "Begin!"

It was now almost night time, as evidence by the orange tint of the sky.

"That's enough for today" Tsunade said as she assessed the results of her students' training.

Sasuke's tree had a lot handprints on it, each one of decent depth, Naruto also had a lot of handprints on it, but most of them didn't even sink that deep.

Sakura on the other hand, had very few handprints on her tree but the handprints on her tree were deep, almost matching the one Tsunade made earlier.

I think I've found our medic! Tsunade thought

After returning to Tazuna's house, the three ate the feast prepared for them by Tsunami, Naruto was on his second bowl when a oy on the opposite side of the table spoke up "You can't win"

The three genin paused in their eating to look at the boy "What did you say?" Naruto shouted from his position.

The boy affixed Naruto with a glare "You won't be able to beat Gatou" he said coldly.

"Inari!" Tsunami shouted

"Shut Up!" Inari said "They're just gonna be killed like.." Inari stopped as if remembering something, then left the table.

"Inar!" Tsunami shouted as she stood up from the table. "Please forgive him" she started after sitting down, deciding to leave Inari be "That boy has had a rough time since.."

"Tsunami" Tazuna interrupted from the head of the table.

"Hai, I know it is not my place to speak of it" Tsunami said after bowing

The genin and one Jounin resumed their dinner, knowing better than to get involved in something not related to the mission.

Day 4

Naruto dodged what looked to be a harmless punch by his oh so beloved Sakura-chan and then leapt away to put some distance between him and her.

Naruto paled as he saw that the seemingly "harmless" punch made a small crater in the ground.

What's sensei thinking pitting me against Sakura-chan? Naruto thought before narrowly avoided another punch which split the tree behind him in half.

It was here that Naruto thought about retaliating but was stopped mid-thought when Sakura held her face in her hands and then started crying.

Naruto was stopped in his tracks. Being unable to resist a girl, like most other anime main characters he decided to see what was wrong and how he could help.

"Ne, What's wrong Sakura-chan?" he asked after approaching her and placing a hand on her shoulder.

Sakura roughly shrugged the hand away "Naruto no Baka!" she shouted then turned her back to him. She paused slightly in her sobbing to say "Why won't you take me seriously?" she asked.

"Um..what do you mean by seriously?" Naruto asked. Somehow his hyperactive brain came up with its' own answer before Sakura could reply "Seriously as a girlfriend?" then Naruto started jumping about saying "Sakura-chan's my girlfriend!" in a sing-song voice.

Meanwhile, Sakura was having an internal debate His Girlfriend? What the hell is this bastard thinking! Inner Sakura thought Although it does seem like a pretty good ide- but Inner Sakura cut her off Hey! Hey! Focus Sakura! The one we like is Sasuke-kun remember? Sakura seemed to consider this for a moment But he has been so cold, I'm kinda getting tired of chasing him Sakura replied to her inner self That just mean that you're not trying hard enough! We just have to think of new ways to use our womanly charm to melt that icy exterior! This silenced Sakura You're right! Why did I give up so soon? Sakura thought with vigor Atta Girl! Shannaro!

Back in the outside world, Naruto paused in the middle of rejoicing at his newfound girlfriend to wave a hand in front of said girlfriend's face "Oiiiii, Sakura-chan! You still there?"

Sakura snapped out of her trance and directed her gaze at Naruto "By the way, Naruto" she started

"Hm?" Naruto replied

Sakura placed her hands behind her and asked all innocently "Why wouldn't you hit me back when we were sparring?" she said while bending forward

"Well…that's because Sakura-chan's a girl" Naruto replied with a big grin on his face.

Unnoticeable to Naruto, Sakura left eye started twitching "I see….because I'm a girl" Sakura said, her voice shaky "Naruto, could you close your eyes?"

"Huh? Why?" Naruto asked, perplexed by the request

"I'm gonna give you a pre-se-nt" Sakura said in a tone that made Naruto's body shiver with each syllable of present.

"Ok" Naruto said and did as he was told. This is it! My first REAL kiss Naruto thought, recalling all his previous kisses with Tsunade and immediately dismissing them as accidents.

"No peeking OK?" Sakura said cheerfully

"Ok" Naruto replied, all the while growing all red in the face.

"Now pucker up" Sakura said while rearing her fist back.

Naruto did so Here it comes! Naruto thought as he prepared himself.

POW, Was heard, seemingly throughout the entire forest as Sakura's fist connected with Naruto's face.

I didn't know that kisses hurt this much Naruto collided with a nearby tree and promptly passed out.

Tsunade, whose legs had already healed enough to allow movement, later found the unconscious Naruto, who also had a big bruise on the side of his face. A bruise which had almost disappeared Must be a 'gift' from his tenant she thought while picking Naruto up and proceeding to head back to Tazuna's house.

Day 6

Naruto had woken up after having a dream of his Sakura-chan turning into a giant grey version of herself. The giant then picked him up and started to crush him in between her hands.

It was after feeling that his bones had seemingly been broken did he wake up, all sweaty and seeing that it was early into the morning.

Seeing no point in going back to sleep after he had just woken up, Naruto proceeded downstairs and was greeted by an already awake Tsunami.

"Ohayou, Naruto-kun"

"Ohayou, Tsunami-neechan" Naruto greeted back

Naruto's stomach chose this moment to grumble loudly, causing both people in the room to sweatdrop.

"Eh heh" Naruto said while scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

Tsunami only smiled "Naruto-kun, would you mind fetching Inari and telling him that it's time for breakfast"

Naruto hesitated at first, not wanting to put up with the brat but after another growl from his stomach, he decided that fro breakfast, he could endure the brat's presence even for a few minutes.

"Where would he be?" Naruto asked Tsunami, who had started to cook.

"You will probably find him downstairs at this time, Naruto-kun"

Naruto proceeded to a door near the stairs and opened it by a crack. Seeing a stairway that led down, Naruto opened the door fully and descended.

As Naruto descended, the temperature around him seemed to grow hotter What is he doing down here?

The stairway stopped and in a rather medium sized room, Naruto found Inari hammering at something on an anvil.

Inari finished pounding the sword and picked it up with a pair of tongs. He lifted the hot piece of metal and then dipped the metal into a container of water, causing steam to rise from it.

"What are all these swords for?" Naruto asked.

Naruto's sudden question startled Inari and almost made him drop the metal he was placing on a nearby stone table. After regaining his bearings he turned and then glared at Naruto "How did you get in here?"

"The door was open" Naruto deadpanned. He walked and inspected a rack that was lined with swords "Did you make all these?" Naruto asked as he picked up a sword from one of the racks and unsheathed it.

Despite not being a sword expert, Naruto could tell that the sword was well made as he viewed it within the light emanating from the fire of the forge.

"What did you come here for?" Inari shouted after angrily grabbing the sword from Naruto's hands.

"Tsunami-neechan told me to get you. It's time for breakfast" Naruto said as he glared right back at Inari.

"Tell her I'll be right up" he replied while returning the sword that Naruto had taken to its' rightful place on the rack.

"Che" Naruto said, put off by Inari's attitude and climbed up the stairs back to the house proper.

"He says he'll be right up" Naruto said after emerging from the basement.

He was greeted by the rest of Team 7, who were already at the table. Sakura ignored Naruto, so did Sasuke, while Tsunade greeted Naruto good morning.

They ate in silence, Inari and Tazuna joining them a little later.

The silence at the table made everyone tense. Perhaps tiring of the silence, Naruto spoke up "Where'd you learn to make swords Inari?"

Inari only looked up from his meal and affixed Naruto with a glare "None of your damn business" he said in a harsh tone.

Naruto was about to stand up and give a retort, but Tsunade silenced him with a look.

Inari quickly left the table, followed by Naruto and Sasuke.

"I'm going into town for a bit" Tazuna said as he stood up.

"Sakura" Tsunade said while putting down her.

"Yes?" Sakura paused from her position of opening the door and going outside to resume her training.

"Accompany Tazuna-san into town, seeing as it is almost one week, the possibility of enemy attack is high. Although I doubt that Zabuza himself will attack, Gatou may have hired some ronin to do the job." Tsunade said.

"Hai" Sakura replied

Naruto glared at the source of all his troubles: one stupid tree.

WHAM! Naruto's fist slammed into the tree "Why can't I do it?" Naruto shouted to no one in particular. He thought back to what Tsunade said to him

It's all about focus you baka! You don't need excellent charka control for this, just focus it into your hand and strike.

"Okay" Naruto said and closed his eyes.

Focus He chanted repeatedly in his head, feeling something in the back of his head click, he threw a punch forward with all his might.

The result was immediate, Naruto's fist went through the tree, followed by the rest of his arm.

Naruto let out a whoop of joy at the feat he had just accomplished. However this presented a new development.

Huh? Naruto thought after tugging at his aarm to pull it out. He gave a few more tugs, seeing that it wasn't coming off, he tugged harder. It won't come out! Naruto shouted in his mind with tears streaming down his cheeks.

While Naruto was dealing with his predicament, Sakura was experiencing problems of her own. It had all started simply enough, watch as Tazuna-san tried to pick some edible food from what looked to be rotten vegetables and fruit, which were being sold at a high price I might add.

It was after buying the second batch that Sakura noticed that they were being followed by two men who were carrying swords.

Sakura tapped Tazuna on the shoulder and whispered "Tazunasan, we're being followed"

Alarmed, Tazuna almost whipped around to look at the ones following them but was stopped by Sakura "Follow my lead" she mouthed to him.

Jiro and Hiro were your average mercenaries. How did the two end up in this line of work? That's something that has nothing to do with this fic so I'll just say that they had a little "incident" with the Daimyo of the fire country and were disgraced as samurai.

"Why can't we just kill them now Aniki?" Jiro grumbled, clearly annoyed by the fact that they had to tail the target before eliminating it "It's not like anybody's gonna care right?"

Hiro thumbed his sword in annoyance "You heard it from Gatou, right? That old fart Tazuna hired some ninjas to protect him" He said while watching Sakura and Tazuna duck into an alley-"

It was at this moment that Jiro saw Tazuna and Sakura enter an ally between two houses. "Now's our chance!" Jiro said in a manic voice and then ran towards the alley, drawing his sword.

"Oi! Jiro wait!" Hiro called out as he saw Jiro run into the alley to find…nothing.

"Where'd they go?" Jiro shouted into the dead-end alley as he frantically looked left and right.

Hiro caught up to him a minute later, sword drawn and assumed a ready stance. "Well?" he asked

"Nothing " Jiro said bitterly and spat on the ground. He turned to leave but was stopped by Hiro, who held a hand out.

"Wait" he said and then stepped into the alley, cautiously looking left and right. He stopped in front of a normal looking trash can. Looking closely at it, his eyes widened in recognition and he quickly cut the trash can in half.

"What the hell are you doing Aniki?" Jiro asked curiously from the opening of the alley. Suffice to say, he was the only one surprised when said trash can that his brother sliced exploded in a puff of smoke and revealed a log.

The surprise didn't last however, as he ducked down and narrowly avoided a kunai aimed for the back of his head. Hiro however, simply frowned and deflected the three kunai aimed at him.

Now this is where Sakura's problem began, while the dumb looking bald one did not seem to have any skill, the rough and unshaven one looked to be competent.

Knowing that fighting in the alley would be difficult, she threw a smoke bomb and then shouted "Tazuna-san! Let's go!"

The two ronin clawed inside the smokescreen. Hiro saw a shape move towards the mouth of the alley. "Jiro! Over there!" he shouted and ran out of the smokescreen. He looked to the left and saw Tazuna running towards the town's exit.

They pursued him into a cluster of trees. The two ronin strode into the cluster, swords drawn and wary of traps. Hiro signaled for Jiro to stop and approached a tree, Jiro flanking him.

Hiro thrust his sword into the tree, piercing it and causing a gasp to be heard from the other side. Jiro immediately circled the tree and slashed intending to slice in half the object that his brother had impaled.

The 'object' was none other than Tazuna-san, whose corpse fell to the ground with a thud. Jiro flicked blood off his sword and sheathed it "Not bad for our first job eh? Aniki"

"Yeah" Hiro said. He looked at the corpse for a moment his brow furrowed in thought.

"Something's not right" Hiro said. It was after saying that the corpse exploded in a puff of smoke, revealing a log with an explosive tag attached.

"Shit" was all Jiro, who was closer to the llog could say before a bright falsh accompanied by an explosion took him.

Hiro was able to evade the explosion and dropped into an alert stance, scanning the trees for any signs of movement. How the hell? Hiro thought.

Meanwhile, the real Tazuna dropped the camouflage cloth that Sakura had lent him in the alley and rushed home.

Sakura looked at her opponent from her spot in the tree, she knew that from this distance she was well out of her attacker's range.

She was greatly mistaken. Hiro pulled out three knives from the sleeves of his robe and threw them in her direction.

Sakura dropped down from her hiding place and revealed herself.

"A girl?" Hiro asked with a raised eyebrow "Look Jou-chan, I'm just trying to do my job here, just tell me where the old man went and I won't hurt you"

"I'm sorry" Sakura said as she drew a kunai "But I'm also doing my job"

"I see" Hiro said and then placed a hand on his sword. He dashed forward with incredible speed and drew his sword, making a sideward slash which Sakura avoided by ducking down.

That left her open to a knee from Hiro. This knocked her back and she threw shuriken at Hiro in order to gain some breathing room.

Hiro avoided the first shuriken and deflected the rest. The one shuriken that he had avoided cut a hidden string which triggered a barrage of kunai to be launched at Hiro, who rolled to the side to avoid it.

He stood up and saw Three Sakura's fast approaching. He went into a defensive posture.

The three Sakura's attacked in succession. Hiro grabbed the sheath of his sword, intent on using it to defend himself.

He swung his sheath and hit the Sakura on his left It exploded in a puff of smoke Bunshins? thought Hiro as he backed away from the recently exploded bunshin. He swung his sheath again to hit the Sakura that came up behind him but that too was a fake.

After the last bunshin was dispelled, the real Sakura appeared behind Hiro and threw a punch charged with chakra. The punched connected with Hiro's face and sent him flying into a nearby tree and hopefully into unconsciousness.

Sakura panted, nearly depleted of chakra and tried to stand up but couldn't due to exhaustion.

To her horror, the ronin she had just punched slowly but surely stood up.

Using his sword to aid him in standing, Hiro said "That was a very strong punch Jou-chan" while rubbing his jaw.

Sakura watched, shocked as Hiro stepped forward and raised his sword to deal her the finishing blow.

"Guah" was the sound Hiro made as his head was hit with a kunai. Sakura looked in the direction the kunai came from and found none other than Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun" Sakura said her words echoed ny her Inner self.

"Tazuna told us that you were being chased" Sasuke said coldly "Tsunade-sensei sent me to help you"

"Thank you" Sakura said, her cheeks all red.

Sasuke hmph'ed then jumped back onto the tree. He looked back at Sakura and said "As weak as you are right now, you're just in the way"

His cold words echoed in Sakura'ss head, nearly causing her to shed tears. This was the moment where she would change.

He'll never love me she realized, looking at Sasuke's form going farther and farther away from her.

He's to busy with his revenge to ever notice me she said then cried silently, her tears falling to the ground and nothing but the trees to console her.

While Sakura was fighting the ronin, Naruto was fighting a deadlier enemy, the tree.

Giving another tug, Naruto succeeded in doing nothing but causing more pain to his arm.

"Shall I help you?" he heard from behind him. Naruto tried to look behind but his position prevented him from doing that.

"Huh?" Naruto said.

"I was wondering if I can help you" the person said after giggling. Judging from the pitch of the voice, Naruto assumed that the person was a girl.

"Sure" Naruto said while once again trying to pull his arm out.

"Stop struggling for a moment" the person as Naruto felt slim, yet somehow strong arms encircle his waist.

Thankful that his position prevented the person from seeing the blush on his cheeks, Naruto braced himself.

"On three" the person said.



"Three!" the two yanked with all their might and Naruto's arm came flying out of its' previous position.

Naruto and the person fell back on their butts. They looked at each other for a moment and then burst into laughter.

After settling down, the person glanced at Naruto's arm "Let me bandage that for you" the person said while reaching for Naruto's arm.

"Um…thanks" Naruto said, a tinge of red on his cheeks as the person pulled up the sleeve of his jacket to show multiple small cuts adorning Naruto's arm.

"No problem" the person replied with a smile. The person looked up from bandaging his arm "What's that thing tied to your forehead?" the person asked curiously.

"Oh this?" Naruto said, reaching up to grasp his forehead protector "This is proof that I'm a ninja of Konoha!" he beamed.

"Wow! You're a ninja?" the person asked with wide eyes.

"Not only that" Naruto continued "One day I'm gonna become the Hokage of our village and make those damn villagers acknowledge my existence!"

"Hokage?" the person asked "What does a Hokage do?"

"Hokage is the strongest person in our village. He has the responsibility of protecting everyone and making sure that the village is running smoothly"

Naruto heard giggling and turned to the person "What? It's not funny" Naruto said and pouted.

The person stopped giggling and finished tying the last bandage "I don 't think it's funny." The person said while packing up the medical supplies in the basket. "In fact, I think it's a very wonderful dream umm…" the person trailed off.

"Uzumaki Naruto!"

The person nodded "Naruto-kun"

Naruto inspected his newly bandaged arm "Arigatou nee-chan" he said

"Think nothing of it Naruto-kun" the person replied as he/she stood up.

"Ano…" the person started


"Naruto-kun, do you have somebody who is precious to you?" the person asked in a slightly serious tone.

The look on the person's face showed that he/she was dead serious. Naruto grew quiet and thought for a moment. Naruto looked back and saw all the cold stares, the loneliness. Then he remembered the first time Iruka-sensei had treated him to ramen, joining his team, somehow living together with Tsunade under one roof. He turned to the person and said "Yeah"

"Then I hope that you have the strength necessary to protect them, as losing your precious person can be something more painful than death itself" the person said.

"Don't worry, I will" Naruto said with resolve.

The person approached Naruto "Naruto-kun" the person started "thankyouforshowingmeawonderfultime" the person blurted out before placing a quick kiss on Naruto's lips and quickly ran away, leaving a trail of dust.

A stunned Naruto stood in the silent forest as a wind blew through, ruffling the leaves in the trees.

"WHY IS IT THAT EVERY GIRL EXCEPT SAKURA-CHAN WANTS TO KISS ME?" Naruto shouted. He waited for a moment as if expecting that the trees will give a reply but all he got was silence.

Zabuza finished unwrapping the bandages on his arm. He picked up his sword which was right next to the chair he was sitting and slashed downwards in front of him, splitting the table which was to his front in half.

"Feeling better?" a voice from the shadows asked

"Yeah" Zabuza replied as he laid his sword against the wall and sat back down on his chair.

"I saw that man on the way here. I think he will be paying us a visit"

A look of disgust passed Zabuza's face. Despite being a criminal himself, even he is disgusted with Gatou's methods. The man just had a way of ticking him off somehow and if he just wasn't paying them, Zabuza would have killed him the moment he had met the man.

A loud knocking was heard "Let him in" Zabuza said to the shadow.

Gatou, a man of small stature but nonetheless had great power, walked in flanked by his two bodyguards. He flicked some ash off his cigar and spoke "I see you haven't killed them yet" Gatou said arrogantly.

"They will be killed tomorrow" Zabuza replied in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Tomorrow?" Gatou shouted indignantly "I'm paid you to have had that old man killed DAYS ago!" He threw his cigar on the ground and stomped on it "You better get the job done tomorrow or our contract is null and void!"

Gatou was about to say smoething but he was quickly silenced as he soon found himself staring at the edge of Zabuza's sword, merely inches away from his neck.

"Now listen and listen good Gatou-san" Zabuza started. "I haven't seen any progress from your side either" Zabuza moved his sword a little bit closer to Gatou's neck "So unless you love you're head attached to your body, you will shut up and let us do our work"

Zabuza removed his sword from its position near Gatou's neck and sat back down "The old man and those ninjas will be dead by tomorrow. I guarantee it"

Gatou stood up and dusted himself off. Signalling to his two goons, they walked towards the exit of Zabuza's hideout. In an attempt to retain his pride, Gatou glanced back and said "You'd better" before leaving, his two goons trailing behind him.

"We attack tomorrow" Zabuza said plainly before closing his eyes and drifting off into sleep.

Naruto came back to the sight of a very exhausted Sakura who was just aout to enter Tazuna's house. Approaching her slowly, Naruto saw that she was sporting a few scrapes and looked to have been in a battle.

"What happened to you Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked worriedly.

"Naruto" Sakura said in a weak tone after looking up "Don't worry about it, it's just a scratch"

Naruto eyed her "Just a scratch…." Naruto trailed off and looked her over once again "..but you're all beat up!"

Sakura chuckled in response.

"Who did this to you? I'll go beat them up" Naruto said, getting all fired up.

"Always ready to defend me aren't you, Naruto?" Sakura asked with a smile on her face.

"Of course!" Naruto replied energetically. "I'll alwa-" and he was cut of by Sakura's unexpected hug. He clumsily hugged back and hugged her closer when he felt tears on his shirt. "Sakura-chan?"

Sakura started sobbing lightly "Na-Naruto.."

Naruto felt like he was about to cry himself, no matter how good his mask was, he could never bear somebody close to him crying.

In between sobs Sakura said "He doesn't love me…"

"Wh-" but in that moment, it clicked in Naruto's mind who it was. Sasuke Naruto angrily thought

He held Sakura at shoulder length "Don't worry Sakura-chan, everything will be alright" he assured "There are plenty of other guys out there. That bastard Sasuke doesn't know what he's missing" and then wiped a tear from the side of his face "Now let's go in and have dinner, ne?"

Sakura nodded "Un"

Naruto turned and was about to walk inside it brought a huge blush to his face when Sakura grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly.

The two walked into the house, answered the question of Tsunade about where they had been.

All the occupants of the house rested for what would be a life changing battle tomorrow.


Not many plot developments this chapter, I hope to make more soon.

The next chapter will bring an end to the wave country arc. I hope I'm not taking too much from the anime again, I hope to give this fanfic as many twists as possible.

Another Idea of mine:


During the great ninja war…

It was a semi peaceful day in Konohagakure.

"Are you prepared Aniki?" a figure asked

Well, peaceful unless you were these two.

"Yeah" the figure replied

The place of this heated battle was in none other than the Hokage tower, the central office and seat of power in the village of Konohagakure.




The two Hokages, the Shodaime and the Nidaime were in the middle of deciding and important business.

"Looks like it's your turn to do the paperwork again" Shodai said with a huge grin on his face.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Nidaime shouted

Nidaime glanced towards the pile of paperwork and quickly tried to look at Shodai only to find that he was not there.

"I'm counting on you" Shodai said from his position behind the door

"Oi! Aniki wai-" but did not get to finish as the door slammed in Nidai's face.

"How does he do it?" Nidai asked to no one in particular after once again glancing at the stack of paperwork.

Once outside, Shodai whistled a tune to himself, happy that he was able to skip doing the paperwork again.

A jounin approached him and immediately lowered himself to one knee "Hokage-sama! Urgent news!" the Jounin said

"What is it?" Shodai asked his face steeling.

"An army of Samurai from the country of Earth is coming this way!"

"Does the Daimyo know of this?" Shodai asked, not losing his cool.

"Yes but he is unable to send his army because the Lightning country has launched a surprise attack on one of his major outposts"

Shodai gave this matter some thought and nodded Suna can't assist us right now since they are still recovering

Shodai looked at the messenger again and said "Alerts the few remaining ninja in our village to stay alert in case something happens, I will handle this matter myself."

"Hai!" The messenger replied before setting off to do his task.

Shodai raced back to the tower and reentered the office "Yo!"

"Stupid Aniki" Nidai grumbled from behind the stack of paperwork

"Put your armor on, we're going out for a battle" Shodai said

"Really?" Nidai replied, all too eager to leave the desk and the paperwork behind.


"Just give me a minute" Nidai said, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Shodai grabbed his armor from a rack on the wall and put it on, the plates of his armor locked together.

"I'm back!" was heard from the doorway as Nidai and another figure entered.

"I decided to bring Saru along, so that he sees exactly how strong a Hokage should be" he said while gesturing at the boy who would become the next Hokage.

"Good thinking" Shodai said as he finished putting his forehead protector on.

The two looked at each other and nodded "Let's go" they said in unison.

A few minutes later, they were standing in a huge clearing, an army of samurai on the opposite side.

From a bird's eye view, it looked like 3 people versus a thousand which in fact was correct given this situation. However there is a saying that one man may equal a thousand.

The army of samurai charged like a wave, intending to engulf the three people in front of them.

The two Hokages waited until the army was close enough and then in unison, made handseals "Genjutsu: Kokugyou Angyou no Jutsu!" they said in unison.

All of the samurai were shocked when they were suddenly enveloped in darkness, they started to panic randomly slashing in all directions, hurting many of their comrades in the process.

The field commanders attempted to restore order but were silenced as unseen fist crushed their skulls in.

The jutsu lifted and the samurai were able to see again. As one, they charged towards they assumed had caused the darkness.

The two broke up and placed distance between them so that their jutsus will not affect each other.

Over on his side, Shodai just completed a set of handseals "Mokuton: Jyukaikoutan"

Big tendrils of wood rose from the ground and caught the charging soldiers, trapping them within thick wooden tendrils. The soldiers struggled but to no avail.

At the same time, Nidai completed his handseals "Suiton: Suijinheki!" the swirling wall of water and caught many soldiers, sending them to their demise.

Seeing that he did not catch everybody, Nidai charged forward and reared both of his fists back. At the same time, two columns of water rose from the surrounding water used by his jutsu. The columns of water started to spin faster and faster, causing them to look like twin drills.

"Suiton: Koukasuijin!" Nidai threw both fists forward, causing the two spinning columns of water to surge forward, drilling into the remaining troops.

While at Shodai's side he pressed his palms together. The tree he had formed with his jutsu a while ago exploded, sending the samurai that were trapped in it, to their demise.

From Shodai's position atop the burning tree he turned towards the place where Sarutobi was hiding.

From Nidai's position amid the many bodies he also turned towards Sarutobi.

As one, they said "Hokage no na wa date dewanai!" (This means that the name/title Hokage was not just for decoration or something)

Sarutobi stared, awed by the scene and swearing that he will live up to the two powerful beings in front of him.


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The two jutsus used were from the Naruto Game.